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Live & feel your natural best with NeuroModulation!

NMTNeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a new, proactive healing system that's a safe and indispensable choice for anyone ready to take charge of their health. NMT works even at long distances to fully activate the natural healing mechanism of your body's immune system, helping you live your natural best! With documented clinical results, NeuroModulation is rapidly growing in popularity amongst physicians and healthcare practitioners of all types.

Deborah A. Frenette

Deborah's own healing journey led to her training in NMT in 2002, drawing her attention away from both of her former careers. NMT offers the empowering new view that the body is not real or fixed but is actually controlled by the mind, or the autonomic control system (ACS). Her passion is working with people to heal the body and bringing them to the amazing realization that healing comes from within through their true spiritual identity.

Without the need for drugs, the trained NMT practitioner engages in a very specific dialogue with your ACS to correct errors leading to poor health. In a variety of cases the healing effects of NMT are effective and efficient--even when other health solutions have been totally fruitless! Deborah always says that "the buck stops here" with NMT!

Discover the top 5 benefits of Deborah's NMT work based on feedback from her clients . . .

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)
Your natural choice even at long distance
NMT helps you regain and maintain a healthy lifestyle to feel your natural best with preventive care that's good for the whole family. NeuroModulation therapy affords you a cost-effective and proactive health alternative that is safe and highly effective no matter where you are in the world. Now you don't have to feel like you are at the mercy of the rising costs of health care!

Live Pain Free!
Get your life back with natural pain relief sessions for a lasting health solution. Free yourself from all types of aches and pains. See clients' joyful testimonials of how NMT has helped relieve chronic pain. Their stories serve as an inspiration to begin the process of relieving joint, back and other types of pain for good!

Live & Breathe Allergy-Free, PERMANENTLY!
Do you suffer from seasonal allergies or feel like you live under a shadow because of your allergic reactions? Time and again sessions of NMT with founder Dr. Leslie Feinberg and those with Deborah's clients have demonstrated that anyone can overcome lifelong allergies rapidly and PERMANENTLY! There is no need to take her word for it though because you're welcome to see the testimonials from Deborah's clients who have discovered the natural joy of living allergy free.

See actual video footage of Dr. Feinberg healing an anaphylactic (life threatening) allergy to chicken, fish and shellfish.

You too can experience life-changing NMT sessions in person or worldwide by phone. You do deserve to breathe the freedom of living allergy free for life!

Feel Divine Peace Within
Your natural antidote to high stress
Deborah's clients heal major disease, but they also find relief from many old and repeating traumas. Then peace and well-being descend! Through work with the natural health and healing system, the ACS, people's health can be transformed. An expected consequence of changing the body with the mind is increased peace and connection with the Source of Creation, another goal of the NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) work.

Take Charge of Your Health!
Naturally revitalize your full mind, body and soul with NMT because you deserve to live your natural best. More and more people are making the shift into an empowered healthy state by recognizing the body's innate healing ability. Now you can take charge to unlock the unlimited healing power within you and accomplish your health goals with NMT.

You're invited to live happier and healthier starting today... Take charge and be part of the revolution in health care now!

... and NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is a lasting solution that is much more cost-effective than traditional health care!

- Individual sessions: First $100 (1 1/2 hours) $70 after, minimum is 6 sessions.

- Group sessions: $40 per person, minimum 10 to a group, maximum is 20, with the same minimum is 6 sessions. Groups can be arranged for remote sessions at long distances over the phone.

NMTFor anyone ready to make the shift into the realization that healing naturally comes from within, NMT is worthy of being one of your very first calls. No matter where you are in the world or what your personal health goals are, Deborah is an experienced NMT practitioner who is ready to answer your call or email for an appointment!

Blazing a Trail in Holistic Healing

Helping children and animals . . .

Deborah A. Frenette also focuses on children's health issues. NMT is being shown to be effective in cases of autism, allergies (yes, even peanut allergy!) and most childhood illnesses. Animals are great subjects for NMT, and her work with the pets of clients and with animals in the shelter in Stanstead has been very successful. See Deborah's website for uplifting stories about helping animals. They're sure to restore your faith that miracles are meant for the whole family!

NMT LogoHow to get involved . . .

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT) group work is available for anyone and especially offered for A Course in Miracles students. NMT Meetup groups are forming now in Toronto. NMT will assist you to experience the miracle you really are.

See the real-life healing stories unfold in Cuba as captured on this video footage . . .

From the video of world service work in Cuba to clients' heartfelt testimonials, Deborah A. Frenette has anchored her gift for applying NMT by any distance to help you accomplish your heath goals.

Are you settling for a life of less than 100% good heath? Well, now you know about NMT, so now you are empowered with the choice to take charge... Now you don't have to settle for anything less than living and feeling your natural best!

You can stand witness to the amazing power of your own healing system, the ACS at work! It's your call...

Here's where to make the call to experience NMT with Deborah no matter where you are in the world.

You're invited to join Deborah in a wonderful, growing community on NMT healing right on Facebook!

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