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Me on deckI lost 15+ pounds just by making better, more holistic nutritional choices. Now I suggest a few of my favorite healing herbs, organic home delivery services, and nutrition consultants. There is one downside I found to having a much slimmer waist. Well, it seems that I cannot go anywhere without a good belt!

With today's rising health care costs it's becoming more important than ever to invest in preventative care to maintain good health. It's cheaper to eat healthier than it is to get sick, and it feels a whole lot better too!

Here you will find some very real people offering their expertise in holistic nutrition. It's sure nice to know there are nutrition consultants helping us enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Let's all share reviews of them and how holistic nutrition has helped us live a healthy lifestyle.

Holistic Nutrition with Homeopath Steve Litvak

Steve LitvakSteve Litvak is an experienced homeopath, chef, teacher, and an entrepreneur. Steven is very highly recommended to me by another trusted friend. He represents the third generation of the family that created the Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy in 1944.

Steve works there educating people including the range of health practitioners about the uses and benefits of integrative medicines.

Wellness with Rose Cole

Rose offers personalized nutrition coaching by phone for both men and women. She is recommended to me by a trusted friend for her expert holistic health coaching.

She takes a very individualized approach and is great at communicating the science of nutrition in a way that is easy to understand and apply to regular life. See the success stories of some very real people.

Nony Morgan's Holistic Wellness Resource

Nony MorganNony offers her website to share her lifetime of experience and knowledge about alternative natural health. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of available health information, allow Nony to offer simple guidelines that will empower you to maintain a state of natural health and wellness by choosing a holistic approach. Useful information from various sources is carefully presented to teach us the importance of pure water, organic food, detoxification, fitness, environmental stewardship, and much more!

Vegan Coach Patty Knutson

Patty KnutsonPatty gives away loads of free information about how to live a vegan lifestyle. Her website offers various vegan cooking tips and recipes. Learn about the vegan food pyramid and so much more.

Patty "Sassy" Knutson also offers vegan nutritional coaching. Now you can learn about vegetarian living from someone who is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor.

Robert Young's pH Miracle Living

Nutritional experts like Dr Robert Young have impeccable credentials and widespread appeal in mass media. In short they are well recognized for helping lots of people. Dr Young teaches people to bring the body into a more natural alkaline state so it can heal itself. View various healing testimonials on video.

Young's book, The pH Miracle, deals with the crucial role pH balance plays in health and how to make the body more alkaline. I've found him to be a great source of information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The following is a link to the YouTube video gift series covering Dr. Young's contextual scientific approach to sickness and dis-ease and health, energy and fitness.

Creative Health Institute

Creative Health InstituteIn operation for 30 years, the Creative Health Institute is the longest running hands-on Raw Living Foods program in the world with real healing successes and over 12,000 graduates. The raw living foods philosophy was originated by the late Dr. Ann Wigmore, who taught there for many years.

The program gives people hands-on training to learn the skills needed to live a rawfood lifestyle. Here people integrate a diet of nutritious fresh raw fruits, vegetables, juices, nuts, sprouted seeds, grains, beans, chlorophyll rich greens and wheatgrass juice. On-going support is readily available after people return home to assist with a successful transition to a rawfood diet.

See the Dr. Ann Wigmore's directory of resources for links to other wellness centers around the US teaching the rawfood lifestyle. To learn how to integrate raw foods into one's diet from the comfort of home, see Ann Wigmore's wonderful step-by-step home study course and recipe book.

Getting a good holistic nutrition education in raw foods gives us valuable information to build a strong immune system so our body can heal naturally.

I also found even more ways to connect with people closer to home who enjoy living a healthier lifestyle. Check out all our handpicked healing centers offering people alternative health solutions through nutritional foods or find healthier foods locally.

Find Local Healthy Foods

Weston A. Price Foundation local chapters are available worldwide to help people find locally-grown organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruits and grains; and milk products, butter, eggs, chicken and meat from pasture-fed animals. The foundation educates people on holistic nutrition and helps us contact people in our local area who share information on food farming practices and the healing arts.

Nutrition Favorites
We got our hands on goodies that are good for us!

Life seems to fly by fast these days, and we do not always have the time and energy to prepare and eat all the foods that would make a holistic nutritionist proud. As someone who works 80+ hours a week, I picked out the two best supplements I've discovered for those of us on the go.

eXfuse nutrient from a Friend Lights my Path to Health

Kathy Joy in GardenFinally I've found a very good nutritious product that outshines most, and I can feel really good about getting behind it because it can significantly benefit all. Seven+ Pro energizes me so much with good nutrients, and it tastes so good, actually sweet. I get mine from Kathy who is a real sweetheart and a shining example in the healing arts in her own right, helping people care for the body with lymphatic massage and more.

You can visit her website and try her eXfuse nutritional drink for just the cost of the shipping. I'm pretty sure you'll feel the benefits too if you take it regularly as I do. Loving it!

Visit Kathy's website and send her an e-mail today at kathyjoy@helloworld.com for a full bottle of Seven+ . . .


Amazon Herbs

Amazon Herb delivers the potency of the herbs of the Amazon rainforest direct to your doorstep. I take these holistic herbs regularly for my digestive health, and I can vouch for the fact they are potent. I really like the nutritious Treasure Tea. And I like the Pure Camu with its high natural vitamin C content, which is so very uplifting.

These are the first herbs I've used that have such a tangible effect in and of themselves. There are also solid testimonials from people who have had great results taking these healing herbs.

Organic Home Delivery
Holistic Nutrition at Your Doorstep!

Diamond Organics

I have ordered organic food from Diamond Organics and always enjoyed quick delivery to my door and high quality food. They offer organic produce and organic beef. Their food is grown without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. They can be a little pricey, but it's worth it if you have the money and do not live close to a good health food store.

They can ship using dry ice as needed to ensure frozen foods are delivered in top condition. I happen to like their organic banana bread. Try them, and you may just discover your own favorites!

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