Avesa Healing
by Gladys

Avesa is sanskrit for "Hail to the Infinite unknown" or "Glory and Praise to All that Is."

GladysAvesa is an ancient healing modality brought to us by Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa. This modality has not been used since the late 1880's. Those that were able to work with these energies kept them very secret because the vibration level of the planet was not ready to receive them. It was decided not to bring forth this healing art until after this millennium when the energy level of humanity was ready.

Avesa Quantum Balancing offers integration of a deeper soul connection of Peace, Love, and Joy. Whether you are starting your spiritual journey or deepening your Divine Connection, this holistic healing modality assists with past and present behaviors to heal your emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

I'm Gladys, and I offer this Gift of the soul to bring Ascension energies by the Archangelic Realm. Read more on Avesa Healing at . . .
avesaquantumhealing.com and visit my site at avesa.weebly.com.

I offer these healing services by long distance . . .


45 minute Distant healing - $44

Includes the Avesa chakra balancing and releasing blockages of energy in the body, by using different modalities I am guided to use. You are infused with loving energy to uplift. In e-mail, let me know you are responding to the Healing-Hub listing.

Payments are accepted by Paypal.

Continuous sessions will open your soul connection to your Divine being-ness. Those who have experienced this miraculous gift report diminished physical symptoms, greater peace, clarity of life purpose, and an ability to manifest.

I feel honored to be of service by supporting you on your sacred healing journey. Avesa Healing can benefit you anywhere in the world because it is just as effective by long distance as it is in person.

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Mandan, N.D.


"I have received tremendous benefit and insight from long distance Avesa healing sessions with Gladys. She is so open and clear. Her information is accurate and supportive of my path. Even being thousands of miles away I can feel the healing session. It is like being surrounded by love. I would highly recommend a session with Gladys for anyone seeking clarity in these changing times."

- Elizabeth

"I was awake when I received your healing last night. I believe that was intentional so that I could tell you that you are an amazing healer!!!!! I could feel my throat chakra pounding with energy so I could sing and laugh more. I know that I am supposed to pass that on to you, emphasizing how powerful you are. You allow the divine to flow through you. Thank you for all that you do for me. I am grateful to share these experiences with you."

- Tara

"This has been an absolutely amazing week!! Yes it was interesting, I felt pressure at the top of my head during that time. Wonderful things have happened this week, and I feel at absolute peace. Thank You so much!!"

- Judy

I am also glad to offer Egyptian Healing Rods as a tool to help you bring this powerful ancient Egyptian healing modality into your daily life and learn how to best use them in your healing practice. Click here for more.

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