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Me on deckI'm out to help lightworkers touch the world, and I just recently helped update this existing website. Now see the homepage before and after along with the results. I've helped more than one wonderful lightworker, and I invite you to let me know if you would like help next!

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Result -> selacia.com soars to Google result #22 for "intutive healing."
That's way up from #153!!

This puts Selacia's homepage in front of a much greater percentage of the 1900 people per month who search for "intuitive healing."

Now here's my "Big Picture" on why ...

... Lightworkers like you, me, and Selacia can benefit from revising their homepage and much more!

After we see the Big Picture ...

... I'll zoom into the technical details in a case study of the recently revised selacia.com homepage. You'll get very specific insights and see the mechanics on how to revise your own homepage as a lightworker. See how to better optimize your website for a worldwide audience AND the search engines.

The Big Picture

5 good reasons to revise your existing homepage!

1. Much has changed in the world and our lives in a very short time. Have you updated your website homepage recently to reflect how you want to express yourself as a lightworker in our changing world?

Extra tip
Consider the good principles of attraction marketing and how you're "branding" or positioning yourself to attract people to you in the future.

2. Recognize your own genius and the special gifts you have to share. Showcase yourself and your offerings in the best light to touch the heart of a worldwide audience.

Extra tip
Energize your homepage with some heart and soul by displaying your picture on your homepage. A picture truly does say a thousand words!

3. Clearly and concisely communicate your offerings on your homepage. Genuinely share of yourself and build credibility by teaching people how your offerings can benefit them everywhere.

Extra tip
Tell people about your experience and credibility and highlight your most worthwhile worldwide offerings right up in the first paragraph. This way many online visitors around the world will readily know how and why to connect with you instead of leaving your site because they think you are too far way.

4. Consider your audience and craft your message to touch their heart giving them a reason to connect with you more.

Extra tip
Online writing is unique. In traditional schooling you may have learned that a summary should be last, but in the fast-paced online environment a summary should come first! In developing your homepage I can give you guidelines for presenting yourself and your offerings in the most appealing way for online visitors. You can then apply these practical principles when developing any of your webpages.

5. Use legitimate search engine optimization techniques. Sprinkle good, high-demand keywords throughout your homepage to rank higher in the search engines. You should have high-demand keywords on your homepage but not so many that the description sounds unnatural.

Extra tip
I use keyword research tools through my web host and also the free Google AdWords keyword tool to analyze what keywords you should use. Want to do a little research on your own to find out what keywords would be best for you? Lightworkers can check out the free Google AdWords keyword research tool. It's my personal favorite!

How I can help you?

In updating your existing homepage, we can send revisions back and forth to hone your homepage description. I help lightworkers like you use your own words to weave all elements including yourself, your offerings, technology, and the needs of your worldwide audience.

I know how to really get down to the details of the technology with a laser beam focus, yet I can tie all those little details together into the big picture of the emerging new paradigm world. That's because I'm openhearted, and I have a broad view of how lightworkers can touch the world with progressive attraction marketing principles.

As a lightworker you are welcome to benefit from my unique gift of merging technology, marketing, and heart. Contact me if you are interested in revising your own homepage or website to reflect a new you in a new age. I'm at 701-552-1243.

If you would like to learn more, sign up for the Our Healing Times e-newsletter. You'll enjoy my "Web Tip of the Month" and see all the benefits of connecting with a growing community of lightworkers sharing what they know and love.

For more insights on how updating your homepage can help you express yourself to touch the world, see this in-depth example of the revisions for Selacia.com!

Selacia.com Homepage Makeover Case Study

After several revisions back and forth, we carefully revised this homepage to make it a doorway that invites viewers to connect with Selacia's profound healing work and other transformational tools. To make the all-important good first impression, we made the site friendlier to touch the heart of a worldwide audience of lightworkers. We also optimized it for the search engines by incorporating relevant keywords into both the content and the meta tags.

Analysis of the old homepage:

Old Title: Selacia and The Council of 12 Welcome You to Communication for Transformation

My Analysis
It has a name and is welcoming. However, it's a non-descriptive title that lacks an important keyword search engines will look for in the first few words of the title.

New Title: Intuitive Healing Worldwide with Selacia & The Council of 12

My Analysis
The search engines will readily pick up the keyword "intuitive healing" because it appears in the first part of the title. The title uses the word "worldwide" to draw visitors from around the world when they perform an Internet search. Lightworkers are more likely to visit the website when they see that this wonderful healing service is available anywhere.

Old Meta keywords: Selacia, The Council of 12, ascended masters, transformation, The Golden Way, The Golden Edge, DNA, sales, employment, DNA activations, DNA healing, crystals, spirituality, channeling, books, audiotapes, Communication for Transformation, United Nations, Wesak, astrology, events Los Angeles, workshops, enlightenment, the 7 rays, angels, pet healing, animal communication, scaler waves, for sale

My Analysis
This is way too many keywords and greatly risks appearing like spam to the search engine computers. This may cause a red flag with the search engines in which case all the keywords will be disregarded! A maximum of five keywords should appear here.

The first keyword should be the one you most want to list highly for at the search engines. These keywords should be sprinkled throughout the content of your homepage. Overall, keywords tell the search engines what your homepage is about. Choose your keywords wisely, and with time your homepage will grow to rank high for people searching for you. By the way having fewer than 5 keywords is just fine.

New Meta keywords: intuitive healing, DNA healing, Selacia, The Council of 12, channeling

My Analysis
After careful keyword research and considering how Selacia was comfortable describing herself we selected "Intuitive healing" as the first keyword. Lightworkers who do a search for healing can readily relate to a healing service such as this. The Google keyword tool shows that people are searching for intuitive healing at a fairly good rate (1900 searches per month).

Old Meta description: Selacia of Communication for Transformation provides cutting-edge transformational tools for evolution and personal growth in the new millennium. Integrate spirituality into everyday life. Offerings include: DNA activations and clearings, nutritional products, Tacyhon, angel products, gifts, intuitive counseling, channeling with The Council of 12, astrology, events, books, audio tapes, The Golden Way.

My Analysis
This is what will appear as a description at the search engines. Ideally, it should draw the viewer to click on your link. The length should be 150-200 characters maximum. Unfortunately, this description is too long, and worldwide visitors will not know from this description that Selacia has such wonderful healing offerings for people everywhere.

New Meta description: Selacia offers intuitive healing, wisdom from The Council of 12, teleclasses, & worldwide call-in channeling events. From DNA healing to crystals help bring spirit and joy into your everyday life.

My Analysis
The new description we finalized incorporates the keyword "intuitive healing" near the beginning. In a concise way it attracts a worldwide audience of lightworkers by highlighting the teleclasses and worldwide call-in events.

Before & After
Like Night & Day!

Analysis of old homepage

Homepage beforeFor the human audience, the page comes off as flat and impersonal. There are wonderful ways for people around the world to connect with Selacia's intuitive healing arts. Unfortunately, this homepage does not make these ways clear. Most online viewers will not take the time to search within the subpages to find what they are seeking because it's so easy to browse off to another site. For the search engines, there is little integration of important keywords into the content.

Analysis of new homepage

Homepage afterFor the global Internet audience, it showcases the worldwide nature of the distance healing services, teleclasses and live call-in channeling events. It establishes Selacia's credibility by describing her decades of experience bridging science and spirit for worldwide clients.

Selacia considers her audience by inviting lightworkers new to healing or advanced on the spiritual path to benefit from her teachings and worldwide intuitive healing work. This is thanks to long-distance telephone sessions, teleclasses, and group call-in channeling events.

The text is mostly Selacia's words and picture. Because our words have energy, this gives the homepage the kind of heart and soul that connects with the heart of an audience seeking intuitive healing. The new homepage teaches people why now is the time to raise our consciousness. This gives the viewer a reason to learn more. The new homepage also does a good job of telling people what they are welcome to do next by inviting potential clients to call for a free consultation.

The boxes at the bottom group the main offerings nicely. Short descriptive text is used to highlight website links of prime interest telling why visitors should clickthrough to explore various links. Viewers now are much more likely to explore additional links and connect with Selacia's spiritual wisdom by exploring her website rather than browsing off to another website.

Webpages I've created for other lightworkers

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- Google result #6 for "avesa healing"
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Selacia ScreenshotSelacia's Fan Club

- Google result #20 for "intuitive healing"
- Google result #10 for "selacia"

BreathworkJulia's Healing Breathwork

- Google result #14 for "Julia Mikk"

How can I help you?

I'm primarily helping friends, friends of friends, and lightworkers who subscribe to Our Healing Times e-zine. This is entirely free of charge. If you subscribe to my e-zine, you'll enjoy my "Web Tip of the Month" and see all the benefits of connecting with me and a growing community of lightworkers who share what they know and love. I stay pretty busy because I do have a fulltime job, yet I would be glad to make new friends online and help other lightworkers in my spare time.

I'll be the first to tell you to follow your joy, operate in integrity, do what you do best, and help others without rigid expectations. Call me at 701-552-1243 or be a friend on Facebook!

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