Review Before Your Reading with Theresa

Review these things to increase your awareness and healing.

Introduction to Spirit Guides

SeedsSpirit guides bring people to love themselves. They do not offer what is not of a higher purpose, and they will never tell you what to do or take away from your lessons. They cannot interfere with your learning, but they can assist you right where you are on your path. They cannot interfere with choice and cannot stop a lesson. But they do offer the universal truths and all that this entails to support you because spirit guides love you unconditionally.

The loving spirit guides Theresa works with offer to support you in a number of important area.

Spirit Guides . . .

1. Enjoy helping by joining us in our efforts to be more spiritual, loving, and prosperous.

2. Help you open to receive new ideas and step into your own intuitive awareness.

3. Putting your spiritual life in a good order and your ducks in a row. Focus your energies in ways that create a higher love in your life.

4. Childhood blocks. Our sense of self-worth is a key to self-love. Perhaps you were told unloving things in your childhood. Understand those roots and allow spirit to enlighten.

5. What past lives are affecting you today? Guides help you understand these various aspects of yourself, and they help you release attachment from things you might not be conscious of.

6. Renouncing old vows are causing negativity for you. For example, old vows of poverty can create financial troubles. Celibacy vows can lead to sexual and relationship difficulties and vows of self-denial can create self-sabotage tendencies.

7. How to become clairaudient, the ability to hear spirit.

8. Aura cleanse – revitalize your energy field, increases vitality, body strength, self-esteem, and living in your natural youthful state.

9. Metaphysical concepts, healing and manifesting your best you,Personal affirmations directly channeled for your best interests. Real guidance helps personally dissolve old self-defeating thoughts and limiting patterns.

10. Money verse your personal prosperity, bills, and anxiety

- Old tapes that play over and over causing blocks
- Childhood beliefs holding back your prosperity flow
- Laws of manifestation

Introduction to Christ Healings

Christ healings expand your inner vision (second sight). Christ's healings remove emotional or mental pain and fears. The Christ light is available to resolve Karma and to help you discover your calling and joy.

Blessings of the Christ

- Karma resolving
- Greater strides towards your life mission

Introduction to Divine Mother

RoseDivine mother sees the "big picture" and can lovingly clarify your presence. She can reveal all your past incarnations from the beginning to the present in order to locate and become aware of lost information, wisdom, to increase and reawaken your soul's divine purpose. The gift of having this knowledge in your consciousness is profound for themes you are repeating. Once you draw the wisdom into your consciousness the theme will be less prominent so you live in alignment with your true, authentic self.

Introduction to what Archangels would love to share . . .

FlowersArchangel blessings help you bring through your own divine guidance with truth and can help you increase your intuitive connection. Archangels are very strong and can influence us right here on the physical plane. If you are willing, they can really strike strong cords in you. They really help bring to the surface things we habitually do that trip us up. In a beautiful and recognizable way, Archangels can reflect tangible gifts in your physical reality!

Blessings of the Archangels

- Chakra balancing
- Increase god awareness or connection to source, great creator, Allah
- Feel safe and loved to help remove fear
- Reaching your spiritual goals and dreams

We can be at peace with where we are at because each step in our journey is an honor. God is very loving. Spiritually can flow into the nooks and crannies of your life illuminating even those "hard to reach places" with exquisite love you have to feel to believe!

Be open to walking to what the universe has to offer you. It will connect you with the miracle that is you. Are you listening?

Listening to your heart, would you like to receive a reading from your Spirit Guides, Christ, Divine Mother, or the Archangels? Also, you may receive a reading by being open to whatever spirit wishes to offer you for your highest good.

Contact and Reading Rate Information

- For a reading contact me, Theresa, at 778-753-1985.

- Readings are $120 per hour and are 1 hour in length. For faster service, send your payment via PayPal and get your reading today. Or you may use online e-mail banking to have the payment deducted right from your bank account. Just call Theresa for information!

- Enjoy the gift of a free 15 minute reading with Theresa (my regular rate applies thereafter). Simply call me at 778-753-1985 to set up your appointment today!

- At your earliest convenience, print and sign the consent form. Contact me to arrange mailing or scan and e-mail the form to me.

Prayer Circle

TeriWould you like to be part of our prayer circle? Join us for the mutual upliftment!

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