Selacia Council of 12 Message for Apr. 2009: The Media in the Window of 2012

Today's humans are enamored with their gadgets and technology. The multitude of devices and communication networks has enabled storytelling to morph into a 24-hour phenomenon. People of diverse cultures can now communicate instantly worldwide.

Ideas that previously percolated amongst limited audiences, slow to manifest, today can ignite into tangible form with lightning speed. Messages that before might have gone out in only one form or perhaps a single time are now duplicated countless times and reach vast audiences. A person doesn't have to be a geek or social media maven to be influenced by the revolution in how humans communicate.

Indeed, humanity's paradigm shift would take much longer to occur without these changes.

Right now, humans and the Earth are passing through a unique window of time during which the future of generations to come will be determined.

There is a big acceleration of evolution taking place. This means greater opportunities than ever before to create a light-filled world and to personally evolve. Each person living today has the potential for a huge leap in consciousness, leaving dysfunctional past patterns in the dust and moving forward without the heavy baggage.

The acceleration, along with its unique prospects for positive changes, is worthy of your attention. It is not your imagination. It is real. You will want to approach these times with your heart open, and with sanity. You will want to become skilled in making appropriate choices, quickly and with harm to none.

Steady Parade of 2012 Information

It will be important to develop discernment as you take in the steady parade of information available to you from all directions. You will be hearing predictions about the future and 2012 from other lightworkers, at conferences, at the movies, in alternative media, on websites, and through your social media.

Some of what you hear will be true. Some of the information will be based on truth, with a heavy dose of fear thrown in. Examples include Internet postings that misinterpret natural cycles, declaring that the end of a cycle means that all life will end.

Some messages about 2012 will simply be false, disseminated by well-meaning people who have misinterpreted what is happening.

And some messages will come from those who live in the shadow of the dark side, not yet having chosen the path of light. These people will warn you of inescapable devastation, catastrophes punishing evildoers, and conspiracies to control your very soul.

Truth Comes Out

The real truth, of course, always comes out. For someone like you wanting to make sense of things now-to fully utilize this unique window-you won't want to wait the time it may take for your entire world to wake up to what all the fuss is about.

Humanity indeed has come a long way in embracing new ideas when still in the birthing stage. A majority of the old-paradigm thinkers, however, continue to demand physical proof before even peeking at options outside the accepted norm.

The legacy of the Earth's great sages is available when one looks for it. Ancient cultures left instructions for future generations in their architecture, their writings, and in the oral stories they handed down from generation to generation.

The people from these cultures understood the cycles of time, and also the natural process of endings and beginnings. They knew about the kind of energy quickening occurring now on Earth.

The momentum of this evolutionary shifting will be increasing incrementally between now and the pivotal cycle of time closer to December 21, 2012.

This is the time your scientists and wisdom keepers of diverse cultures are linking with the quantum shift of all shifts. This date is referenced in both Eastern and Western traditions as a time the Earth's cosmic cycles reach the end of one very long period and the beginning of something brand new.

Such cycles, by their very nature, are quite long, spanning thousands of years.

Specific dates aren't as important as the process that is involved.

Pivotal Choice Point

Decisions you make right now will determine how this cycle impacts you. The time of importance is now, when the decisions you and your human comrades make can dramatically change dire prospects into manageable situations.

Choices made in these precious days, weeks and months in the pre-2012 window will set in motion the seeds of your new future. This applies both individually and collectively.

Remember this the next time you feel that you can't make a difference or that you are being held back by a world that doesn't seem to care.

The key here is that you can decide to care. You can care what happens to you, to your loved ones, and to your planet. And you can act on that caring as you go about your everyday living.

Understanding Your Role

When you study the natural cycles of Earth's past, you can begin to understand more about your place in the universe.

If you invite in this understanding in a discerning and fearless way, you may even begin to remember that you lived during one or more of the previous cycles of great changes.

Utilizing your intuitively guided reason in your research, you may feel a subtle knowing, or even a deep remembering, of what earlier humans did during such times. As part of that, when you hear about the Earth changes of humanity's past and what people did to cope, you may feel it's somehow familiar.

You may even remember some of the mistakes humans made during past cycles, choosing ego and fear and setting in motion the end to their great civilizations.

You may then begin to connect the dots between these long-ago times and the precipice upon which you now stand.

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