Earth Healing
Rekindling our appreciation for the sacred earth

These leading healers seek to bring profound earth healing. Meet them here and join them in a quest to rekindle our love for sacred earth.

James Tyberonn

Author, geologist, and channel James Tyberonn has a special relationship with and a dedication to healing the earth. He offers transformational workshops by incorporating channeling to reveal profound insights into our relationship with the earth's crystalline grid. He also leads scared site trips at earth energy spots and healing springs.

In the eye-opening book, Earth-Keeper, James uncovers our relationship with the earth's crystalline grid, and he explains earth energy spots. James Tyberonn writes from his experience and shares of his dedication to the sacred earth to help us understand our true connection to our world.

Shaman Brant Secunda

Brant Secunda is a renowned healer and shaman. At the heart of Huichol Indian Shamanism is the retreat and journey to scared earth energy spots to offer healing prayers for oneself and the world. Explore the ancient Huichol tradition of honoring the Mother Earth to make a profound connection with the natural world. The offerings of love given are understood to both heal earth and bring health and well-being to oneself.

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