Selacia Council of 12 Message for Dec. 2007: Part II - A Look at the Future

You are learning to question. This is a natural ability, of course, yet it is often underdeveloped and even discouraged in modern culture. In order to move into your Divine power in this life, you must develop your ability to question and put it into regular use in everyday situations.

It will be helpful to begin questioning your own questions, too.
For example, any of the following types of questions are future-oriented and will tend to keep you feeling small:

- Will I be or have (a specific thing or quality such as happiness) at some future time?
- When will I have (a quality or a specific thing such as prosperity)?
- What if I get (a disease such as cancer) or become (unable to do something)?
- What will happen if I lose (my home, my husband, my job)?
- How long will this (situation, pain, condition, problem) last?
- When will the world become (sane, safe, peaceful)?

Rather than question in this future-oriented way, consider asking questions that will empower you in the present to change your situation, or at least alter your view of what is occurring.

To change your experience of the future, you must change your experience of the present.

Role of a Divine Changemaker

Remember that you are a Divine Changemaker, creating not only your own present and future but that of the world around you. You change it by taking conscious actions in the present. You change it by becoming more aware of what's needed and of what needs to fall away. You then take steps to help create what's needed and you bravely do the inner work to release what needs to fall away.

Rather than simply focusing on what's wrong with the world, you recognize what needs to change and then you focus your energies on making changes within yourself. Your priority is to live as fully and consciously as you can, while also learning to be the loving and peaceful being you want to see everywhere you go.

You catch yourself when you dwell in the past, remembering that the replay of old tapes is draining your energy and preventing you from moving forward. You know that to repeatedly remember how someone or something hurt you is only reinforcing a painful past. You recognize that your only power is in the present moment. Realizing this, you shift your focus to the present and to what you can do to be happier now.

As a Divine Changemaker, you are in the process of learning new approaches to time. You and others like you are now in the midst of a revolutionary shift in how time is viewed and worked with. This shift is happening in stages, for the gap between the old and new is too great to simply jump to the new overnight.

Shifting from a Linear View

The linear view of time is now outmoded and too limited for where humanity is headed. A rigid linear approach keeps people thinking in a narrow way. Concepts of timelessness, natural time, cyclic existence, and the eternal cannot be explained in a linear way. These ideas are vast and run counter to an unbending notion of time.

You still have clock time, of course, and calendars. These are tools humans have devised to synchronize activities and plan for the future. While they are still useful in your modern day world, you will want to consider some new approaches for using clocks and calendars.

First, know that 24 hours is no longer experienced as 24 hours, for time has been compressed.

Second, keep in mind that time is not a material thing like a clock. You can't lose it or misplace it like you could a clock. You never "have" time to begin with, for it's simply an arbitrary measuring stick devised thousands of years ago to define motion and events.

Third, time can be experienced differently depending on who you are and your reference point. An hour of your favorite pastime can feel much shorter than the same hour laboring at learning a new and challenging task. If you are 15 and your next birthday is six months away, it can seem like the date doesn't come fast enough. If you are 65 and your next birthday is six months away, you may wonder how the years have passed by so quickly.

Fourth, if you approach the distant future in a linear way, worrying about the "what if's," you will be setting up a needless cycle of anxiety, pressure, and dissatisfaction.

Fifth, if you employ conventional views of time when viewing your own potential-basing future possibilities on your past experiences-you will limit yourself. To move into your full potential this life, you must be able to see beyond what you have already created. If you have failed at something in the past, this does not mean you are locked into failure. Likewise, if you have succeeded at something before, you want to be open to new ways of success. When creating anything that's really new, it will not be a carbon copy of what has come before. Be open to the new each time you do something.

Sixth, look to the natural world for clues about how to work with time in a less linear way. Animals allow their own body rhythms and sense of time to guide them. When the sun comes up, most animals awaken and begin their day. If they are hungry, they find food to eat. There are no rigid mealtimes. Animals such as squirrels store food for the winter, not because they have a calendar reminding them to do so, but because they naturally know to do it.

Seventh, begin to view your personal relationship with time in a more expansive and flexible way. That includes how you approach deadlines, whether artificial or "real." It can be helpful to set your intention to forge a brand new connection with time. As part of that, you will want to let go of the illusion that time is either your enemy or your friend. That is a dualistic approach, and out-of-step with the multidimensional being that you are. Time is just time. It is up to you to decide how you will relate to time.

As you are redefining your relationship with time, you will want to keep in mind your personal needs as well as your interactions with others.

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