"Holistic" - Why I Am Able to Write This Review

by Nellie Renae Harrington
(Breaux Bridge La)

My SON and I

My SON and I

Seven Years ago seems like an eternity. Eons of time have branched out before me and now stand as a grand rooted oak. I am so grateful that I have had these added years. I must give credit to nature. For natural forces taught me how to live.

Seven years ago I lay wasting, frozen as a prisoner in sheets of ice due to a skin disorder. I will not go into the details, because I do no longer place my attentions on the illness, but upon what brought me to healing awareness and ascension.

From research and diagnosis I had about three years left. I had five doctors, five prescriptions.

I called "On High" for answers.

I was led to research. Hour after hour pouring over information from web sites. I do not even remember what I typed in. I was in a fog from antibiotics, pain and exhaustion. Then after one month of utilizing the information which consisted of herbs, a natural anti-biotic soap and only slight changes in nutrition I made my first huge shift. I threw away all of my chemical scripts except one!

The next shift came when I was able to begin sharing my research with others and I began witnessing the miraculous power of holistic practices in other people's lives.

Enlightenment came to me then like quicksilver running through my veins. An intuitive nature that had always been inside me kicked in like a lightning bolt. It was in the same sense as what an medical intuitive sees and feels.

People just started coming to me after that. Many cases of what I can only deem as "Divine Appointments". I would be somewhere out and about and someone, a stranger, would rub their shoulder or back and wince in pain and then begin telling me about it.

I would just simply reply, "I can help you with that". They never questioned, just said, "When can I come to see you?"

I began being able to "see" what was missing in someone's body, like magnesium or what supplements were not optimal for them.
One of the greatest effects of intuitive cranial work was that the scalp responded immediately by filling in hair at different degrees where none had been. We were awestruck at the sight of the hair coming in and how the texture changed.

One of the great shifts I had was my teeth and gum health. My illness had wrecked my teeth, crooked them and stripped the enamel, loosened blackening the two front ones. The dentist told me seven thousand dollars for caps and sorry that enamel will never come back.

I found that unacceptable. So I switched my toothpaste to one with no toxins, fluoride or aluminum. I used hydrogen peroxide and all natural baking soda. Well I can say the before and after pics are quite a testimony to the power of natural. And I did not have to mortgage my home to get my smile back!

I developed a simple non-exercise system for toning and weight re-distribution that uses the bodies own natural weights, ie head hands feet. Clients now are amazed at the results and do not need another gadget. It is doable anywhere, anytime.

I now have reached Master Levels in Usui Reiki as well as Atlantean and Crystal Reiki. I have been called to perform vital energy based work at clinics such as Oncology, ICU Hospital, and have been given referrals and worked on and alongside registered medical doctors.

I have had much success with streaming distant energy work as well as streaming messages from and to loved ones here and departed.

I have had much success in house and space clearing, and now work as a "Green Product" Consultant for body and home.

Through these years I have lost 60 pounds, returned to singing. I have had incredible opportunities come to me now as a wellness program designer and facilitator. My son and I are pulling together a cooking school offering our talents as chefs and working on a cookbook.

I teach music and theatrical workshops for children. I am a celebrated artist and impressionistic photographer. I began "seeing" and utilizing sacred geometry, numbers and gratitude measures which increased monetary standings ten fold.

I am able to "trace" DNA strand family trees and find where the weakness came in and using tones seems to strengthen and rebalance the bodies natural immune system through the DNA remembering the codes for healing.

I use intuitive meditations that seem to help "bridge" souls to the next shift in their journey. Mine has been an amazing journey.

I am a walking miracle. The miracle is that through the power of nature and knowledge, I beat the odds and now are aiding others as a Light Bearer. And the best part of it all is, I am still here with my family. I am still a "Mom" and a "Wife".

My gratitude fills the universe, and has no end.

Blessings and Prosperity Abound.

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