We hear the enlightening voices of these instruments of spirit!

Spiritual channeling can offer us enlightening channeled messages. I share a few real people who give me profound, uplifting, and practical truths. It's comforting to know that the voice of higher spiritual knowledge is so near. Let's share our own reviews of channeling and offer profound channeled messages to raise consciousness.

Theresa Hanchuk

TeriWords cannot describe the amazing gift that Theresa has. Her divine channeled messages compassionately empower you to co-create with your own divinity. In her readings, Theresa brings through Guides, Christ, Divine Mother, and the Archangelic realm. She brings through spirit with a real, personal style that's so genuine and simple. Yet there is such a sheer, wondrous love that shines through –from within me! I'm left in utter amazement.

Theresa brings through the most accurate and gently loving guidance helping me to light up areas within and helping me see for myself with great clarity. It's nothing short of amazing on so many levels!

Theresa can work with anyone worldwide by phone and does live Webcam readings thanks to Skype's free service. Try a reading with Theresa. It may just change your life.

Summer Bacon

Summer BaconSummer Bacon is a lovely woman who has a gift. She places herself in a state in which she can bring through a great deal of spiritual guidance. With remarkably clarity, Summer gives messages that are moving and downright practical. I have interacted with her for over a year, and she is very open-hearted and honest about how she is learning and growing spiritually from her own gift.

For over a year Summer offered many hours of channeled messages for an online spiritual community. Each month she focused on a spiritual topic and offered many teleconferences with groups of people by phone. So many times the information she brought through while in deep trance opened my eyes to such spiritual illumination that I stopped to type large portions into my spiritual journal. The energy of the connection with spirit was just marvelous to feel.

Summer is one person I've listened to closely for many hours. Anyone seeking greater clarity in life can schedule a session with her by phone. This is one great way I know of to connect with the voice of spirit from any location.


SelaciaMy very first experience with someone on the leading edge of the new paradigm was via a long-distance channeling session by Selacia. Selacia gave me guidance on broad issues and even dipped into insightful specifics as well. Over the past few years I have learned much from her by participating in multiple DNA Healing classes and spiritual gatherings both in person and long distance. Selacia is truly a blessing and a worker in the light.

Selacia offers clear spiritual guidance long distance by phone for people around the world. Anyone may call Selacia for a free 15-minute phone consultation. She will answer any questions about her workshops and private healing sessions.

Selacia also offers monthly channeled messages. These messages are filled with practical guidelines and ways to help people live with more ease and grace.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa

Kira Raa brings through clear angelic messages. I saw her channel in person with her husband helping with the process during a recent workshop. She rests on him to begin, and then she reawakens to act as an instrument of spirit.

By seeing them in person I saw and felt how sweet and warm-hearted this couple is together. They truly follow their joy and share of their wondrous spiritual connection. I heard Kira Raa give genuine, loving information that was spot on.

In a careful orchestration, Sri Ram Kaa helped Kira Raa come back to a fully awake and aware state after the session. It was remarkable to see this demonstration of the spiritual realm made manifest through her voice.

Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa bring through enlightening messages together and also teach new healing methods like Avesa Quantum Healing. Together they give people a refreshing and uplifting perspective on the changes occurring near the 2012 timeframe as captured in their book, 2012: You Have A Choice! They continue to offer leading information on ascension at the TOSA Center for Enlightened Living in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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