Selacia Council of 12 Message for Aug. 2007: Part II - Intuitive Abilities Used Harmlessly

How to Recognize Misuse of Psychic Gifts
Imagine you are having lunch with your best girlfriend, sharing the latest news. Perhaps you give her a highlight or two from your recent psychic reading. It could have been a casual reading from an intuitive friend, an unsolicited psychic prediction, or a professional intuitive reading.

As you picture telling her the insights listed below, consider the possibility that the psychic has crossed the boundaries of noninterference and appropriateness. Keep in mind, also, the ever-present risk of misinterpreting things said in a reading and molding the meaning to suit ego-based desires. People will quite often hear what they want to hear or what they are ready to hear, so the psychic will need to be skilled in order to know how to present information.

Every person, at some time, has had a desire to be famous or to fall in love with their soul mate. Psychic information that simply flatters the person's ego, or creates a feeling of specialness, is not helpful to spiritual progress. Quite often, it's not so much whether an intuitive shares information, but when and how. Certainly, when information is fear-based, or delivered in a way that generates fear, it is a misuse of psychic power.

Remember that future-oriented information is an indicator only and not a guarantee of what will happen. The future predicted now is only based on what is happening now in your life, and upon your consciousness. Your future can change, depending on actions you take, shifts in your consciousness, and unforeseen factors outside of your control. Likewise, even though it's normal to want guarantees in life, avoid putting too much weight on a psychic prediction that you will be fortunate or escape misfortune. That is fantasy thinking and will lead to disappointment.

As you read this list of possible insights from your psychic reading, invite your intuitively guided reason to show you why each of them has the potential to cause harm.

1. My psychic friend predicted that I would be a famous singer.
2. In last week's intuitive reading, I found out I'm going to be married to my twin flame in 5 years.
3. My intuitive counselor told me that I should leave my husband.
4. A psychic lady I met last week at a party said my husband is lying to me.
5. The intuitive who works in my office told me on a coffee break that I'm in the wrong career.
6. An intuitive at a psychic fair told me I will be better off when I cut all ties with my lifelong best friend.
7. A well-known astrologer told me I have only 7 years to live, because of karma.
8. In a psychic reading, I found out that my ex-husband is harming me energetically, even while I sleep!
9. My astrologer told me that I would never be fired from my job.
10. When I went for my first session with a medical intuitive, desiring to heal my relationship with my estranged husband, she said she psychically saw a large tumor in my uterus which had begun spreading throughout my body.
11. A lady on the psychic hotline told me that my mother never loved me.
12. My brother, who is taking psychic development classes, told me he now understands our family drama and that it's all my fault.

Know Your Rights and Choices
If someone has given you a psychic reading, keep an open mind but also know you have the right to question. It is your responsibility to take the information and run it by your heart and intuitively guided reason. Don't give your power away to others, regardless of who they are. Keep in mind that sometimes your inner resistance or inability to face a painful reality can color your interpretation of a psychic reading.

Ask for your own inner spiritual guidance to show you how to interpret the reading, as well as how you can most appropriately respond. If you aren't sure about a piece of information, and it doesn't ring true for you at your heart center, sit with it for a while and invite spirit to help you clarify what is in your highest good. Remind yourself that you always have a choice of what you do with information you receive. Set your intent to be a conscious choice maker.

For The Intuitive - A Remedy for Psychic Damage
If you feel that you may have harmed someone with an intuitive reading, consider the following remedy. First, forgive yourself. Second, let go of all judgment. Third, check in with your own intuitively guided reason to determine what adjustments you will want to make in how you approach use of your psychic gifts.

Ask to be shown where your blind spots are, and what ego-based patterns within you are sabotaging your intentions to help others without harm. Fourth, ask for clarity about appropriate follow-up with the person you sense was harmed. Fifth, take responsibility for your actions with the appropriate follow-up. Sixth, after completing this circle of energy, let it all go. Go gently with yourself as you move forward with more wisdom.

Checklist for The Intuitive
If you are reading these words, this is a lifetime when you are opening to a more conscious awareness of intuitive gifts. Knowing that use of these abilities can be the source of both suffering as well as liberation, you may feel uneasy about applying them. It is prudent to be cautious, but don't let your caution turn into fear.

The more you work with your abilities in positive ways, the more quickly you can develop confidence and tangible skills. These skills can be of great benefit, not only to you personally but to others. Honing your intuitive abilities is not a luxury during these times of great change on the Earth. You cannot afford to hide them, to dilute them, or to pretend that you do not possess them.

These natural abilities will help you to make sense out of the world's nonsense, and to help others move out of fear. After all, you have incarnated now to help facilitate humanity's paradigm shift, correct?

Whether you are speaking with strangers, loved ones or clients, you will want to use your intuitive gifts responsibly. Right now, then, you can set your intentions of how you will share your gifts. Consider the following as you make your own checklist of intentions.

1. Seek to bring more light, more clarity and more wholeness into each life you touch.
2. Be humble. No one likes a show-off.
3. Remember that people have enough illusions already. Decide that you will not add to their illusions with the information you provide.
4. Consider whether a person has asked you for help, and if so, what they have given you permission to do.
5. Decide that you will be patient with yourself, your process, and with the person you are helping. As part of that, avoid saying the first thing that comes to you intuitively, without first doing a reality check to know about appropriateness.
6. When you receive information about another person, ask for intuitive guidance to know why you are receiving it. Then ask what the information means. Once you know that, ask what the information will mean to the recipient. Then ask if it is helpful for the recipient to have the information right then, and if so, how to present it. If it's not appropriate to share it right then, ask to be shown how you are to utilize the information to help the person and/or to grow spiritually yourself.
7. Recognize the limitation of your abilities. This includes being able to foretell the future for people. You will want to put such information into context, knowing that predictions are only possibilities based on current circumstances. Also, avoid providing guarantees to people.
8. Decide that you will seek intuitive guidance that is based on the highest good and the highest truth. As part of that, when you connect with the nonphysical realm you will want to ask for guidance that comes from the highest pure light source.
9. Be respectful of other peoples' space, time and energy.
10. Offer guidance appropriately and then let go. Do not try to control the lives of others. Let people walk their own path.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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