Part III - The Holon of Ascension - A Hathor Planetary Message for Jan. 2009

by Tom Kenyon

You will note in the diagram below that there is a human figure (you) sitting inside a disc. You will see two dotted lines that go up from the shoulders to a point above the head (the BA point). The dotted lines represent your arms if you were to extend your hands above your head. Where your hands would touch is the location of the BA point. This is also the top of the disc.

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In this diagram, the figure is sitting cross-legged, which means that your rump will be at the bottom of the disc. Please note that there is no requirement to sit cross-legged when doing this. If sitting in a chair is more comfortable, then the base of the disc would be at your feet. This would also be true if you chose to do the Holon standing up.

The size of the disc is personal preference. You can have a short stubby one or an elongated, elegant one. Personally, I make the radius of my disc about 25 feet in diameter, giving it a total diameter of 50 feet across. I also imagine it to be a luminescent white color, but there is no need to make it any particular color, or even to see it in your mind at all. Just sense this disc in whatever ways feel natural to you. Looking at the disc from above or from below, it would, of course, appear as a circle.

After you establish the disc in your imagination, start to spin it around the central axis (which passes through the crown at the top of your head, through the center of your body and out the perineum--a point midway between your genitals and your anus). I usually spin mine in a clockwise direction and change it from time to time for variety sake. Most people, according to the Hathors, will naturally spin it clockwise. But spin the disc in the direction that feels right to you. This spinning motion sets up an energetic vortex in the subtle realms and facilitates the movement of celestial energies from the BA into the KA.

Once you have a sense that the imagined disc is spinning, you are ready for the next step.

Move your attention to the BA point (above your head at the top of the disc). Direct feelings of appreciation or gratitude to the BA, as this opens the gate for the flow of celestial energies. It is the actual feeling of appreciation or gratitude, not the thought of appreciation that activates the flow from the BA.

As you continue to send appreciation/gratitude to the BA, you will sense a downward movement of energy from the BA in response. It could take a few moments for this response to occur or longer, if you are new to sensing subtle energies. But eventually you will feel a response from the BA to your directed appreciation. When this occurs, move your attention to the base of the spine.

Energy follows awareness. As you move your awareness to the base of your spine, the flow of celestial energy from the BA will move down to the root chakra where it is grounded into the KA. At this point, all you do is to rest inside the spinning disc while keeping your awareness at the BA point above your head and the root chakra at the base of your spine. Allow yourself to sense and feel the movement of celestial energy into your root and from there out into your KA body. When your mind wanders, just bring your attention back to the spinning disc and the connection between the BA and your root. If your attention wanders off too long, the flow of energy will stop. If this happens, just re-send feelings of appreciation up to the BA, as you did when you started. As the flow starts up again, keep your attention on the BA, your root, and the spinning disc.

The Flow

As the flow of celestial energy from the BA to the root chakra proceeds, it is important to realize that it is this flow that is feeding the KA body. The root chakra is used to anchor the energy, but the energy, itself, moves in various forms throughout the KA strengthening, revitalizing and raising the vibratory rate of the KA body.

My personal experience of this flow from the BA into the root chakra takes many different forms at different times, depending upon--I think--the state of my own energy system and my mood at the time I actually do the meditation.

Sometimes the flow is very gentle, barely perceptible. At other times it is like an intense laser beam of light pulsing energy from the BA into my root and then throughout my entire KA body. Sometimes it takes the form of a swirling pillar of etheric fire that funnels down from my BA into the root and pulses energy and light throughout the KA from the column of fire itself. And at times, it is a stream of liquid-gold light that moves down from the BA. In all cases, there are distinct physical sensations of intensification, but in varying degrees.

I do find, incredibly, that five to ten minutes, as the Hathors suggest, is all that is needed to charge my KA body. And there are, at times, wonderful experiences of the celestial energy over-flowing from the KA into my physical body (the KHAT). When this happens, I feel that life force is being imparted to my physical organs.

I have also experimented with extending the meditation time up to twenty-minutes as of this writing, and I can report that I sometimes experience a cleansing reaction about fifteen minutes into it--just as the Hathors discussed. This isn't always the case, but often enough that I feel I should mention it. I imagine that this type of reaction would occur at different times for different people based upon many factors, so I am not implying, in any way, that you will experience a cleansing reaction during the meditation if you extend it beyond ten minutes--just reporting that I sometimes do.

Such reactions are a result of spiritual and/or physical detoxification, since, in this model of energy, certain types of thoughts and emotions have toxic qualities. And if the incoming high-vibratory energy of the BA is brought into the KA body long enough, it will cause the body to begin releasing these types of toxic elements. Such releases are not dangerous, but they can be difficult to contend with since they could include such things as nausea, headaches, other bodily aches, and a sudden unexpected flood of mental and/or emotional garbage.

My suggestion to those undertaking this remarkable Holon is to find your comfort zone. Start with five minutes. See what happens. Then slowly increase the time.

For you overachievers and obsessive-types (me included), remember that this Holon is not a marathon. Doing more does not necessarily give you greater results. The goal is to charge the KA body, not fry its ass. So be temperate. Moderation is not the same as mediocrity in this case. As you continue to work with the Holon, you will find your natural comfort zone emerging. Perhaps it will be more than ten minutes, or perhaps less. Whatever it is, entering into this meditation once a day will bring you highly beneficial results.

Using Music

I have experimented with this Holon both in silence and while listening to psychoacoustic music designed to deepen altered states. There are times when I honestly prefer to do the meditation in pure silence, without any auditory input.

It is nice to feel the energies moving within the KA and psychically hear the internal sounds they generate without outside "interference." At other times, I find listening to psychoacoustic music very supportive, and it often intensifies the experience. For me it is a matter of mood. Do I want silence or do I want to ride the waves of psychoacoustic sound to amplify the experience? If you choose to experiment with music, I suggest you listen to something that makes you feel relaxed and turns your awareness inward.

Since I know many people will ask me what my preference is, here it is. If I choose music, I like listening to "Lightship" or "Infinite Pool" while engaging this Holon. They intensify the experience the most. I have also found "Wave Form" and "Wave Form II" to be supportive of the experience in a more gentle way.

Final Thoughts

If the Hathors are correct that increased plasma activity in the magnetosphere will charge and activate our KA bodies, then we are in for a heck of a ride in the coming years. Despite the immense challenges facing us on so many fronts, this time is also an immense opportunity for unprecedented spiritual evolution. I stand facing the future with both trepidation and a sense of excitement, the likes of which I have never seen before. May your chosen path through these times lead you upward, and may your days be filled with a great light, a great life and great laughter.

Tom Kenyon

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