DNA Healing of limiting beliefs ...
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DNA Healing helps people change the beliefs that are the blueprint of reality to accelerate enlightenment and shift into new vibrational energies. This page is inspired by Selacia, a superb teacher of the healing arts who I met in California. I would recommend Selacia as a DNA healer and teacher to anyone serious about holistic healing. Let's all share reviews of how DNA healers like Selacia have helped us live a joy-filled life.

I've taken two healing workshops with Selacia, who has a caring, instructive style. I learned that DNA is more than just a blueprint for the physical body. A more holistic understanding is that DNA is the blueprint for our divine being, and it holds within it many levels of belief systems. This type of healing has helped me address the root causes of many of my issues by unraveling limiting beliefs held at the subconscious level.

Researchers continue to discover the secrets of DNA. In the enlightening book, Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton describes his studies of DNA. He shares how recent discoveries point to the fact that beliefs create our reality, and we can change our own DNA. Likewise Selacia is on the cutting edge of DNA energy healing work, and she regularly offers transformational workshops on how to change limiting patterns at the DNA cellular level.

I experienced Selacia's workshops as intensive yet wonderfully expansive. DNA activation is done as a powerful process for connecting up the "circuitry" of the body. Click here for more detail on DNA activations.

There is such an amazing feeling of freedom and love when we step into the true power within us to co-create our reality with spirit at the deepest levels. When it comes to validations, I have both received and given readings for people at Selacia's workshops. The details that came out were spot on, and we would have had a very slim chance of guessing such personal things about each other. This type of healing really offers a way to access the wisdom of our hearts and create a deeper connection with our intuitive knowing.

Selaica's spiritual guidance is so clear it is as if no word is out of place. We continue to work by phone for a few years now. Her well-rounded, mature perspective always keeps me on track.

SelaciaSelacia holds DNA Healing workshops in Santa Monica, CA. Anyone can call her for a free 15-minute phone consultation about her workshops, private DNA activations, and energy healing sessions.

Also, find out about my remarkable experience with Selacia's Crystal Journey sessions in which we travel through time to many lives to retrieve and anchor our own gifts fully into our present life for greater joy and spiritual quickening. Visit Selacia's website to accelerate your awakening and access your own divine power in person or with remote healing by phone.

To learn more about how we can change our DNA for healing try these book and music selections.

The God Code by Gregg Braden

Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles by Dr. Bruce Lipton

The Divine Name: Sounds of the God Code CD by Gregg Braden

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