What is a Mystery School
and What's it Have to do with Me and You?

by Ronda LaRue

Ronda LaRue

So, just what is a Mystery School? What's it have to do with me or you and our contemporary culture? And what's the Mystery behind Mystery Schools anyway?

The Mystery School is sometimes referred to as a university of the soul. It is a study of the mysteries of the inner nature of human consciousness and living relationships. By understanding these mysteries, one comes to perceive his or her intimate relationship to all living things, and strives to live at one with that divinity. (The Mystery Schools ; Grace F. Knoche; Theosophical University Press; 1940.).

At its very essence, a Mystery School is a form of experiential training for those seeking direct self-realization and spiritual awareness. A Mystery School is not so much a place really. Rather, it is a method of teaching that is based on facilitating your direct personal insight and experiential understanding of what it means to be fully alive. A Mystery School is first and foremost a lifelong commitment to discovering and maturing in your own inner wisdom and divinity.

Put more simply? Training in the Mysteries shows you how to find, know, and follow the inner guidance and divinity that is seeded within your own nature. Students who enter an inner and outer Mystery School process, are guided in how to access their own inner knowledge through a varied array of integral mind/body/spirit practices of attunement. I call these processes and practices of initiation, the soul arts of sacred alchemy.

Training in the language and powers of the Universal Mysteries leads you to discover how to live the life you were uniquely born to live and thus enter through the doorway of soul into your true wholeness and freedom of being.

A Mystery School is based on facilitating your ability to find and realize within yourself:

- the way of healing wholeness,
- the experience and communion of unity consciousness (God-in-us), and
- the reclaiming expression of one’s unique genius and meaningful life purpose.

A Mystery School helps to shine a light on your own unique path to inner wisdom. It opens the doorway to understanding the universal principles used for:

- healing transformation
- enlightenment (and enlivenment) of being; and
- intuitive (heart-based) right action in our world through attuned relatedness.


Study of life's Mysteries has always existed as a vital part of every civilization the world over. While some cultures, like early Egyptian and Greek sects who referred to their esoteric teachings as the Mysteries, others have used other words for referring to the highest order of their spiritual knowledge. Regardless of label, all societies throughout known history have had and have kept their highest order of spiritual wisdom and universal knowledge reserved for those truly called to the initiation it entails. Hence the Mystery behind Mystery Schools.

Because only a few people within a particular culture are deeply called to this intensity of life and spiritual study, the Mystery School became the reservoir for keeping the highest order knowledge of each religious tradition safe and accessible only to those initiates called and capable of handling its vast power (energetically, mentally, emotionally ...and physically!) Initiation into the Mysteries is powerful stuff – which is why it has most often been reserved only for those who demonstrate deeply responsible and soulful readiness.

When accessed by those not yet matured in their consciousness, the Mysteries can be quite dangerous both to the initiate and to those he or she influences. Imagine for example (and it won't be too hard) giving the antidote for curing AIDS to someone who doesn't understand its proper application or dosage and who still harbors an immature need for power. It's like that when the Mysteries of Life are taken up by people not grounded in spirit and still aligned to erratic egoist needs. But that is not the true intent, nor the true Mystery School. The true Mystery School is really a sacred Calling to an inner study of life's meaning and divinity (awakening to the teacher within).

Those most deeply called to understanding the Mysteries of Life are known to us as the shamans, the monks and contemplatives, the gurus and the avatars, the mystic poets and alchemists and the visionary philosophers and artists. Today we can add to this list a fraction of the truly groundbreaking artists and scientists of quantum mechanics, pure mathematics, eco-evolution, the visionary arts, sacred psychology and the study of consciousness.

Whether it be through: Sufi and Muslim mysticism, Esoteric Christianity, Jewish Kabala, Celtic druidism, American Indian Mythology, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, African or Hawaiian Shamanism, those called to understand the Mysteries of soul and spiritual knowledge are those ready to learn through an induction into reflection and Self-Realization (most often with the help of a guide).

Because the main bulk of society have not yet felt called to the intensity of such an inward study, religions have traditionally offered their congregation of followers a more rudimentary version of their knowledge in the form of religious icons and stories, group ritual and liturgy, and organized religious leadership. They saved their more deeply understood knowledge, training and initiation for those truly called to this vocation of deep inner study and direct awakening.

As a result, the Mystery School traditions have remained hidden and not something even known to exist by society at large. Because of this hidden seeming secretiveness, Mystery Schools if known at all are sometimes imagined to be something elitist – or a weird or esoteric cult. This is completely understandable. Still, when good people brought up in a particular religious tradition shy away from the concept of a Mystery School, thinking it some new age cult or a self-indulgent spiritual path, they are sadly and most terribly misinformed, due in large part to an ignorance about just what the Mystery School really is.

Granted, there have been occasions of misuse of the powerful knowledge of the Mysteries (as there are with any organized body of people or unprepared initiate). However the true Mystery School is not a cult at all; it is the reason we are here as spiritual beings in physical form. It is the sacred pathway to Re-membering who you really are. It is the classic journey that our mythic tales portray in their epic depictions of life's deepest meaning. It is the inevitable and evolutionary calling that inevitably ignites and informs a fundamental change of heart and Self-Realization of one's own divinity (the awakening of the teacher within).

All religions are based, at their core, on a direct realization of the Mysteries and the teachings on how to discover this within oneself that preceded becoming a religion ...

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