How Selacia Came to DNA Healing Work

by Selacia

Selacia is a gifted intuitive who serves as a bridge between spirit and the physical world of matter here on Earth. She works throughout the world, helping others to evolve through mastering how we relate to others, to spirit, and to ourselves. Her private healing sessions, thanks to modern technology and the ability to bridge any distance, can be experienced by anyone, anywhere. A conscious channel, Selacia's writing, workshops and DNA activities are intrinsically linked to her personal relationship with The Council of 12, a group of ascended Masters in the spiritual hierarchy.

Selacia's conscious spiritual journey began in earnest in the early 1980s. She returned "home" to California after living in London and elsewhere for many years, entering a time of many spiritual openings.

This journey led her to extensive studies of many spiritual topics including: channeling, meditation, astrology, sacred geometry, and energetic healing. The Council of 12 awakened her to ancient and future knowledge about humankind's evolution. She gained knowledge about the physical body and learned about nutrition and alternative health practices.

Selacia has long had a desire to work with healing methods that blend science and spirituality. This interest led her to study the DNA. Through extensive research and direct input from spirit, she found that human DNA can be changed to improve a person's health, relationships, prosperity, and much more.

As a result of private work she has done over the years for both people and pets, Selacia discovered how to heal at the cellular DNA level. This healing method involves going to deeper levels of one's being in order to heal patterns which otherwise could take lifetimes to clear. Her clients, coming from all walks of life and from all over the world, benefit from Selacia's ability to access and clear patterns rooted in their current life, inherited from their ancestors, unfinished business from past lives, and even the soul's lessons. Selacia regularly updates and adds to her expertise, incorporating her experiences as a healer and her input directly from The Council of 12.

In addition to her private DNA intuitive healing sessions, Selacia also teaches this potent healing method to others. A DNA intuitive healing workshop program is available to those who desire to learn this work to help themselves and/or others. More than simply another method of healing, this healing program helps people to expand their natural intuitive abilities, to become practiced in discernment and receiving their own answers to life's questions, and to accelerate their self-discovery process. Students attending these experiential workshops from all over the world discover new ways to view themselves and their world.

Classes are purposely kept small so that students receive the most potent experience and gain the confidence needed to successfully apply what is learned. The classes focus on the DNA, yet are much more than that. The workshops help to open new doorways of awareness and are a catalyst for enhanced intuitive knowing. Each time, students experience healing from The Council of 12, helping them to move into more self-love and self-mastery. Feedback from students (examples found on the Workshops page) illustrates these tangible benefits and more.

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