Selacia Council of 12 Message for Aug. 2007: Part I - Intuitive Abilities Used Harmlessly

Today the world is seeing an explosion of interest in intuitive development. Even people living quite conventional lives are being drawn to classes that focus on learning how to develop and use psychic gifts and healing abilities.

To become more intuitive and connected to spirit is vital for every person alive today. To fully participate in and help shape the new paradigm world, one must reconnect with one's birthright of intuitive knowing. This is a gift available to all, yet it must be developed and honed. There is a learning curve, and there are unseen factors that will influence how quickly one develops and integrates the abilities. Unseen factors include those that are outside the person's conscious awareness.

One example is the man who in past lives felt ridiculed or abused by others with psychic powers. A medium may have psychically looked into this man's future in one life and frightened him with fear-based warnings about upcoming events outside of his control. One of these could have been telling the man he should avoid all future contact with his brother or risk being killed when his brother's jealously turned violent. In another life, a psychic may have predicted the death of his only child, giving him detailed visual descriptions of how his son would die.

Today, very likely, he carries in his DNA limiting belief systems about the nonphysical world and psychics. Those beliefs could include vows to avoid seeing psychically or to distrust information that comes from the spiritual realms.

Until beliefs such as these are cleared from the man's DNA, there will be selective blocks to intuitive development. He may have no trouble learning to feel energy in a healing, for example, but he experiences nothing tangible when asking to psychically see someone's aura or angel. Since belief systems recorded in the DNA are in the subconscious, outside of ordinary awareness, the man may feel confused and frustrated when he attempts a simple process others use to psychically see into the nonphysical realms.

A second example is the woman who immerses herself in a series of psychic development courses. She could be learning about healing, the world of angels, channeling, or the nonphysical world of orbs and spirit guides. It is her keen desire and intent to open fully to her natural gifts. She remembers having some experiences with an imaginary friend as a child, and intuitively sensing when relatives would die.

As an adult, before beginning her intuitive development studies, she recalls that most of her childhood psychic experiences had been set aside as irrelevant for the adult world she inhabited. She is aware, though, of a longtime adult pattern of seeming to know a friend would be calling a few minutes before the phone rang. Likewise, she has become accustomed to sensing what kind of mood a person is in, before they say a word. The psychic development courses help this woman to realize how intuitive she already is.

The woman is so overtaken by her excitement of applying what she has learned in her classes that she jumps into offering readings before fully understanding how to do so with discernment and harmlessness. These are developing skills, and she is impatient. She doesn't understand how harmful just a few words can be. After all, she reasons, what she is psychically seeing or otherwise intuiting is "true" and people need to know truth to make the wisest choices. Until the woman learns to use her gifts appropriately, however, she runs the risk of sabotaging her own development.

There is a universal principle that spiritual abilities blossom as a person develops in conscious awareness. Misuse of spiritual powers runs counter to this, and will slow progress. Likewise, using psychic gifts to harm others will have a boomerang effect. The intuitive woman seeks only to help others, but since she's unaware of how these principles work, she sets up needless cycles of drama in others' lives and attracts negativity into her own life path.

Checklist for Appropriate Use of Psychic Powers
The following are some guidelines for using psychic powers appropriately. Keep these in mind as you receive intuitive information about other people. Also, consider this list when you are the recipient of psychic information.

Boundaries and the Law of Noninterference
People often invade the space of others they seek to help. This happens in many situations, both mundane and psychic. When countries do it, wars often result. When people do it, the interference is often justified as helpfulness.

The patterns of interference are learned. Most people are told what to do from an early age, and they learn to tell others what to do. The advice-giving is often accompanied by judgment. The person receiving the advice is frequently made to feel wrong. There may be warnings of dire consequences, too. The one giving advice sometimes does it to feel superior or to have power over the recipient. Perhaps the recipient is confused about a course of action and seems to welcome being told what they should do.

Many times, even a normally cautious individual will seek out advice from others if given information warning of foul play or other troublesome news. There is a mistaken notion that interfering with this type of advice-giving is caring.

In order to operate for the highest good of all, an intuitive approaches psychic gifts, the sharing of them, and the space of others as sacred. Boundaries are respected. There is an honoring of all life and a desire to create a positive force. There is a remembrance that everyone is Divine, and that each person has their own unique path. Judgments of others do not belong in intuitive readings. It is not up to the intuitive to fix others, tell people what to do, or create a fear-based drama that will keep the recipient returning for more readings.

Discernment -- Meanings, Timing and Language
Discernment is needed in the understanding and sharing of information. The first step is the initial translation of the symbolic world of spirit. The symbols in this mystical world cannot be taken literally. One symbol can have a multitude of meanings, depending on circumstances. It takes practice to learn the language of the nonphysical world.

Once an intuitive has received information and placed it into context, the second step is questioning how, when and if to share information received. Timing is often a vital element. Sometimes the recipient would either be adversely impacted or simply unable to hear or assimilate a piece of information, based on when it is received. Language is a key component too. For the information to be useful and relevant to the recipient's circumstances, words are carefully chosen.

An intuitive develops these skills over time and with practice. Skillful means with intuitive gifts involves being able to share even the most sensitive information appropriately and with harm to none. This is done in a way that leaves the recipient uplifted, and with more clarity about the next steps.

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