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Me on deckLet's add our special light to the stage of our lives in our free distance healing exchange. Offer to share healing and raise our consciousness in a friendly, small group setting. This is just for subscribers to the Our Healing Times e-zine on a free exchange basis.

Here are a few benefits for those receiving healing ...

- Take a rejuvenating timeout from the hustle and bustle of daily life by setting your intent to receive regular healing anywhere in the world. Use this free healing exchange to open up to your own inner gifts for greater clarity, peace, and joy.

- Try various healing modalities offered by good people who send healing energy for the highest good. Rediscover your natural connection to other kinds of healing work.

- With our changing economic climate and today's rising health care costs, the old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure rings true. If you feel like you are in a place of lack financially, then sit back and enjoy our quality distance healing energy. Our free healing exchange can help you remember that you are a divine being whose natural state is one of creativity, joy, and unbridled abundance.

- Further explore the healing arts by learning more about the gifts our healers have to share for raising consciousness. Be part of a community of lightworkers to raise humanity's consciousness.

Here are a few benefits for those offering healing/spiritual enlightenment services ...

- When you give a healing you receive the same uplifting, healing energy!

- People new to facilitating healing by long distance can gain more experience with their chosen healing modality. Become comfortable sharing your gifts with the world.

- Network with a community of lightworkers and introduce your healing modality/spiritual services to people who may be interested in further exploring what you have to share. Discover creative ways we can support each other during these times of change so we can be of greatest service in our changing world. Take action to create abundance by building potential clients for your spiritual business.

- You choose the frequency with which to offer your service. Pick a frequency that best fits with your schedule such as weekly or even monthly. You can change it anytime.

- This is a "one-for-one" exchange based on the honor system. For added flexibility, you may receive a service from one person and give a service to another person. If you are interested in receiving healing, then contact the person offering their service directly.

Healing modalities currently being offered ...



Me at homeI'm AJ inviting you to subscribe to the e-zine below and contact me at 701-552-1243 to be part of our free distance healing exchange. Get the inside scoop on worldwide call-in spiritual events, online classes, & pearls of wisdom from renowned spiritual teachers. I respect your privacy.

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