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No need to drive with today's gas prices when you can learn from the very best new age online teachers right from home. Teleclasses allow you to hear enlightening teachers via long distance for spiritual healing.

Personally, I do not live close to the best enlightened teachers. For my spiritual growth, I had to search far and wide for the very best online classes, teleclasses, and new age spiritual development schools. Well, I found them, and I'm sharing my favorites here.

Mark your calendars for the call-in channeling on May 14!

SelaciaIn group channeling evenings, we have a series of guided processes facilitated by internationally-emerging author and teacher, Selecia and The Council of 12. The evening typically includes some messages from The Council, along with a guided meditative journey.

We gather together to add our light to the world scene, and to receive from spirit the energetic fuel for our next steps. The Council of 12 works with each person participating--throughout the entire time we gather in the Los Angeles area--providing spiritual openings, personal healing, and positive energetic momentum.

In our world peace process, facilitated by The Council, we join with lightworkers worldwide to send positive healing energies to the Earth, and to people all over the planet.

Details for the Wesak call-in event May 14

- Live call: 6:30-8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
- Audio recordings of the live call-in hour & guided meditation will be provided
- Sign up now. I've participated in these channeling sessions by phone with people of like heart around the world. It's so wonderful to take a break and remember our own connection with spirit!

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Ligmincha Institute Serenity RidgeRinpoche presents Bon Buddhist wisdom in a way that is fresh and relevant to modern daily life. He has recently started to give live Internet teachings by streaming video. Rinpoche teaches at Ligmincha Institute's meditation center in Charlottesville, Va.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche just recorded on video a new eight-part series of dzogchen teachings known as the Fivefold Teachings of Dawa Gyaltsen. Rinpoche explains the essence of a heart teaching to guide one directly to the root of one's self, to the clear and blissful experience that is the true nature of mind. You can view this new series of videos on YouTube. Here is a good recorded Internet broadcast on Transcending Fear and the Webcast on Healing Through Love and Wisdom.

Temple of Stella Maris Online School

This esoteric school is dedicated to the ancient mystery teachings disclosed in Kala Ambrose's book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery School Unveiled.

Traveling the path of self-discovery is an age-old quest. The reward is the discovery of the magnificence and beauty that lay within your heart and the heart of all people.

To rediscover the natural laws and the wonder of our magical universe try the Temple of Stella Maris online school.

Cosmosis Academy

Cosmosis Academy is a global coaching academy educating people via long distance to develop on their journey of spiritual enlightenment. I have participated in the teleconferences with founders Michael and Linda King, and they offer many profound truths. Transformation involves letting go of the ego and accepting holistic healing to step into full self mastery. This is one of the very best new age online ascension programs.

Tana Hoy

Tana Hoy has been praised for his accuracy as a psychic medium. He offers online delivery of classes in which he teaches via a teleconference phone call while he shows PowerPoint slides that you can follow online in real time.

Tana Hoy is so wonderfully enthusiastic and insightful. His two online classes on dreams and crystals have helped me come to a more enlightened awareness. For great new age online classes check for Tana Hoy's upcoming classes and events.

Khu Long Distance Program

Khu is an Egyptian Mystery school that de-emphasizes ritual and offers long distance lessons and energy initiations. This new age spiritual school helps people bring higher vibration soul energy into physical reality.

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