About Working with Crystals

by Selacia

Size/shape/beauty/selection of your crystal:
In general, the effectiveness of crystals is the same regardless of size or shape. However, the shape can affect the stone's intensity. For example, massage tools/wands, obelisks and pyramids allow you to focus and direct the energy of the crystal with precision. Crystals that are more round (such as spheres and eggs) can transmit energy in all directions. Pendants (available as jewelry) can bring the energies of the crystal to you on your body as you wear it. The energy of crystals can be amplified by working with clusters. Clusters can also help to charge other crystals. The cluster is a symbol, too, of abundance and community, with the various crystal points working together as a group. Double-terminated crystals allow you to direct energy in both directions.

Sometimes crystals contain small amounts of other minerals such as chlorite (garden quartz often contains this green-colored mineral) and carbon (Tibetan quartz often contains this black-colored mineral). These added minerals can be helpful in connecting with the Earth. Carbon is also known for assisting you with seeing the future, promoting stability in money matters, and in activating the body's crown chakra at the top of the head.

Select a crystal that you are intuitively guided to work with, knowing that it may not be the largest or "most beautiful" to the eye. Crystals will often choose you! If you are in doubt about which crystal to work with, see Selacia and she will ask The Council of 12 to select one.

Once you receive your crystals, it is important to remember that they are conscious, evolving beings. Therefore, you may notice your crystal changes in color or clarity over time. Any change you see is a response to you and your living environment. Crystals are continually picking up energy. Changes in the crystal's appearance may signify the addition or elimination of negativity. It is important to cleanse your crystal about once a week by placing it in sunlight, moonlight, or gently rinsing it with water. Note that the cleansing does not impact the positive qualities of the crystal, such as The Council of 12's energies and blessings.

Among the common uses of crystals:
- achieving higher states of consciousness
- balancing your energy field/chakras (especially kyanite)
- charging other crystals (especially selenite and its related form gypsum)
- clearing one's energy field
- clearing one's mind, clarity
- connecting with angelic guides and unseen spiritual teachers (includes celestite)
- DNA healing (anchoring and accelerating your DNA activation and healing process; helping you to remember your positive affirmations from DNA core belief work – the DNA rose quartz obelisk or heart from The Council of 12)
- dream state enhancer/dream recall
- protection/grounding
- energizing
- healing/clearing other crystals (especially kyanite)
- healing of pets
- healing of the body/emotions
- manifestation/prosperity (esp. green fluorite obelisk from The Council of 12)
- meditation
- memory
- moving into unconditional love (especially rose quartz)
- providing beneficial energies for plants
- relaxation

For information about working with crystals for your DNA activation and clearing process, please see the DNA healing section.

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