Opportunity of Enlightenment

by Selacia

Today, as you celebrate Wesak and the Buddha's birthday, the promise and opportunity of enlightenment is more available to you than ever before.

We have created an energetic bridge to the presence of the other enlightened Masters you celebrate at Wesak - including the Buddha, the Christ, Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Yogananda, Tapihritsa, and numerous others.

This will allow you to have interactions and a tangible sense of the blessings available to you now. In our processes, you will have your own experience of their energy too.

We remind you that enlightenment is your true natural state, encoded within your DNA. It is the state that you will eventually realize. It is your destiny to realize this state. For you to be born now, during these unique times, gives you unprecedented opportunities to advance.

The world is about to make a quantum leap out of a very dark time. You have witnessed a lot of the darkness, not only this lifetime but in countless other lives. A major factor in your wanting to be alive now was to be involved in this transformational dance of change - so that you could break free of limited conditioning and help to cocreate the shift for all of humanity too.

Enlightenment was indeed at the top of your etheric "to do" list for this incarnation!

During the past few months, most likely you have had other things on your mind besides achieving enlightenment. Your world is in chaos and full of uncertainty as the grand reconfiguration of the past few years continues to unfold.

On many days - hearing news about things like massive oil spills, bankrupt countries, and destructive earthquakes - you may wonder if real progress is being made in your outer world. You likely have concerns about how you can remain stable when everything around you is so rocky.

In an everyday way, your concerns may be more about learning to thrive when the criteria for success seem to continually change. You may feel challenged in planning for a future that is so uncertain.

Know that the natural process of creation involves an ongoing shift of the terrain you experience.

Even in long ago times - when humanity was not on a path of accelerated awakening - there was an ongoing adding and discarding of energies to reflect changes in consciousness.

During the Time of Buddha

During the time of the Buddha, 2,500 years ago, this was happening too. One example was the approach to religion. The Buddha traveled his path to enlightenment during times when people had lost confidence in the religious traditions. Those traditions were outmoded.

The Buddha, through his own study, found a different way. He filled the void that existed when the old was out of favor but the new wasn't yet discovered. Spiritual aspirants had stopped following the old teachings because they had no relevance and were dysfunctional. The teachings needed to be brought up to date.

Today, as you walk your path of enlightenment, you do so at a unique moment.

It is not just religion that's coming under scrutiny. It is virtually every aspect of life in your world. The changes you now experience relate to the deeper core level of humanity's dysfunctions. It is at the core that true change is possible! And it is at your own core that your own changes, and enlightenment, are possible too!

An Individual and Group Effort

You and all of humanity are in the process of birthing a much different type of reality. It is an individual creation, but also a group effort.

You want a more light-filled world. You want an end to the cycles of fear. You want to experience the love that you innately know you are.

Others are also waking up to a desire to join you in this birthing process. You have lots of company to create this new, more light-filled world.

And you have boundless assistance from us on the inner planes. We and the other Masters you connect with here at Wesak are holding the space for you to accomplish your goal. This is true at Wesak, but also throughout the year. We are helping to create connections you need to succeed.

These connections include those you make with one another and the Masters at events like Wesak. Other connections involve people who are beginning to come into your life to help you with unfinished business, and with putting together light-filled plans for your next steps.

Your Most Important Connections

The most important connections you can create include those deep inside of you. These are made as you clear out the layers of falseness and fear-based conditioning - and you are filled with light consciousness.

This allows you to touch and be touched more tangibly by the force of the Divine - connecting you with an unshakeable inner guidance and a knowing that you are safe and okay and will succeed, regardless of outer circumstances.

As this process occurs in stages, your awareness becomes deeper and more luminous, and eventually boundless. When that happens, you experience pure joy and you see your world through the eyes of joy.

On those days right now when you feel you cannot find your joy, remember this truth. Remember that your eventual destination is to hold and broadcast the energies of love and joy.

Meanwhile, you can discover how to be in those energies more of the time as you follow the enlightenment path that we and others have modeled for you.

Why Your Presence is Pivotal Now

As you do this, you are a positive example to others. One of the biggest gifts that you can give is to be this example in the world. Your higher wisdom knows that this is why your presence is so pivotal on the planet now. This higher part of you is unwavering, for it knows how fruitful your journey really is.

During our time together, we are working with you to support this force of your higher wisdom, and to catalyze your positive forward momentum.

We are providing an energetic template that will allow you to draw abundantly from your higher wisdom in the days ahead. As you do this, it will change your destiny and the destiny of those who you touch.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2010 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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