Breath is our natural connection to love!

No one had ever told me that something as natural as breath is our connection to the most expansive, exquisite love. Recently though I discovered the healing power of breath when I met a breathwork teacher named Julia Mikk in Santa Barbara, CA.

Julia MikkI now know that breathwork is a profound, natural healing experience. Our own healing breath oxygenates the body and brings transformation and cleansing on all levels. A good practitioner like Julia can help create a spiritual connection allowing us to feel the incredible beauty of love in our heart. This energy then radiates throughout our lives.

This healing art involves lying down and using deep breathing to connect with and integrate a deeper part of oneself. At the beginning of each session, I usually feel a bit nervous as I drift off into the unknown. I can sense energy in my hands at first, and then the energy fills my upper body. It feels like I'm actually being bathed in bright, warm sunlight.

These sessions put me right in the heart. This sacred breathing technique takes us deeper than the mind can imagine. The work is so powerful that I can barely move afterwards, and it takes me a while to stand up again. Everything just seems so right and beautiful.

Breathwork teaches us to navigate our innermost reality to open the door into a powerful letting go and awakening. It helps us realign our body and emotions with the inherent intelligence of our deepest being.

The spiritual insights I receive in this state are crystal clear. Julia encourages me to form questions and use the time just after my sessions to write out the insights that come from tapping into my inner knowing. It's really amazing to feel such joy, and I treasure how it brings this energy into the day-to-day physical reality.

Breathwork is the most tangible reminder of our divine inner being that I know. Doing a series of sessions expands our capacity to fill our everyday lives with clarity, synchronicity, and joy. I've discovered that opening up my respiratory capacity not only makes me feel happier, but it supports the natural state of bodily health.

Breathwork is truly a way for anyone to catapult into a new level of consciousness. When I first experienced it, I felt like a genie who had been let out of the bottle! For me it would be worth traveling halfway around the world just to discover.

Julia Mikk is a gifted, loving soul who combines various styles to help people connect with their heart for an optimum way of living and feeling. She can travel throughout the US to teach groups of people this healing art.

These are a few quality teachers helping us use breath for holistic healing.

Julia Mikk is a talented, loving teacher who combines various styles for a unique healing experience.

Dan Brulé is a world-renowned pioneer in the field.

Leonard Orr's website lists transformational breathworkers worldwide.


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