Helping lightworkers touch the world online
Merging heart with attraction marketing

Me on deckMost lightworkers I know have an awareness of the universal truth that we co-create our reality through the so-called law of attraction. It's a challenge though to develop a full appreciation for how the law of attraction ties in with the rapidly changing world of technology and the progressive principles of Internet attraction marketing. Now I'll boldly give my best to explain it!

Simply put, people online and offline are relating to each other in new ways in our big, changing world. For example, we can all see this in the amazing growth of social networks. People yearn to interact and express themselves in a more open, authentic manner, and this is manifesting online. The Internet is no longer just for introverts! This begs the question . . .

What do lightworkers really need to know about a world that is transforming online?

Because I can readily view these changes from a variety of perspectives, I share the practical things you can do to adapt in our changing online world. I break things down into simple how-to steps to help you touch the world online. Yet, I want to fully empower you as a spiritual lightworker to touch the world with your unique genius. So, I'm also out to answer the bigger question that asks . . .

Why should we embrace a new more enlightened way of being in a changing economy?

Wow! That's a big topic so let me offer a big picture perspective and zoom into the examples and how-to details from there . . .

The Big Picture

I believe our changing economy is a time for us all to truly look within ourselves and to connect to the flow of infinite abundance that comes to each one of us who embraces the path of soul. It's time to let go of relying on the illusionary systems of the outer world for security. Let's follow our joy. Let's recognize and express our unique genius! As spiritual lightworkers I believe we are called to be the wayshowers by being our true, authentic selves online and offline.

In my special down-to-earth way I'm right there to advise you on how to sort through the online hype and information overload. My ongoing studies with renowned attraction marketers give me a panoramic view of the exciting new ways people are relating to each other online.

I take the lead to inspire you by example

I set the example by personally demonstrating how I actually use the Internet to connect with the world. I've built Our Healing Hub as a Site Build It! website because it's legitimately optimized for the search engines. Now you can see the traffic stats showing 10,000+ unique visitors in just over a year (when including three months from 2008)! Even see the top viewed pages last month.

I'm here to distill things down to make the online world simpler no matter what your level of technical knowledge. I want to empower all lightworkers to take action to touch the world with their unique genius by applying the progressive principles of Internet attraction marketing.

I'm serving as a wayshower for connecting with our natural abundant state in a changing economy and world. I happen to one of those unique people who can take the lead and teach you much more than just the benefits of having a good website. I actually show you how to put it all together to position yourself to touch the world because I merge marketing and heart with my strong technical background in Information Systems.

What am I actually doing to help lightworkers right now?

I've now begun to freely help people update their existing website homepages, offer advice on teleclasses, construct a marketing funnel that works, take the lead in the trend towards more interactive ways of learning, and more! Here you'll find the best tidbits I know to help lightworkers touch the world online by merging heart with attraction marketing in a new age.

My Values

I value honesty, doing things to the highest standards, and touching the world in the most profound way. I'm making a serious study of how we can live our true purpose and connect with our natural abundant state.

To step into our power as lightworkers let's . . .

- Recognize our inner genius and personal strong suit
- Operate in integrity
- Take action according to the highest good and do what we love in a way that benefits everyone all the way around at all times
- Touch the world with a good message

Why am I so motivated?

The most important reason I'm committed to helping lightworkers long term is that I just like doing it, and it's my gift. Another reason is that I'm currently employed in a job that I do not find to be fulfilling or aligned with my spiritual path. I'm motivated to turn over a new leaf and experience doing something worthwhile to help lightworkers touch the world while adhering to the highest possible standards.

I trust that by following my joy I will connect with people of like heart and find a new path forward filled with unlimited potential. I'm trusting myself, and I'm following my spiritual guidance to attract a more light-filled reality.

I am one good student of technology!

- Traditional Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Technologies with a 3.94 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.

- I've spent 100s of hours learning how to develop a few Site Build It! websites that are legitimately optimized for the search engines. Click here for the Our Healing Hub traffic stats showing 9,400+ unique visitors in just over a year (when including three months from 2008)! Even see last month's top viewed pages last month.

- I'm currently learning much more by studying all about social networking and how to connect with people of like heart through Internet attraction marketing.

I am a lightworker

- The Our Healing Hub website shares the unique genius of more than a few of the internationally-renowned teachers and intuitive healers I love.

Who do I most focus on helping?

I'm primarily helping friends, friends of friends, and lightworkers who subscribe to Our Healing Times e-zine. This is entirely free of charge. I stay pretty busy because I do have a fulltime job, yet I would be glad to makeMe at home new friends online and help other lightworkers in my spare time.

With the growth of social networking sites and demand for more interactive forms of learning there are many ways to touch the world through attraction marketing. I'll be the first to tell you to follow your joy, operate in integrity, do what you do best, and help others without rigid expectations.

Find out more about me and all the Our Healing Hub reviewers who teach us how to embody enlightened living in a new paradigm. Check out my new Web Tip of the Month webpage where I regularly merge common sense tips with cutting-edge insights on the trends lightworkers need to know to touch the world. Feel free to contact me at 701-552-1243 or be a friend on Facebook!

Heart Shaped Marketing
Heart Shaped Marketing
Promote Your Page Too

Recent example of how I helped internationally-emerging lightworker Selacia

Here's a before and after example along with an in-depth case study of Selacia's existing website, which I helped update.

Homepage before
Homepage after

Result -> soars to Google result #22 for "intutive healing."
That's way up from #153!!

After seeing the amazing real-life example above check out all these benefits of revising your own homepage to keep up with the changing times!

What can I help you with and how?

5 good reasons to revise your existing homepage!

1. Much has changed in the world and our lives in a very short time. Have you updated your website homepage recently to reflect how you want to express yourself as a lightworker in our changing world?

Extra tip
Consider the good principles of attraction marketing and how you're "branding" or positioning yourself to attract people to you in the future.

2. Recognize your own genius and the special gifts you have to share. Showcase yourself and your offerings in the best light to touch the heart of a worldwide audience.

Extra tip
Energize your homepage with some heart and soul by displaying your picture on your homepage. A picture truly does say a thousand words!

3. Clearly and concisely communicate your offerings on your homepage. Genuinely share of yourself and build credibility by teaching people how your offerings can benefit them everywhere.

Extra tip
Tell people about your experience and credibility and highlight your most worthwhile worldwide offerings right up in the first paragraph. This way many online visitors around the world will readily know how and why to connect with you instead of leaving your site because they think you are too far way.

4. Consider your audience and craft your message to touch their heart giving them a reason to connect with you more.

Extra tip
Online writing is unique. In traditional schooling you may have learned that a summary should be last, but in the fast-paced online environment a summary should come first! In developing your homepage I can give you guidelines for presenting yourself and your offerings in the most appealing way for online visitors. You can then apply these practical principles when developing any of your webpages.

5. Use legitimate search engine optimization techniques. Sprinkle good, high-demand keywords throughout your homepage to rank higher in the search engines. You should have high-demand keywords on your homepage but not so many that the description sounds unnatural.

Extra tip
I use keyword research tools through my web host and also the free Google AdWords keyword tool to analyze what keywords you should use. Want to do a little research on your own to find out what keywords would be best for you? Check out the free Google AdWords keyword research tool. It's my personal favorite!

How I can help you?

In revising your existing homepage, we can send revisions back and forth to hone your homepage description. I help you use your own words to weave all elements including yourself, your offerings, technology, and the needs of your worldwide audience.

I know how to really get down to the details of the technology with a laser beam focus, yet I can tie all those little details together into the big picture of the emerging new paradigm world. That's because I'm openhearted, and I have a broad view of progressive attraction marketing principles. As a lightworker you are welcome to benefit from my unique gift of merging technology, marketing, and heart.

Webpages I've created for lightworkers

Here is a quick sample of the Google search engine listings for select webpages I've created for other lightworkers within the Our Healing Hub website . . .

Selacia ScreenshotSelacia's Fan Club

- Google result #20 for "intuitive healing"
- Google result #10 for "selacia"

Avesa HealingAvesa Healing by Gladys

- Google result #6 for "avesa healing"
- Google result #25 for "avesa"

Ronda LaRue fan clubRonda LaRue's Fan Club

- Google result #16 for "Ronda LaRue"

Ojai Soul Arts ScreenshotRonda LaRue's Soul Arts Retreat

- Google result #13 for "ojai soul arts"
- Google result #27 for "ojai retreat"

BreathworkJulia's Healing Breathwork

- Google result #14 for "Julia Mikk"

Contact me if you are interested in revising your own homepage to touch the changing world. I'm at 701-552-1243. If you just want to learn more, sign up for the Our Healing Times e-newsletter. You'll enjoy my "Web Tip of the Month" and see all the benefits of connecting with a growing community of lightworkers like me who share what they know and love.

Lightworkers like us really can touch the world. Read on to discover the many innovative ways lightworkers are now using the progressive principles of attraction marketing to reach a worldwide audience! The following ideas can potentially apply to anyone, but they are best suited to lightworkers who have already built up a good reputation.

How lightworkers can touch the world with teleclasses

If you have experience in the healing arts or you teach people how to embody enlightened living in a new paradigm, then you have probably touched the lives of many people throughout the world. Perhaps you even offer long distance sessions in which you serve people by phone. Now there are free teleconferencing services available that provide an innovative way for you to connect with many people by phone.

The trend is indeed towards more interactive ways of learning via teleconferences and webinars. Are you ready to take the lead?

Breakdown of the benefits of teleclasses

Teleclasses can be a good avenue for people to reconnect with you even if they are a long distance away. Here are a few ideas you can use to highlight the benefits of a spiritual teleclass you may offer.

- It's a great way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life to connect with spirit for greater clarity and sense of calm.

- Move through blockages by stepping back to see the big picture. Remember that the truth of your being is limitless.

- With the dizzying changes occurring in the world, a spiritual teleclass can help you navigate a path that is filled with more ease and grace and be a guiding light for your next steps.

- Connect with an uplifting sense of community that comes from gathering with fellow lightworkers and step into your knowing that you are an integral part of shifting the balance into light. Be more fully empowered to illuminate our world during this time of transformation.

Expand your teleclasses to connect with people worldwide

Depending on your goals you can expand your series of teleclasses by inviting people to share about it with friends. Depending on your level of technical expertise, you could even post a video recording of certain classes on social media such as YouTube. Growing interest in your teleclasses can also ignite interest in your various other offerings. Here are a few tips for growing your teleclass series.

1. Try offering the first few teleclasses for free. Allow people to discover for themselves how beneficial the teleclasses really are before ever asking for a fee. You can keep fees reasonably low because teleclasses are more than worth their while especially when you consider the fact that lots of people can call in at once. In fact from a marketing perspective teleclasses are ideal because your audience is potentially as large as the entire population of the world. Even if your offering is appealing to a very small percentage of people in the world, your teleclasses can reasonably be expected to grow to encompass hundreds if not thousands of people!

2. People are at various places on their path of spiritual awakening. Many people are not fully aware that THEY ARE powerful lightworkers, or people get caught up in their daily routines and slip into a forgetful state. Remind people on your teleclass that they are lightworkers and wayshowers during a unique time. Everyone loves a compliment. However, it's much more than a compliment because it invites people to step into their power to embody enlightened living. When you lay this groundwork, you can gently and naturally invite people on your calls to share about your teleclass and be a wayshower to recommend it to their network of friends.

How to accelerate the growth of your teleclass even more . . .

If you have an e-newsletter, send out an issue in which you present your new worldwide teleclass offering. People you never knew who live far away will be interested. They probably never knew they had such a good avenue to connect with you. Now they will love to try your teleclasses especially if you offer it for free initially.

I suggest offering a few free teleclasses before making them fee based. During the free teleclasses gently invite people to be a wayshower by recommending the teleclass to their friends to share the teachings that empower people to step into their true power as lightworkers. In the context of offering the class on a fee basis and inviting people to bring friends on the call as a guest, you may mention that the more people who are on the class the more likely that any teleclass costs can be kept low for everyone.

On the teleclass before you plan to make the class available for a fee, offer to send everyone a short e-mail survey that they can complete by simply replying to the e-mail. As thanks for completing the survey include a special link that allows people to sign up for one additional free teleclasses of their choice. Invite people to share the link as a gift for an unlimited number of friends, so they too can experience a free teleclass as a guest. One of the survey questions can be an optional question asking how people shared the teleclass with friends. The survey can suggest the use of various media giving people ideas for how they could share it. I recommend including the following.

Social network (Example: Facebook page)
Simply e-mailing or talking to close friends

Extra Bonus Tip
Make social media work for you for free!
You can create a Facebook page dedicated to your worldwide services including your teleclasses. Invite people to join your Facebook group or special fan club page. Then recommend they share it with their Facebook friends to add the most people to the group! In any e-mails or surveys about your teleclass invite people to make a "friend" of your Facebook group.

Within Facebook you can send messages to all your group members to update them on the latest events including but not limited to information about an upcoming teleclass. Of course, you'll want to gently remind people to share about it with their Facebook friends!

If you will be offering a fee-based teleclass on a regular basis, it would be best to offer it as a subscription. In this way people will only have to make the decision to buy once. They will be more committed to participating regularly because they have made the decision to make room in their budget for the teleclass. This will also reduce your own payment processing burdens.

I suggest making a recorded version of your teleseminar available after the calls. Make it available as an audio recording or even a video so people can replay the teleclass at a later date. This is needed for people who have a subscription because they have already paid for the teleclass. If they miss the live call, they will want to partake of the recorded teleclass at a later time. Offering a recording actually helps people relax and enjoy the teleclass because they know they will not miss any nuggets of wisdom due to the fact that they can access it later.

Overview of this approach for growing teleclasses

Your approach for growing your teleclass will be unique. You should only do things that feel natural for you and your own audience. Word of mouth is truly the best form of advertising. So, my suggestions are geared towards gently and effectively inviting more people to partake of your teleclass. For this you need to regularly verbally invite people to share it with their friends because people are so busy these days that they barely read their e-mails.

If you do use the survey method, people will invariably open the survey to get the link that enables them to enjoy another free teleclass. It is there that you should give them more ideas for how exactly they can share the teleclass including by sharing your Facebook group with friends.

This whole approach of offering something worthwhile for free up front has been called PREselling or "lead with value" in attraction marketing. The principle can be effectively used by anyone to build their credibility. By offering people an additional free class you can engage people, tap into the trust of a word-of-mouth recommendation, AND offer people a way to give a gift of some value to their friends when they refer them as a guest. Since friends of friends will be present on future teleclasses, it will be important to remind everyone to sign up for your newsletter or e-mail list so people (particularly new guests) can stay informed of and sign up for upcoming teleclasses.

I truly believe that the only reason you might see less than stellar results with this whole approach is if you opt to do it in a partial way. This is not just playing with mythical online puzzle pieces. This is about lightworkers like us touching the world in the biggest way possible with our light. It's for real!

Teleclasses lead to sharing other offerings . . .

Teleclasses can be great in and of themselves. However, teleclasses are just the beginning of building new and existing relationships with people based on trust. It's time to see why the work you've done to offer people something valuable like a free teleclass is time well spent!

Now you can connect with people around the world in a way that positions you as an expert who can teach others. In attraction marketing this kind of positioning is perfect because it allows you to very naturally share other services or products you offer to benefit them. To learn more about integrating teleclasses into your marketing funnel, read constructing a marketing funnel that works for you.

If you have a video recorder set up, you can even record yourself giving the teleclass and post it on your online community. This can grow your online community of lightworkers. If you offer a more interactive teleclass in which you answer questions submitted beforehand, consider posting unanswered questions on a forum in your online community. Answer some of the questions there to further grow your online community.

Feel free to contact me, and I'll be glad to freely give advice on how you can offer teleclasses to your unique situation no matter what your level of technical expertise.

Book publishing

Offering teleclasses can lead to sharing your services or products including books. Many people love to share their gift with the world through their writings, but organizing your writings into a book can be a lot even for the experienced author. Then the traditional book publishing process can be lengthy. It today's fast-paced world I know of an innovative, streamlined way to get your book published faster thanks to iUniverse.

iUniverse can even set up accounts on social media sites like Facebook and others to spread the word. This is a progressive way for lightworkers to use technology to connect with people in a much faster, more personalized way. More will follow on this webpage sharing innovative ways lightworkers can use technology to deliver their writings to the world.

I ask how I can help you take effective action . . .

Me on deckThe ideas I present here incorporate my overall understanding of PREsell and attraction marketing. You should take stock of your unique genius, your personal goals, and your technical expertise. These things will determine what you can reasonably take action on at any given time.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about how I can help you hone your existing approach for connecting with people online. I can give you some good ideas for actions you can take right now along with even more effective actions you can take in the future.

To learn more, sign up for the Our Healing Times e-newsletter. I do take a special interest in generously helping people who subscribe to my e-zine. You'll see all the benefits of connecting with a growing community of lightworkers like me who share what they know and love.

There are so many more exciting ways we can touch the world with our light! Check out my new Web Tip of the Month webpage where I regularly merge common sense tips with cutting-edge insights on the trends lightworkers need to know to touch the world. Feel free to call me at 701-552-1243 or be a friend on Facebook!

Heart Shaped Marketing
Heart Shaped Marketing
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