Humanity Unites Brilliance
Let's help small groups of people change the world!

Humanity Unites Brilliance is a group of socially conscious people who network with each other in a new model for business and humanitarian living. I am not a part of HUB at this time. I simply offer my review based on positive interactions with people in HUB.

When HUB was in its beginning phase in the spring of this year, I was able to go to a few presentations and even personally pose a question to its founder. I was impressed by the sincerity of the people and their earnest desire to help each other and those in need. Now I understand HUB is growing and has a few thousand members.

How Does HUB Work?

HUB has the ambitious goal of empowering indigenous peoples around the world to be self-sufficient and realize sustainable growth. HUB charitably donates nearly one half of its profits, and the organization is based on the network-marketing model. Donations are currently focused in Africa where the funds go the farthest to help people. There they seek to link together otherwise disconnected profit and nonprofit organizations.

People who join HUB get to connect with leaders in the fields of inspiration and empowerment. For professional growth, HUB offers spiritually minded business owners, teachers, and healers a unique community in which to network with other spiritually conscious people. In this way people follow their life's passion by building their professional practices. They also enjoy the personal reward of being part of an organization that helps people.

If you would like to join here is a link to a friend of mine who is in HUB. Let me know how you like HUB, and I may just join soon!

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