Selacia Council of 12 Message for Aug. 2008: Part I - Shifting Your Power Source

Your world is moving into a new age. This is happening on a number of levels, including a shifting of the sources of power to operate your car, computer and other machinery. The momentum to break away from fossil fuels is interconnected with a myriad of changes in the way humans live, work and play.

The evolution of your planet and of humanity itself is indeed accelerating. You aren't imagining it when you feel that both time and changes are speeding up at a dizzying pace. In just one century of human time, evolutionary shifting is up by over 1,000 times, and that pace is about to quicken beyond what anyone alive today can comprehend.

The momentum is building for a great awakening of human consciousness. This is occurring in tandem with significant Earth changes, natural resource depletion, the globalization of trade, population explosion, revolutionary breakthroughs in science, and exponential growth of information technologies.

One sign of the times is the critical need to shift power sources. The planet's upward evolutionary movement in fact depends upon this.

On a physical machinery level, this means "new" sources of energy that are more honoring of the Earth and its inhabitants. Some of these energy sources were first discovered decades ago, others are in the laboratory right now, and still others will be birthed out of a continuing need to update old fueling systems.

On a personal level, individuals will need to develop a radically different approach to human interactions-shifting from ego-based power to Divine power. As old-paradigm societal structures crumble, it will become increasingly evident that the only true power is within one's own Divine self. The new world you are creating will have as its focus Divine power, also referred to as authentic power. This is the power of your soul. People from diverse paths and walks of life will be seeking ways to tangibly know, access and use this power source.

In order for the current human civilization to continue, people will need to be inventive, adaptive, flexible, cooperative, and above all-heart-focused. When people rediscover the innate human ability to love, and practice this love in daily life, miracles will abound.

It is the love, with its companion energies of compassion and understanding, that will catapult humankind into a more enlightened existence. Indeed, love is the source of authentic power. It is the fuel that makes people strong. It is the essential "food" of the planet.

Your love is the "food" of your soul. It is natural. It can nourish and heal you. It can go out to others and provide healing to them, too. You have an inexhaustible supply of this love!

Accessing the Love

How do you access the boundless power of love? What does it look like in everyday life? How does it change your experience?

You begin to access the power of love when you shift your focus inward and develop your ability to move beyond past conditioning. This is easier said than done, of course. The paradigm you were conditioned by has its roots in fear, competition, force, and an endless search for external power. These energies, when applied in your life as a way of being, extinguish the love that you could naturally express.

A part of you wants to love. After all, that's why you are here! There are hidden factors at play, however, and you can't simply "will" it with your conscious mind. This is because you are a product of your conditioning, and your patterns are held within the subconscious in the DNA, out of ordinary view.

Patterns in Your DNA

You have recorded in your DNA the thought forms or beliefs of your conditioning. Some of it formed within you as a child in response to what you saw or heard. A substantial amount of it was inherited from a very long line of ancestors and from your earlier lifetimes on Earth. These thought forms keep you stuck in the past, preventing you from accessing the love. They keep you locked in fear and in a race for external power.

This fear-based mode of external power obscures your ability to tell fact from fiction. It clouds your view of yourself, causing you to doubt and judge yourself at every turn. It leads you to seek out approval from others, and to measure your progress with artificial markers. It sets up an insatiable desire for more, convincing you that you must strive to be more, do more, and have more. It sets in motion impossible goals, leaving you feeling defeated.

When you are coming from ego-based power, you look to the outer world for your input, validations, and next steps. Rather than going inside yourself to check in with your own intuitively guided reason, you seek out the opinions of others. They can be family, friends, or even total strangers. You put your trust in authority figures of all stripes, from parents and teachers to newscasters and politicians.

Pitfalls of Blind Trust

Blind trust can lead you down a path of pain and suffering. For example, a friend tells you that your best friend is gossiping about you behind your back. You take in the information at face value, as though true, not checking it out with your own internal guidance or with your best friend. You allow yourself to be deeply troubled by this information. You begin imagining all sorts of implications of the gossip, allowing your fear to color how you feel about yourself and your best friend. You allow yourself to become insecure in the face of not knowing what may be said next, why, and what you can do about it. The more that you engage with the fear and the loop of worry about the gossip, the more difficult it is for you to discover the truth. You are then locked into the drama, and with each thought and negative emotion, you become more firmly entrenched. You are unable to find clarity or a sense of peace.

What is a remedy for this situation? How can you return to a state of balance and authentic power? First, acknowledge that you have gotten off track and forgotten that your real power is within. Don't be hard on yourself for forgetting, or for not knowing how to do things differently in this situation. Remember that your subconscious mind programs of conditioning are many more times powerful than your conscious awareness that had this reaction. Go gently with yourself, setting your intent to get to the root of the belief systems within you that triggered your responses.

Second, let go of the need to act. You are not required to take immediate action in response to what someone said or might say. You want to avoid being reactive at all. To react is to invite fears and doubts lurking within you to color what you say or do. Instead, allow a space to open up within your mind. As you do that, invite your heart to open as well. Be still in the space for a bit and allow seeds of understanding to grow. Breathe in and out, as deeply as you can, and simply rest in that space. Don't try to figure anything out right now.

Third, once in a more centered space, check in with your heart and intuitively guided reason for insights about this situation. You may want to ask questions such as the following:

What within me is distrusting of others?
What is the real catalyst of these feelings of betrayal?
Why is my one friend sharing the gossip with me?
What within me invited this situation?
When do I remember gossiping about others?
What elements of the gossip relayed to me do I believe to be true?
How does the gossip, or rumored gossip, create harm to myself and others?
What are the other messages or teachings from this experience?
How can I most appropriately respond?
When is the appropriate timing for my response?

When you invite in this guidance from your inner being, it is useful to imagine that you indeed are receiving input from the moment you ask. Do this even if you cannot tangibly hear or sense an "answer." At the same time, practice deep listening and a relaxed focused presence so that you are able to pick up on the subtle messages you receive. Many times the messages will come symbolically.

Trust that some answers will come to you in a way you recognize immediately, while others will percolate into your consciousness over time in more subtle ways. Understanding this, be mindful that you avoid hastily jumping into a situation based on partial clarity. Proceed only when you feel confident that you understand the key elements and timings involved. Jumping ahead of "Divine timing" is not recommended!

Fourth, once you are clear about whether a response is warranted-and if so, what is appropriate-take any action you are guided to take. This can include any personal healing you may want to put in motion to clear underlying patterns within you. Set your intention that your actions are in alignment with the highest good and create no harm to self or others.

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