Real Psychic Mediums
Real People Connect Us with Spirit for Healing

We selected a few real psychic mediums. Their mediumship and medical intuitive gifts are offered for closure and healing. Here you will find people who care. In truth they offer much more than accurate psychic readings. They help people heal.

I was very skeptical of psychics just two years ago, but that started to change when I ordered James Van Praagh's audio book, Talking to Heaven. I listened to it a little at a time as I drove to school and work.

James gave story after heartfelt story about the lives and loves of the people he gave readings for as a psychic medium. While some of the things he said dumbfounded me, I was impressed with how one person using his spiritual gift could help so many people reach closure and experience healing.

Here are a few real psychic mediums I have connected with on my journey of self-discovery ...

Julie Lewin

Julie LewinAs a woman whose own life is an inspiring healing story, Julie Lewin is a caring, gifted medical intuitive psychic. She has been offering intuitive guidance and healing for over 20 years. She also works long-distance with people to bring about holistic healing. In her work Julie brings through people who have passed over to share important messages and assist with healing and closure.

Julie teaches the peaceful, healing art of meditation to help us stay in a healthy balance to prevent illness. She further teaches people how to be their own medical intuitive psychic reader. See these lovely testimonials to learn more.

Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith is acclaimed as the UK's most accurate psychic medium. I attended one of his demonstrations of mediumship put on by Hay House. He described the process and gave audience members readings.

He gave many specific details, and multiple audience members acknowledged that the information made sense to them. One of his readings though really stuck me as amazing.

Gordon gave a rapid series of detailed statements that included the identification of a specific song that meant something very special to the woman receiving the reading. She was quite visibility moved by the flood of information that had personal meaning to her.

I witnessed Gordon Smith share his gift of connecting with spirit. He did help me form my personal opinion that mediumship is for real.

John Holland

John Holland offers over 15 years of experience as a psychic medium. His psychic ability was brought to the surface after a near-fatal accident when he was 30.

John spent years in England learning to fully develop his psychic intuition. He is now thought to be one of the best psychic mediums and teachers in the US. John Holland's radio show is informative and continually offers validations of the accuracy of his readings.

Bobby Marchesso

Bobby Marchesso is a medium who is very down to earth. He is an ordinary person who decided to follow his passion and help others with his gift. He continually offers spiritual guidance and closure through his radio program and various US events.

Tana Hoy

Tana Hoy has been acclaimed for his accurate psychic readings. He also empowers others by offering online classes to help people connect with their own intuitive gifts. Tana has a wonderfully enthusiastic and insightful way of teaching. His two online classes on dreams and crystals have helped me come to a greater spiritual awareness.

Click here for a few of the very best ways I've found to develop your intuitive gifts online at New Spirit Online!

I have been skeptical about mediumship, and I've looked for proof that psychic mediums are for real. I read about a series of experiments that tested mediums to see if evidence could support the hypothesis that consciousness survives death.

The mediums tested showed they could consistently give accurate details even when totally deprived of information about the person for whom they were giving a reading. The experiments were filmed and further documented in the book, The Afterlife Experiments: Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of Life After Death.

Control groups were even assigned solely to determine the accuracy that could be achieved by guessing. Not surprisingly mere guessing produced accuracy no better than chance. Top mediums on the other hand consistently gave details that far exceeded chance.

With some progressive research we can be more educated about mediumship. Awareness of the natural transition process at the end of physical life is understood in many cultures around the world. We each can awaken within ourselves an awareness of this continuance of consciousness. This knowing can give people great comfort and closure for healing.

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