Selacia Council of 12 Message for Apr. 2007: Choice in the New Paradigm

Each day you are making choices and setting into motion a cascade of events that will determine your future. As an example, consider that on one day, you leave your home a bit later than usual. You are on your way to an appointment and do not want to be late. You may find yourself in heavier traffic at this later time, perhaps deciding to take an alternate route to your destination. Along the way, you discover a short cut you had never seen before. Not only do you make up the time, but you feel more relaxed traveling this other way and you enjoy the different scenery. The alternate, less-traveled street has more trees and less concrete. Because there are fewer cars here, you are able to slow down your mind enough to notice the colorful flowers on the side of the road. These flowers are also in bloom on your normal route, but somehow you pay more attention to them here. Seeing the yellow ones, especially, seems to brighten your mood. When you arrive for your appointment, you feel more fresh and creative, having had a change of scene and a respite from the usual stress. Later on, when you have time to reflect on your day, you realize that you had been traveling your old route for 10 years! In one moment, you had made a different choice. You had paid attention to an intuitive nudge to change course, being open to how things would unfold and letting go of your old habit long enough to experience something brand new.

Imagine what would have happened if you had chosen to travel the same way you had done for 10 years? It's much easier to go with what you know, what you are sure of, and what feels familiar – right? That is the habitual response. You know the route already. You know that it will lead to your destination. Besides, it just feels comfortable because you are used to it. On that day, if you had ignored your intuition to change course and opted for the comfort of your regular route, you would have been creating based on what you knew before. This is creating with a past perspective. People do this all the time, and then wonder why they continue to create what they previously created. Your inner wisdom is aware of a much bigger picture, however, so therefore can guide you in present time to the most appropriate choices.

You are now living in much different energies than before. The cells of your body are already registering quantum leaps of energetic shift, even if you can't yet wrap your mind around what it all means. In some ways, your life experiences may appear similar to those you had last year or even several years ago. While some things may appear to be the same, the new paradigm is coming into reality and with it, a radically new approach to life. A new way to look at choice making and choices is needed for these times. To embody this new approach and apply it in your life, you must become present and conscious when making choices, recognizing the power you have to create in the world. Choices involving the use of force, blame and victimhood will only accentuate any disharmony you feel in these uncertain times. Likewise, to be really empowered now, you must be willing to break free of habitual responses, judgment about past choices, and worries about your future options.

Within humanity's mass consciousness, there are many belief systems relating to individual choice. Among them are beliefs, encoded within the DNA of substantial numbers of people worldwide, relating to ideas of predetermined fate and unchangeable destiny. Many of such beliefs can be traced to long-ago times when the masses were convinced by rigid religious orders and other societal power structures that the average person had no power to create. People often were taught that they had to accept what some "outside force" decreed was their fate. When people accepted these teachings as true, they formed limiting beliefs that became a superficial part of who they were.

Belief systems like these are held with humanity on a DNA level, silently influencing people as they make choices. Lifetime after lifetime, such beliefs have the potential to impact how people feel about authority and power. Since belief systems encoded in the DNA are held within the subconscious, outside of everyday awareness, most people don’t know they exist. For example, a person could believe on a DNA level that they have no control over what happens, as their future is predestined. On one level, this person is aware of their power of choice and of how they create their future through moment-by-moment choices during each lifetime. On another level, hidden from view, this person's choice making can be influenced by the outmoded belief systems in their DNA. They can't explain why, but when they are about to make a significant decision, they feel powerless to choose. Perhaps feelings of doubt creep in or a sense of impending doom colors what their intuitive guidance is showing as the optimal course.

Have you ever felt frozen when considering what to do about something? How many times did you simply wait and do nothing, even when your intuition prompted you to take a specific action? Have you ever looked at a series of similar relationships or jobs in your life and told yourself that it was simply your fate to suffer with the same type of dysfunction again and again? If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, know that you likely carry within your DNA limiting belief systems that keep you imprisoned in a false sense of powerlessness.

Changing DNA Beliefs about Power and Authority

It's common for people to believe they must do something or be a certain way to fit in. These beliefs are also recorded in the DNA. Likewise, humanity has learned over many generations that it's wrong to question authority and those seeming to control one's future. To feel one is somehow not whole, and that outside forces control one's life, is a recipe for bondage and great suffering. These imprints are in the DNA of significant numbers of people from all countries and all walks of life. How do these beliefs play out in someone's current life? Beliefs of many today, inherited from an entire lineage of people who lived before, can prevent a person from speaking up for what they need. A person holding such limiting beliefs within their DNA may find it difficult to ask for what is right for their circumstance. The person may even feel so powerless that it doesn't occur to them to ask at all. There may be a tendency to simply wait and see what happens next. This is often accompanied by a blind trust that all will work out for the best, and that everyone will treat them with honoring and respect. Having a false sense of security and a mindset making it wrong to question authority, the person can have a rude awakening when authority figures announce a life-changing decision. At stake may be the person's job because of a company restructuring. If the job is eliminated, the person has the opportunity to examine and heal limiting belief systems related to power and authority. This change in old patterns can open a door to greater empowerment and choice in everyday life.

Choice in These Times

Because of humankind's long history of giving power over to outside authority figures, it's normal to sometimes feel you have no choice. Begin to question this, every day. To feel without choice is to be disconnected from your true Divine power.

Check in with your heart regularly and ask what your options are as you consider what to do and how to spend your time. You may well get in touch with options that the world has not presented. You may also acknowledge some of the helpful whispers your intuitive guidance has been quietly sending your way. Do this "check in" about the things you feel you must do, too, like going to work. Add to your "check in" process an inquiry about what options or choices you would like to have in the given situation. When considering this, don't be concerned about whether the option you prefer is possible or acceptable to the authority figures in your life.

Take the following hypothetical example of going to work at your job. When you begin to explore the answers coming from your heart, you may get in touch with a train of thought like the following.

Do I have to go to work today? Remember that you chose to take this job and that you are there because of that choice.

What other options do I have besides this job? Right now, as you may remember, you have resumes in the hands of two other companies. You sent those out last week in a moment of exhausted desperation. Consider whether either of these other places is really much different from where you are now. Look into both of them in more detail before you waste your present time energy in fantasy about something that may simply be a carbon copy of your current job. Sit in a quiet inner inquiry to explore other options you would like to create. The key word here is create. This word implies action, and it is you taking the action. Your perfect job may not exist at any company right now. It may be up to you to create it.

The Power of Choice

To make a choice is to decide how to express your energy. You are choosing all of the time, from the moment you awaken each day. How you decide to express your energy impacts you and a multitude of others around you. Choice is an energy set in motion that affects both present and future. Who you choose to interact with, and how you choose to relate to others, sets the stage for a continually unfolding sequence of events. It's now common knowledge that one choice of a single individual can impact the lives of many. You are that one individual and your choices do matter.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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