Nuummite from Greenland

by Selacia

The Council of 12 is calling the nuummite stone a 'new paradigm accelerator.' This means that these crystals can help us accelerate our ability to create, integrate and live in the new paradigm energies being birthed during these pivotal times. When we wear or work with the energy of these nuummite stones, we can more easily adjust to the many changes occurring on our planet. Another benefit of working with nuummite is that this crystal can help us connect with and anchor more of the Divine feminine energies that are instrumental to the birthing of humanity's new more enlightened paradigm.

Nuummit is one of the world's oldest living minerals, formed in rock almost 4 billion years old. Due to global warming, and Greenland's ice melting, humanity now has more access to this rare stone. Energized by The Council of 12, these luminous laminates include beautiful iridescent blues, greens and oranges. A limited number of them are available as wands and pendants.

This is a very powerful stone to help with shielding, protection, deflecting negativity, activating energy, empowering a person's Divine blueprint, removing energy blockages, enhancing memory, initiating visions, and being able to see into other worlds. On its own, it's known as an excellent energy source, exhibiting an electro-magnetic energy field, and providing transfer of energy from the etheric body to the physical. This can help to accelerate healing of the body, which occurs first on the etheric. It's believed that this stone can help fill voids of energy in the body and aura.

A helpful stone in times of transformational changes, it's known for assisting with general healing, tissue regeneration, headaches, infections, regulating insulin production, reducing anxiety and stress, and for treatment of disorders of the throat and eyes. If you are interested in working with the energy of nuummit, order yours here.

Selacia's process with crystals, including nuummit:
Each stone carried by Selacia/Com for Trans is individually selected for her work with The Council of 12. Each crystal is individually energized by The Council of 12 with their love, wisdom and healing energies.

Other information about this rare stone:
Nuummit is a combination of Anthophyllite (a magnesium iron silicate) and Gedrite (a lithium-bearing amphibole). It's hardness is approximately 6. It connects with the Earth element, and is characterized by closely intergrown crystals which display flashes of iridescent color. The base color of this crystal is charcoal gray to black, and its iridescent colors include green, blue, violet, yellow, gold, red, orange.

It's mined mainly in a remote area of Greenland, and can be extracted only during the warm months. This stone is difficult to find and must be cut carefully in order to display the colors. In jewelry pieces, it's sometimes combined with moldavite (to help accelerate transformation) and/or with amethyst (to help with additional spiritual protection). Check with us about the current nuummite stones in stock, which may include pendants and other jewelry pieces, polished tumbled stones, polished round flat stones, polished wands and other stones.

More information about how to work with these crystals, along with photos, can be found on the page below.

More Photos & Information About Nuummite

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