Crystal Journey verse Past Life Regression
Journey through time for accelerated self-discovery!

Distinctly different from past life regression therapy, Selacia's crystal journey helps us travel to past, parallel, and future lives. We can journey through time to retrieve and anchor our own gifts fully into our life now for greater joy and spiritual quickening.

Selacia is a wonderful teacher and a worker of light I have come to know. She is a long-time channel who shares wisdom from nonphysical masters. I have experienced several of her wonderful crystal journey sessions lasting about 3 hours each. Selacia offers the crystal journey as a unique way to help people connect with their past, parallel, and future lives from the place of timelessness.

Crystal Singing BowelsFor my crystal journeys I lie down amongst various crystals and bring a few of my own. The sacred space is created with an opening prayer and the memorizing sound of a crystal singing bowel.

After a short visualization exercise I imagine jumping through a screen and find myself describing the first thing I see. I often describe my feet and then explore the lifetime that presents itself. I see various shapes and images, and an inner knowing seems to explain the key points of the life. I understand what I was learning, and in that state I can ask of and receive information from my guides and angels.

Like a past life regression, we explore many lives during the crystal journey. However, we do not journey specifically for past life therapy. Instead we allow the journey to unfold as guided by our higher self in concert with our spiritual guides.

Throughout the 3-hour journey I feel present in my physical body, yet I'm also keenly aware of my travels in other times and places. It really feels like I'm in two places at once. Most of my visual impressions have been in black and white. Other imagery though has been in full color. For example I viewed my own face in a past African life with stunning clarity. At the end of each life I am in the midst of my guides and angels. I'm given an inner knowing and visual cues to show me what I was learning during the lifetime.

During the journey we explore the key points of each life. The focus is on integrating the knowledge and the gifts from past and future lives into one's current life. This is done to aid our spiritual growth and increase our joy by anchoring our own gifts fully into our present.

In some of my past lives, I have had difficult challenges. In past life regression revisiting such challenges can stir up deep-seated emotions. However, in the crystal journey we see with clarity from a higher-level perspective. We realize the lessons we were learning from whatever occurred. In fact we state our intent to release all attachments and baggage after reviewing each life. This empowers us in a different way from a typical regression therapy session. It truly allows us to heal and release old patterns so we can live in joy in the present.

Each crystal journey session has been a very special event for me. I feel I have quickened my transformation and deeply integrated parts of my own self into my current life. I realized my own deep connection with the energy of dolphins. I have a new perspective and a deeper appreciation for the spiritual lives I've lived in many cultures in what we perceive as the past and the future.

Crystal journeys are a one-of-a-kind experience distinctly different from past life regression therapy. They are only available for Selacia's regular clients. Crystal journeys are special events done in person for deep connection with spirit to include Selacia's spiritual guides.

SelaciaSelacia also offers profound healing and intuitive counseling sessions via phone to people anywhere in the world. I've learned much from her about DNA healing over the past few years, and she always displays high integrity.

Selacia invites people to receive a free 15-minute phone consultation so she can answer questions about her workshops, private healing sessions, and other offerings. Visit Selacia's website to accelerate your awakening and access your own divine power in person or by phone.

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