Egyptian Healing Rods

I'm Gladys, and I use a potent ancient Egyptian healing modality once used by the Pharaohs.

Egyptian Healing Rods are powerful tools to:

Increase your energy flow
Cleanse your energy field
Increase effects of other healing modalities
Deepen meditation

Egyptian Healing Rods

If you look at pictures of statues of ancient Egypt, you will notice they are holding rods in their hands. When clutched in the hands they strengthen energy flows within the body. They are used to reverse symptoms of insomnia, high blood pressure, gastric distress, cancer tumors, and a variety of other stress-related ailments.

The Rods promote the expansion of consciousness and stimulate your natural healing and psychic abilities. Anyone working in the healing arts can use Egyptian Healing Rods to enhance their practice. The Rods are now being used to seamlessly enhance the healing work of psychotherapists, Reiki practitioners, Hypnotherapists, Acupuncturists, massage therapists, plus many others. I use it in my Avesa practice to strengthen the healing.

There are three basic type of Egyptian Healing Rods: Kont, Quartz, and Crystal. All increase the Chi flow in the body and open the energy fields balancing the yin/yang energies. This enhances the body's ability to heal itself. Scientific studies indicate that 5 minutes holding the Rods is similar to 30 minutes of acupuncture! The Rods range in price from $249 - $424.


Rods-Kont™ have a grounding and relaxing energy. According to Russian scientific studies the Rods-Kont can help lower blood pressure and relieve insomnia. They are an excellent choice for those who are new to energy work because they gently open energy channels and prepare the bio-field for greater expansion.


Rods-Quartz™ are both soothing to the body and gently stimulating to the psychic energies. They also prepare the energy system for expansion and studies show that these Rods stimulate immune function. They're a great alternative to the Rods-Kont if you have low blood pressure.


Rods-Crystal™ stimulate mental and psychic energy, thereby enhancing meditation and mental clarity. These high frequency rods may be uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to energy work. It is important to manage your mental/psychic energies while using these rods for they will amplify your intentions. Rods-Crystal is an excellent choice for healers and those who are accustomed to receiving energy work.

The Rods of Connectivity

(These rods are primarily designed for Healing Practitioners) Practitioners enjoy this set of Rods since they take you to the Halls of Higher Consciousness and energy access. They can also be used as "healing lasers" by connecting & magnifying the practitioners' energy to the healing source of the divine.

The Rods of Star Consciousness

Instantly elevates you into higher dimensions! They will connect you with your past lives and multi-dimensional energy. This set of Rods assists you with moving through dimensions quickly and effortlessly, and is best suited for experienced energy workers. They are also ideal for Healing Circle events and groups. (This is our newest release, the most potent energy tool available today!)

I am glad to offer Egyptian Healing Rods as a tool to help you bring this powerful ancient Egyptian healing modality into your daily life. Upon purchasing this healing tool you may participate in teleclasses to learn how to best use them in your healing practice.

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To learn more about the rods go to I also practice the ancient healing art of Avesa. I offer Avesa Quantum Healing by long distance to serve people around the world.

Egyptian Healing Rod Testimonials

"My Reiki practice has blossomed! The effectiveness of the treatments I offer are amplified 10 FOLD when used with the Rods!"

- Serena, NY

"Five minutes with the Rods felt like the spaciousness that I achieved after an entire weekend meditation retreat!"

- RC, IBM Engineer, CO

"My acupuncture treatments are at least 60% more effective using the rods during treatments with my clients!"

- Dr. Suzanne, Milwaukee, WI

"I have been using the rods for 8 months. I started with the Kont and now use a Crystal every day. I had extreme trouble getting out of a chair and walking when I started using the rods. I also could not keep my head up straight and had no energy. After several weeks using the rods, I was getting out of a chair and walking like a normal person. I also found that my head automatically came up straight. I also have so much energy that I was able to help my family prepare holiday mails and found myself standing for 3 hours straight while doing it. I could not stand up for more than 5 or 10 minutes prior to that without my back killing me! Thank you for my life!"

- Eileen R. 89 years old--Scottsdale, AZ

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