How You Can Receive the Most From DNA Healing Sessions

by Selacia

In most cases, the DNA activation session occurs before a series of DNA intuitive healing sessions. The time between sessions will vary individually. However, a guideline is to have at least a week between the activation session and the first healing session.

To receive the most from sessions, you will want to take an active role in the process. This means providing Selacia with your background on the new client form ahead of the first session, and updating her in between sessions with your insights, experiences, and thoughts about the next session's focus.

Before your DNA session, establish a tranquil environment in your space. Since your session will be on the telephone, and you may want some private time afterwards, you may want to advise loved ones to avoid interruptions during that time. Find a comfortable place to sit for your session.

Set your intent that the time and space be held sacred. In this regard, it may be helpful to light a candle.

Everyone has their own idea of God/The Divine. For this work, we go to the Divine/Source, and that highest source is responsible for the clearing. Allow self-criticisms, self-doubts and self-judgments to melt away, trusting that you will receive what you need from the session. Know that many times the energy and impacts can be subtle, and that in sessions a substantial amount of energetic transmission occurs that is outside of ordinary awareness.

In the days that follow your session, it is recommended that you pay attention to how you feel, what thoughts you are having, how you are responding to your situation of concern, and what or who triggers a negative reaction within you. Set your intent to notice subtle changes in how you view yourself and your circumstances. Acknowledge yourself when you see that you have made some progress. Find something each day to be grateful for, regardless of what is happening or how stuck you may feel. Allow yourself to trust that there is a Divine solution for your distress, and be willing to continue the process of addressing it energetically through DNA intuitive healing and other means.

If you have one of the DNA rose quartz crystals especially energized by The Council of 12 for the DNA process, you may want to hold it or have it nearby during your session. In between sessions, too, it can help you to accelerate, anchor, integrate and remember what you need to know from the work. Since these crystals, like all stones, will pick up energy as you work with them, you will want to cleanse them weekly. Ideal options include placing under running water briefly and/or placing in the sunlight.

Keep a pen and pad of paper nearby during your session so that you can journal about your experiences afterwards when they will be most easily remembered. You also may want to keep this nearby the bed at night for the next several days in order to record relevant information from your dreams. Write down any issues that come to your awareness for clearing, too. These issues can be addressed in your next DNA healing session. Meanwhile, pay attention to your body's potential need for cleansing and detoxification.

For more information about Selacia's healing sessions, see Private Sessions.

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