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Me on is all about sharing testimonials to inspire us all discover the joy of holistic healing and enlightened, open-hearted living.

I've shared everything including my favorite healing arts, teachers, wellness tools, and nutritional goodies that are good for us.

Ah... it feels good to share.

But, now, I'd like to turn it over to you.

I would love to hear about your experience with healing, your most interesting information related to holistic health... any enlightening spiritual writings that you'd like to share.

If you know how good it feels to choose a happy, healthy lifestyle, you do have a gift to share by giving genuine reviews. I'm sure others who visit this site will thank you too!

Share your holistic healing reviews to show ...

- What you love about the healing arts.

- How you live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition.

- Your channeling gift.

- How DNA Healing has touched your life.

- How you live a healthier lifestyle with wellness tools.

- What you love most about Selacia and The Council of 12.

- What you love most about dolphins.

Or if you have a writing that does not fit into any of the links above, use this page to share it with others who love holistic healing and enlightened, peaceful living. (Either scroll to the bottom or click here to skip down to the form.) I will convert it into a Web page just like these handpicked submissions ...

YOUR Top Handpicked Reviews/Writings

Healing Arts
Lymphatic Massage For Incredible Health and Fitness
The appended article points out the true intrinsic value of "lymphatic massage." It is often stated in Medical School that "about a third of what goes on ...

About Nutrition In Your Healing Process
As a result of the DNA activation and clearing process, people often have more desire to ingest healthy foods and a focus of keeping the body a sacred ...

Awakening to the New Earth and Living as a Master of Light
Beloved Lightworkers and Masters of Light, you begin here another year on your Beloved Planet Earth. At this time, you appear to face many challenges ...

DNA Healing
What is An Activation of DNA?
It is believed that the true nature of our DNA is multi-stranded, not 2-stranded. Each of us has a 2-stranded double helix. Not as obvious is that we also ...

Wellness Tools
About Working with Crystals
In general, the effectiveness of crystals is the same regardless of size or shape. However, the shape can affect the stone's intensity. For example ...

Selacia and The Council of 12
Selacia Council of 12 Message for Mar. 2009: The Unique Window
Your world is now knee-deep in economic meltdown. Every day you have reminders of the ailing financial systems of key countries such as the United States ...

Dolphins & Whales
We are that part of the Flow of Cosmic Love that you call "Whales," and we are communicating now with that part of the Flow called Human on Planet Earth ...

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I look forward to hearing how much you enjoy living a lifestyle of holistic health and open-hearted living. Share any enlightening writings you consent to be displayed. It's beneficial for us both to display your written works here because the site is growing so rapidly in popularity! Thank you in advance for sharing.

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Your Holistic Healing Reviews

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Heart Attacks and Strokes Caused By Acid Not Cholesterol! 
Longtime readers of my health and wellness newsletters know I've been warning that 100 percent of ALL people who have a heart attacks or strokes do not …

Diabetes and Cancer Have The Same Cause - ACID 
The appended article below ties together the observation that two dis-eases, cancer and diabetes, seem to occur together. Since both are caused by over-acidic …

Vaccination - A Moral Crisis 
The following is a link concerning acidic vaccines and their link to autism and other neurological dis-ease. This link and article was uncovered by using …

"Holistic" - Why I Am Able to Write This Review Not rated yet
Seven Years ago seems like an eternity. Eons of time have branched out before me and now stand as a grand rooted oak. I am so grateful that I have had …

Research Scientists Battle Dangerous Acidic Vaccines Not rated yet
Dr. Shiv Chopra, as a vaccine and drug regulator for Health Canada for nearly forty years, evaluated every red-hot topic in public health. He tried, sometimes …

Mercury in Drugs and Environment Linked To Autism Not rated yet
How do mercury emissions affect pregnant mothers, the unborn and toddlers? Do the level of emissions impact autism rates? Does it matter whether a mercury-emitting …

Symptom and Disease Confused - CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE - IT IS A SYMPTOM! Not rated yet
In this very revealing and thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Young helps us to take a clear-eyed look at how illogical current medical thinking is about …

Part II - Symptom and Disease Confused - CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE - IT IS A SYMPTOM! Not rated yet
The root cause of high cholesterol, as it turns out, is primarily an over acidic lifestyle and diet. A person lives an acidic life or who eats foods that …

Part III - Symptom and Disease Confused - CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE - IT IS A SYMPTOM! Not rated yet
By creating a whole new vocabulary for medical conditions, they can speak their own secret language and make sure that people who aren't schooled in medicine …

The FDA Finally States Mercury Filings May Cause Health Problems Not rated yet
Silver-colored metal dental fillings contain mercury that may cause health problems in pregnant women, children and fetuses, the Food and Drug Administration …

The Size of the Waist Line Indicates An Acidic or Alkaline Lifestyle and Diet Not rated yet
Having a large waistline can almost double your risk of dying prematurely even if your body mass index is within the 'normal' range, according to a new …

Vaccination - A Moral Crisis - Part II Not rated yet
The story of how government health agencies colluded with Big Pharma to hide the risks of thimerosal from the public is a chilling case study of institutional …

Vaccination - A Moral Crisis - Part III Not rated yet
As the number of vaccines increased, the rate of autism among children exploded. During the 1990s, 40 million children were injected with thimerosal-based …

Vaccination - A Moral Crisis - Part IV Not rated yet
For those who had devoted their lives to promoting vaccination, the revelations about thimerosal threatened to undermine everything they had worked for. …

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