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Me on deckThis webpage is meant for lightworkers who would like practical advice for touching the world with their light via the growing online medium.

The world is changing, and we're changing with it! I'll merge common sense tips with cutting-edge insights because it can benefit us all when we think outside the box. To get my latest Web Tip each month, simply subscribe to the Our Healing Times e-zine.

Tip of the Month for May '09
Your E-zine Subscriptions

If you signed up for the Our Healing Times e-zine, then you did so via my e-newsletter sign up box. Now I offer a few ideas to help you invite your viewers to sign up for your own e-zine. Site Built It! is the web host for Our Healing Hub, and I share not only what they teach but what I've learned as well.

Consider your audience

When we step into the shoes of our worldwide audience and understand energy we soon realize that people . . .

1. Want to know what's in it for them before they are motivated to act
2. Act based on feelings
3. Connect with a picture
4. Connect with you personally including your name, passion, and credibility

From this perspective, we can present our e-zine in a way that invites people to sign up to hear more about us rather than browsing away for good!

The truth of the matter is that many mailing list subscription boxes simply do not draw the eye, and they often do not tell people if they will receive anything of substance when they give over their e-mail address. To increase your e-zine subscriptions I suggest putting the mailing list box in the center with a picture of your face next to it (I suggest to the left). It is usually best to have it towards the bottom of each webpage as I'll explain and expand on . . .

Why position your signup box at the bottom of each webpage?

People who happen across a webpage on your site will usually not just immediately sign up for your e-zine. First, they need to read something. They need to connect with you and see that you have something of substance to give them. Give people something of substance and then give them a way to connect with you further via your e-zine/blog, etc.

Why put your picture next to your invite to subscribe to your e-zine?

Lightworkers like us realize that people connect with a picture because it has your energy. In fact the eye is naturally drawn to a picture.

Why tell people what's in it for them?

People want to know why they should allow another piece of e-mail into their overcrowded inbox because we all have a limited resource of time.

Why show value and connect with emotions?

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Consider people's needs and their feelings because people act based on emotions much more than we may realize.

Why would you want people to connect with you personally?

People connect with your name, and people connect with your passion/credibility. Try to share this in a way that is very concise while weaving in value and connecting with feelings.

How much information should you ask for?

My web host teaches that you only really need to ask for an e-mail address. In fact you can make providing a name totally optional. Most marketing experts would like to "get" as much information as possible, but these days just having a contact e-mail is fine. Don't push people away by asking for a bunch of personal information. Focus more on filling your e-zine with substance.

How often should you send your e-zine?

Unless you have a unique style or you are very limited on time, most lightworkers should send their e-zine on a monthly basis. If your e-zine is more infrequent than that a person may lose track of the fact that they signed up for the mail. Then your e-zine can potentially be perceived as spam.

Find out all the ways I'm currently helping lightworkers touch the world online by merging heart with marketing.

Tip of the Month for July '09
Construct a marketing funnel that works

1. The top of your funnel

The top of a good marketing funnel is where people can learn about you with no commitment. These days people are bombarded with marketing messages of all types. So, how can we connect with people in a genuine, inviting way that attracts those of like heart? In educational marketing we are taught to educate people upfront without requiring something in return. We can honestly educate our audience about the options that may benefit them. In doing so we can give people a free preview of the value we have to offer. Examples of ways to reach people at the top of the funnel include ...

- Books/Writings
- Informative websites/Blogs
- Free audio/YouTube videos
- Free teleclass/WebCast
- Free initial consultation

Friendly tip: Avoid this mistake!
Don't ask a potential client to marry you just yet by inviting them to purchase services/products with a high pricepoint! Good relationships are built on trust. In fact having customers who trust you gives you a lifelong opportunity to provide value in their lives and also to receive abundance in your life. Take great care in building a trusting relationship at the beginning stage. Always consider your audience first and foremost and connect with them in ways that match your strengths.

The top of your marketing funnel should build the trust needed so people progress to the next step ...

2. The middle of your funnel

The middle part of your marketing funnel is where you'll provide even greater value at a relatively low pricepoint and/or for a reoccurring fee. Leverage the low price to bring people into your marketing funnel. From there you can introduce services/products with higher pricepoints. Build even more trust by only suggesting the services/products that best help the people you serve.

Do you have a service that lends itself to a teleclass, WebCast, or fee-based online membership site? Well, if you know of people in distant places who would like to learn about you or clients who would like to reconnect with you, then these are probably the most effective ways to reach a worldwide audience. Teleclasses and WebCasts really tap into the trend towards more interactive learning and increase your "real person" factor.

Friendly tip: Avoid this mistake!
People who offer a teleclass/Webcast often have a great experience and receive good feedback. Unfortunately, many people make a mistake by not offering their teleclass/WebCast on a regular basis.

You should offer a regular teleclass/WebCast if the interest is there in your audience. I suggest keeping your fee reasonable due to widespread financial concerns. Once you've built trust, you can invite people to a low-cost teleclass/WebCast on a regular basis with an automatically reoccurring payment. To get more good ideas for expanding your teleclasses and attracting people into your marketing funnel including through the use of social media, click here.

3. The bottom of your marketing funnel

Relatively few people will filter down to the bottom of your marketing funnel to purchases higher cost services/products. The number of people who progress to this step will be a smaller proportion of the people who have entered the top of your marketing funnel. That's why the real key to constructing a marketing funnel that works is to stuff the top of your marketing funnel with many people. Then build trust at all stages. You'll build trust by being your authentic self and exceeding clients' expectations by overdelivering value. This builds lifelong clients, which will build a real business.

Friendly tip: Avoid this mistake!
Some people allow clients to "fall through" the bottom of the marketing funnel by not having a system of follow up. You should always feed people back into the top of your marketing funnel. This could be by offering fee-based teleclasses/WebCasts or via a fee-based online membership community. If you have offered fantastic value, it's only right that you should continue to provide value and build trust with lifelong customers in your thriving conscious business.

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