Ronda LaRue
World-renowned spiritual guide & author

Ronda LaRueRonda LaRue is an internationally emerging spiritual mentor and author whose life is completely dedicated to helping us discover the wholeness and boundless beauty within our hearts. Ronda meets us in person or online to share her vast experience and integrity. She offers her inspirational life story in writings, well-loved books, and personal videos.

Ronda LaRue's true gift is her ability to light up our unique genius and usher in the discovery of our inner wisdom. The spiritual revelations she illuminates awaken us to the special path of our soul. People travel from around the world for life-changing breakthroughs in a matter of days at Ronda's personalized Soul Arts retreat in the beautiful, enchanting valley of Ojai in California.

Ronda also travels to us to host special life-changing events. She even offers one-on-one spiritual mentoring by phone and Internet to help people worldwide. Allow Ronda to guide you to discover your soul's purpose and experience of the high art of being the precious gift you really are.

Ojai Soul ArtsWorldwide Guidance
A private Ojai retreat for the soul hosted one-on-one with Ronda in lovely Ojai, California. Breakthrough to discover who you really are – a precious divine spark who is already whole.Internationally renowned Ronda LaRue offers one-on-one spiritual mentoring by e-mail and phone to touch lives worldwide. New WebCasts are being presented to share Ronda's work.

Book NookLife-Changing Events
Top handpicked writings, well-loved books, and other offerings by Ronda to guide us on our sacred journey. Here's wisdom to illuminate the soul. Ronda travels the world to teach us the path of soul. Learn about Ronda's most recent transformational events & visit with her at an upcoming event near you.

You're invited to join Ronda in her new online community within the friendly Facebook atmosphere!

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