Examples of DNA Core Belief Issues

by Selacia

The following key words relate to some of the themes of belief systems addressed in the DNA intuitive healing work. These themes are universal to the human experience, meaning that most people will carry belief systems in their DNA involving these issues. These beliefs are held in the subconscious, outside of ordinary view.

Scientific studies have shown that beliefs are in large part inherited from one's ancestors—going several generations back—meaning that a person will likely hold beliefs they don't recognize as their own. These beliefs, however, are recorded in the DNA and are just as real as the ones a person recognizes consciously. In the DNA intuitive healing work, limiting belief systems are "seen psychically" and cleared from a person's DNA so that they can experience a more joyful and fulfilling life:

* Abandonment

* Addictions

* Aging and longevity

* Aloneness

* Anger

* Beauty

* Blocks to feeling/receiving and expressing unconditional love

* Commitment

* Defensiveness

* Desirability

* Expressiveness

* Divine source/creator

* Gender

* Health and sickness

* Hate

* Humanness

* Imprisonment (feelings of being trapped in the physical body or being on Earth)

* Intake (receipt of information, nutrients, energy)

* Intimacy

* Joy

* Money

* Oaths

* Pleasure

* Power

* Punishment

* Sexuality

* Spirituality

* Trust

* Victimhood

* Vows

* Weight and body image

* Worthiness

An Example of a Core Belief and How it Can Be Transformed

The following is an example of a typical core belief recorded in the DNA and how it can be cleared with DNA intuitive healing.

Current outmoded belief: I never have enough money.

A person with this belief may think that they have money issues due to:
* Something lacking in their education
* Being passed over for promotion at work
* Working in a relatively low-paying industry
* Being born into a family of very limited means
* The Government taking a large percentage of their income in taxes
* Modern day inflation reducing the amount of spending money

Indeed, any or all of the above factors may play a part. However, the real issue is the core belief. The core belief is cleared on all levels—including as it relates to the current life, one's ancestors, past lives, and even one's soul path—so that lasting transformational change can result.

Among the beliefs and patterns which can play a role:
* The belief: I never have enough money.
* The related belief: I only have enough money for the necessities.
* The related belief: I have to work hard for each penny I earn.
* The pattern related to vows of poverty, made in previous lifetimes.
* The pattern related to vows about avoiding the power traps that can be involved in having money.
* The pattern related to beliefs about money not being spiritual.

In each of these cases, the outmoded belief or pattern is cleared and replaced with a positive belief that is more appropriate for current evolutionary growth. This is not a mere affirmation or positive thinking—it is true change for the person by changing their pattern at the DNA level. The limiting belief previously recorded in the DNA is cleared, and it is replaced in the DNA by a positive belief that is in the person's highest good. This means the person's DNA is actually energetically changed in the process, and that their consciousness then holds a brand new belief system. This spiritual alchemy is the key to shifting out of longstanding painful patterns. This approach to healing goes to the core of what keeps a person's suffering in place.

Examples of positive beliefs for replacing outmoded beliefs include:

* I always have enough money for my needs and trust that the source of my abundance is the Divine/Source.
* I accept an abundance of money in my life and know that this money is appropriate for the spiritual being that I am.
* Money is a Divine energy exchange and I deserve to receive the money that I need without hard work.

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