John of God Offers Healings ...
nothing short of miraculous!

For over 20 years John of God has offered his gift of mediumship at the holistic healing center affectionately known as the Casa (meaning house) in Abadiania central Brazil.

Do you believe non-physical entities can work through a medium to heal people on all levels and even perform physical surgeries? I found that concept very farfetched until I started meeting people who had visited the Brazilian healer Joao Teixeira de Faria, known as John of God.

I learned about the medium from my Reiki healing teacher who shared that she had traveled to Brazil multiple times to visit him. She described her remarkable experiences of receiving the healing energy.

She recommended a John of God meditation group in Ojai, CA. I visited many times, and it was so rejuvenating to meditate in this sacred space and hear people's stories of the life-changing experiences and healing energies they had felt in Brazil. Click for stories from real people who share miraculous healing testimonials.

If you would like to find out more about this medium, I like the book, John of God. This gives a profile of the man who gives the divine the credit for his healing gift. The book helped me understand more about how the healings take place and why certain activities are recommended at the Casa healing center.

Travel to the Casa for Healing

If you would like to plan a healing trip, click here for general info. on Casa travel.

Having an experienced guide can be very valuable on your healing journey. Here is a list of guides who can help people worldwide travel to this remarkable place of healing.

One of the many wonderful souls helping people heal at the Casa is guide Anita Fuller. Click here and scroll down to see Anita's lovely video shot on the grounds of the Casa to learn more.

Crystal Bed Healing Sessions
Connecting with healing closer to home

Crystal Bed Healing sessions are often recommended at the Casa in Brazil. They combine color therapy and crystal healing therapy. These healing beds are being made available around the world. The following people have purchased Crystal Beds from the Casa and are approved to offer Crystal Bed Healing sessions.

I experienced Crystal Bed Healing sessions in Ojai, CA. I discovered they are an amazing way to connect with the healing energies of the Casa. The healing sessions are very rejuvenating and meant to be experienced in person.

I've relaxed on a soft crystal healing bed with seven quartz crystals suspended above me. They were aligned with the seven chakras of my body. Spiritual music played and I drifted off as light shown through the crystals radiating healing into my chakras for clearing and chakra balancing.

A visit to the Casa can be a life-changing healing experience. Click for more of the very best Places for Healing.

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