DNA Activation
Ignite your divine light within!

DNA activation connects up the inner DNA "circuitry" of the body so we can more fully express spirit in our lives. It's a powerful process for connecting to our own inner awareness.

I have been activated, and I have activated others during DNA Healing workshops. The imagery I saw when activating one person's DNA was like that of a supernova. I experience it as a potent way to help us express our true, authentic selves in the world.

DNA activations from Selacia are enough to light up your life. Her spiritual guidance has helped me to heal on many levels. Over the past few years I have worked with her by phone for DNA healing, and I find she consistently exhibits the highest standards of integrity.

Selacia holds healing workshops in Santa Monica, CA. You can call her for a free 15-minute phone consultation. She will answer any questions about her workshops and private DNA healing sessions in person or via phone.

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