Teri Hanchuk
Reading Your Divine Reflection

Co-create your best life in the sacred space of the safe, loving arms of Divine love!

Divine ImageMy gift is to allow divine creator to speak through me, greeting you like a long lost friend who tenderly asks, "How are you?" Wherever you are on your spiritual path --even if you feel lost or abandoned-- know that spirit hears your calls. Come feel the divine essence of sheer love and the sweet caring of God.

I share my pioneering approach worldwide via private intuitive readings by phone and live Webcam. Our sessions are held in confidence in a way that serves, warms, cherishes, and gently cradles. It is time to let go of stress and release worries! Like friends beholding the warm glow of candlelight, spirit invites us to peacefully join hands and see each other to remember that we are one. Spirit only lovingly wishes to serve you by taking you by the hand like a good friend who accepts you unconditionally.

Would you like questions like these answered? These are questions spirit often answers during our readings . . .





My gift is to bring through spirit in a way that's personal and very real for you. If you ever feel lonely, confused, or unsure about your next steps in life, experience a divinely inspired conversation with my real, down home style. I am wholly dedicated to helping people from all walks of life co-create positive movement in their lives.

I do not tell you what to do. I do provide a space for you to relax into a remembrance of God's great healing love. I do share with you one-on-one to help you see the universal truths that come through during our readings. Allow the safety net of spirit to embrace you with the dear love and support you truly deserve. No situation is too big or small to illuminate with divine love, support, and faith!

- No trouble is too great for God to set you free
- There is nothing you cannot turn around
- There is no wound in soul that cannot be healed and finalized forever

God is so vast and willing. Come and see... Take a chance! We are part of the universe. We know you want to know. We want you to hear. We want you to see us, and to know that God is real. Know that you are divinely empowered. You hold the torch of liberty! When you tangibly experience the friendship of divine company, you step into your truth, feel gratitude pour into your heart, and know REAL FREEDOM!

Peace knows the existence of one to another as unified because we are all God's children. Just as a candle lights a sacred, lovely spot, come have a divine conversation through Teri. See though the loving eyes of spirit, and you'll know that your life is really worthwhile. You do deserve to tangibly feel how cherished and safe you really are in the arms of the divine creator!

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