About Nutrition In Your Healing Process

by Selacia

As a result of the DNA activation and clearing process, people often have more desire to ingest healthy foods and a focus of keeping the body a sacred vehicle. Many report that they experience detoxification at physical and emotional levels. A slight cleansing (tiredness, headache, colds, emotional releasing) may occur as long-buried issues rise to the surface for release.

Because of the importance of nutrition for your health, healing process and spiritual growth, the following information about nutrition is provided. If you would like to order a specific nutritional product to assist you with your DNA clearing process and/or other healing and detoxification process, please call Selacia at 310.915.2884.

As part of your awakening process, it is important to ground your spirituality and DNA process into your physical body. You are a two-plane living organism, and all of the functions and events in your life come from the interaction of both inner-plane and outer-plane influences.

Your outer-plane body, the human physical vehicle, needs to receive your conscious attention as you evolve. It is integrally connected to your inner-plane body (whose organization is often called the soul).

Thought cells govern your inner-plane body. Your physical body is the product of thought-cell activity and the factors offered by your physical environment, including the foods you eat. A change in diet, for example, gives your thought cells different materials with which to replace tissues.

A change in thinking (resolving core beliefs) impacts you and your evolutionary growth, enabling you to more easily process the nutrients you take in.

Sometimes diseases are created when the body is not residing in a high enough energy frequency. The DNA work can help you to shift your energy to a higher frequency. As part of the DNA work, some people experience a slight cleansing as their old "stuff" surfaces.

After your energy vibration has increased, you may still have what many call the "transformational flu." If you do, know that it reflects a clearing of energies that no longer serve you. Over time, you will find that you experience fewer colds and flu-like symptoms.

People can differ greatly in their food requirements. Also, the requirements can shift greatly during various stages of our growth. We know that certain foods that have been ingested with satisfactory result for years can cause discomfort and ill health at other times in our cycle.

Understanding your astrological influences can be helpful in knowing the optimal nutrition for your body. For example, if the planet Mars if afflicted in your birth chart, you may have difficulties digesting some proteins and you could need additional nutrition to boost your energy. If you would like to gain clarity about the impact of your own personal astrological influences, contact Selacia for an astrology life reading.

As we evolve to hold increasing amounts of light, we generally have a desire for a more healthy diet involving less-dense and more natural nutrients.

We need food for two purposes:
- To build or repair tissues
- To furnish energy

We move out of balance when we neglect the body, and this can block our overall progress on a spiritual path. The body is our temple here on Earth. Honoring this temple with the appropriate types and amounts of nutrients is the key here.

Among the beliefs and patterns that can get in the way of this honoring:
- Sometimes there is the temptation to focus our energies on spiritual concerns and ignore the needs of the body. This can happen with either too little or too much food.
- At other times, there is a love-hate relationship with the body. This is sometimes linked to distaste for being in the human form.

In order to achieve liberation from the human condition, we need to create union with our higher consciousness, but also transform (by its power) the "lower" consciousness including the physical nature. This means integrating the spiritual, "higher" nature with our body that we view as a Divine temple for the dwelling of spirit.

Because of these factors, it is useful to review some of the body’s nutritional requirements. These include nutrients that can assist with detoxification and purification. The nutritional needs of each person will vary.

Certainly, drinking plenty (6 to 8 glasses a day) of unpolluted water is a necessity as your body purifies and holds more light.

Breathing is also important. No matter what you eat, if you do not breathe sufficiently to afford oxygen for the combustion of your food that becomes stored in the tissues, it fails to afford you the energy that you need.

The following are some other general guidelines relating to optimal nutrition.

Grape seed extract
Green tea

The Activity Vitamins:

Nutritional yeast

Bones/Calm Nerves:
Calcium and magnesium

Essential Fatty Acids
Flaxseed oil - in refrigerator section of health food store - helps protect against heart disease and symptoms of menopause; is THE essential fatty acid modality for the body - helps with arthritis, colitis, and other chronic health problems involving inflammation

Milk thistle (an excellent liver protector)
Foods stressful to the liver include: sugar, fried foods, foods contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and additives.
B-6 supports the liver.
A number of excellent liver detox products are available (for more information, contact Selacia@Selacia.com).

Energy boosting and stress relieving:

The body's 5 key elimination organs are:
- Intestines
- Kidneys
- Lungs
- Sinuses
- Skin

If any of these is not functioning properly, a toxic buildup in your system can result.

Permanent tooth erosion and gum disease can result from binging on massive quantities of refined sugar. Healthy teeth and gums need an adequate intake of vitamins C and A as well as sufficient minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium).

10 most common nutritional deficiencies:
Essential amino acids
Essential fatty acids
Folic acid
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B-6
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

Some excellent nutrition sources:
Dandelion - blood cleaner
Echinacea - blood cleaner
Oregon grape - blood cleaner
Yellow dock - blood cleaner
Cleavers -diuretic
Juniper berries - diuretic
Parsley - diuretic
Yarrow - diuretic
Echinacea - antibiotic
Garlic - antibiotic
Prickley ash - antibiotic
Propolis - antibiotic
Buckthorn - bowel stimulant
Cascara sagrada - bowel stimulant
Licorice root - bowel stimulant
Senna leaf - bowel stimulant
Burdock - skin cleanser
Cayenne pepper - skin cleanser
Ginger root - skin cleanser
Goldenseal - skin cleanser
Echinacea - mucus reducer
Garlic - mucus reducer
Goldenseal - mucus reducer
Yarrow - mucus reducer

There are a number of nutrients, excellent for enhancing metabolism and burning fat, that can be one part of a complete nutritional program. You will not need all of them on a regular basis. Among the vitamins, minerals and amino acids helpful in controlling weight are the following:
- Arginine - helps release stored fat
- Carnitine - helps move fat for efficient burning
- Choline - helps dissolve fat in the liver
- Chromium picolinate - stabilizes blood sugar levels
- CoQ10 - facilitates energy and fatty acid metabolism
- DHEA - helps block fat storage and can help build muscle
- Glutamine - natural appetite suppressant
- Guggel - helps dissolve fat in the liver
- Ornithine - helps release stored fat
- Phenylaline - natural appetite suppressant
- Tyrosine - natural appetite suppressant; also helps with depression and anxiety

Selected nutrition information resources:
- Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements
- Healthy Healing
- Nutrition Almanac
- Prescription for Nutritional Health
- The False Fat Diet
- Vitamins for Dummies
- Weight No More

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