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Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center

This healing center has a reputation worldwide for its basis in spirituality and living foods. It was founded in 1993 by Rebbe Cousens, M.D. and is located in beautiful Patagonia, AZ. They offer detoxification programs and spa services. As a place for holistic healing they offer spiritual and health education programs and retreats.

The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is truly an oasis for our awakening conscious providing a shady respite for those seeking healing on all levels. The center offers lodging for guests from over 80 countries.

The Tree of Life diabetes program is one of the breakthrough programs helping people reverse diabetes. See these true stories of people overcoming diabetes. The remarkable healing journey of six people is even captured in the independent film, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days.

Kushi Institute

The Kushi Institute is a place for natural healing recommended to me by a masseuse who shared with me her story of working there full-time preparing healthy macrobiotic meals. The Kushi Institute also offers spiritual workshops on empowerment and has programs to educate people on the health benefits of macrobiotic food in scenic Becket, MA. Read these remarkable healing testimonials by real people.

pH Miracle Residential Healing Center

Healing Center Ionic PoolsThis is a healthy eating and living retreat with Robert O. Young, Ph.D and his wife, and it is designed for anyone from the seriously ill to those wanting to maintain good health. Led by Dr. Young, who holds 3 doctorates, this is an intensive program to detoxify from over acidity. It is designed to help people overcome illness and jumpstart their health. Check out these video testimonials.

The program ranges from a few days to a month. Become acclimatized to healthier living at Dr. Young's private California ranch and retreat. From there transition to the luxurious, licensed Sanoviv Medical Institute, in Rosarito, Baja, Mexico. Praised as a model 21st century place for healing, they run thorough diagnostics and offer holistic services that range from nutrition and detoxification to medical treatments.

The following is a link to the YouTube video gift series covering Dr. Young's contextual scientific approach to sickness and dis-ease and health, energy and fitness.

Creative Health Institute

Creative Health InstituteIn operation for 30 years, the Creative Health Institute is the longest running hands-on Raw Living Foods program in the world with real healing successes and over 12,000 graduates. The raw living foods philosophy was originated by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, who taught there for many years. This valuable education in raw foods can help us build a strong immune system so our body can heal naturally.

The program gives people hands-on training to learn the skills needed to live a rawfood lifestyle. Here people integrate a diet of nutritious fresh raw fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, chlorophyll rich greens and wheatgrass juice. On-going support is readily available after people return home to assist with a successful transition to a rawfood diet.

See the Dr. Ann Wigmore's directory of resources for links to other wellness centers around the US teaching the rawfood lifestyle. To learn how to integrate raw foods into one's diet from the comfort of home, see Ann Wigmore's wonderful step-by-step home study course and recipe book.

Also, see the centers listed by the American Holistic Health Association for other quality holistic healing centers around the US.

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