Soul Arts with Ronda LaRue
World-renowned Ojai retreat

This unique Ojai retreat is a personally customized vision quest for profound spiritual realization. These privately hosted retreats are held one-on-one with internationally recognized author and spiritual mentor Ronda LaRue in beautiful Ojai, California. Remember who you really are by allowing Ronda LaRue to guide you to discover the unique purpose of your soul.

Ronda's special gift is seeing the unique genius in others and then shining a light on this gift so that you gain clear access to your divine inner guidance. People visit Ronda from around the world for profound breakthroughs and to gain clarity on their life purpose in a non-denominational way. Soul Arts is one of the most novel retreats in Ojai, and in 2007 Asia Spa Magazine recognized it as one of the top 10 spiritual retreats in the world.

Allow Ronda to guide the awakening of your soul and experience the wholeness within to empower you to co-create a life of joy, peace, and true freedom. I have visited the Ojai valley frequently on my healing journey, and it is exceptionally beautiful. Ojai retreats truly offer the perfect atmosphere for rejuvenation and discovery of the radiant divinity of your soul. See Ronda's private Ojai retreat testimonials in pictures and words or read these small group testimonials.

"Ojai SoulArts and my life work are dedicated to seeing and freeing the Wild Divine Dance between you and Universal Presence. Ronda with clientIn our spiritual mentoring work together, I merely usher you well onto the path of your own inner seeing and creative playfulness with Soul, from which your Divinity leads the way very naturally and magically! It is a great creativity we share and express! It is freedom in action."


Ronda LaRue, Ojai California

Ojai Soul Arts is one of the best retreats in Ojai and the world. To learn more from Ronda LaRue about her life-changing retreat, enjoy this invitation video and visit Ojai retreat.

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