Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Activating the body's natural ability to heal!

This page is inspired by the lymphatic drainage massages I received at the Center for Lymphatic Health in Santa Barbara, California. Lymphatic massage has been prescribed most frequently in Europe, and it is now gaining acceptance in the US for its holistic healing benefits.

Many people are realizing that lymph massage is a worthwhile healing art because it boosts the immune system and unlocks the body's natural healing ability. Because of my positive experience, I now think of lymphatic health as an essential part of a personal holistic healing strategy both for preventative care and to regain health.

I had a series of five lymphatic massage sessions, and they made me feel "light" and refreshed. Lymph drainage benefits us by detoxifying our system, and additional detox techniques are thought to be beneficial shortly after the massage to completely eliminate toxins from the body.

For a genuine healing testimonial read this story. It became the inspiration for the founding of the Lymphatic Health Center where I received my own massages. Because of stories like these lymph drainage is rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative health therapy.

I learned that exercises such as jumping jacks have health benefits I never knew about because they stimulate the lymphatic system. While I have not done much jumping on a trampoline since I was a kid, the Lymphatic Health Center actually encourages the use of a soft-bounce rebounder (for those healthy enough to do so) to get the lymph flowing and aid the body's natural healing process.

The center has a rebounder for people to use anytime, and I used it after my massages. For more information on the health benefits of rebounding aerobics for health, Jumping for Health, is a classic book.

Interested in getting a lymphatic drainage treatment? I personally know one very caring, talented lymphatic detox practitioner. Kathy is a very sweet person with high integrity who has offered lymphatic massage for over 10 years. She is so good that come to her from around the world. Click here to learn more about Kathy.

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