Selacia Council of 12 Message for Dec. 2008: Part I - Taking a Quantum Leap

On any given day right now you likely have more questions than you have answers. That's part of being human today. Your world is being remade, right before your eyes, a piece at a time. As this happens, there is much occurring that will only be understood fully in hindsight.

Some days it may seem as though nothing is really changing, or even as though humanity is descending rather than ascending. In those times, it may appear as though there's no way out and that all of humankind is doomed.

You don't really believe this in your heart. Your higher intelligence, that part of you which nudged you onto the path of consciousness, knows that something very unusual is occurring. It's not just another lifetime on just another planet. You are on the edge of a brand new frontier!

Your higher awareness senses the planet's winds of positive change. You recognize the energetic imprint of reconfiguration, long before it becomes common knowledge. You feel it in your bones, more than in your mind. You know that your entire world is in flux, and that a brand new, more light-filled existence is in the making.

You acknowledge that you are an integral part of the process of change. Even though you know this, with so many variables at play, how do you discern your next moves? How can you proceed without "seeing" what's in front of you? How can you know if the steps you are taking are leading anywhere?

Navigating the Path

To answer these questions, it's helpful to consider the following factors.

First, know that you as a soul have long been preparing for these times. Over a number of human lifetimes, you have been developing key qualities that would help you to make optimal use of being alive during the 21st Century.

This means that you have, through the learning that's possible in human physical form, developed one or more enlightened qualities. You may have learned great patience and determination, for example, two qualities you will find essential to successful navigation of your modern world.

Your past life challenges may have taught you to overcome key obstacles on the path to enlightenment---such as an ego-based insatiable drive for power. To the extent that you mastered these lessons about power, in this lifetime you may be expressing qualities of humility, gentleness, and acceptance. Such qualities will help you to accelerate your forward movement, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

Second, know that unlike many of your other lifetimes, the cosmic design of this one necessitates your focusing on a complex set of tasks. In other incarnations, for example, you oftentimes focused on learning one key lesson. You may have had a lifetime in which the main thing you were learning was how to overcome jealously. In fact, you may have focused on learning this throughout a series of lifetimes.

What's different about this life is that you have incarnated at an auspicious time during which humanity's evolutionary cycle is greatly accelerated. A quantum leap is about to occur, altering timeframes and possibilities beyond all known constructs.

This quickening means that you have the potential of waking up to your soul's unfinished business and addressing it within this single incarnation. For the great majority of people, this means multitasking as you address the issues you did not completely address before now.

That means there's a lot on your plate! Keep in mind that no one else filled your plate but you. It's the same for everyone. There are no victims, although it's a human tendency to feel like a victim. That is a learned role which you are in the process of unlearning as you become increasingly empowered.

What's on Your Plate

On your plate of unfinished business are different size pieces of issues. For example, you may be nearly complete in learning about patience. In this life, you may find it fairly easy to be patient with others in most circumstances, yet it's difficult for you to be patient with self and others when under stress. You will draw to yourself people and situations that give you the opportunity to master the quality of patience. You may find the inner resources to complete this learning in a relatively short amount of time.

On the other hand, you may still have major lessons to face involving other topics. Take power for example. The right use of power is a key concern for the majority of humanity today. If this is one of your major unresolved issues, you will find yourself in a series of circumstances involving power plays, competition, comparisons, victimhood, or self-doubt. Each time you clear a piece of the power issue, you come closer to mastering it.

Having unfinished business doesn't make you less Divine than the next person. At the core of your being there's nothing to fix. Your essence is pure. The only things you want to address and clear are the layers of dysfunction you have taken on from your lineage and past human conditioning. Once you clear these patterns at their root within the DNA, you are free of them.

Third, know that you can tap into your highest levels of creativity and accelerate your forward momentum by learning to embody more of a present focus. This means deciding right now that the energy of what you create with your thoughts, feelings and actions matters---in each moment. Living in the present, although as natural as breathing, runs counter to what you have learned. You were taught to look back on the past and to plan for the future. This training came from a fixed, linear perspective that is part of your old paradigm world.

New views are now emerging that will radically alter human experiences of time and what's possible within timeframes.

Humankind is in the process of updating outmoded ideas about time, reality, and human potential.

Time in the way you are used to working with it is really a human idea. It is looked upon as linear and fixed, rather than fluid.

Reality is much more than the dimension most people accept as real. There are multiple dimensions, parallel realities, and much more that you will be discovering. There is a whole nonphysical world, which exists alongside what most of humanity sees. Increasing numbers of people are becoming comfortable and skilled in working with this nonphysical arena. The alternate realities are also being factored into scientific research.

Creation is not limited to what you have done before. It involves unlimited possibilities. Humans have been taught to think in limited ways, and to regard themselves as small and insignificant, in need of outside direction and help.

Humans have been conditioned to expect that what they are told is a probable outcome. Automatic assumptions are made, and not enough questions are asked. The masses get on board with these probable projections, forgetting about the power to create from unlimited potentials.

The shift forward will involve a new kind of creativity. Humans will discover how to create from possibilities rather than simply probabilities. There will be a growing understanding that probable outcomes involve what's stored in human DNA, individual and group karma, as well as the vast sea of thought forms humanity has created. Likewise, it will be understood that possible outcomes involve an unlimited range of possible futures. These ideas will become commonplace, allowing humans to emerge from their self-imposed limitations.

Meanwhile, there now is a re-education process taking place, with people learning to expand their thinking of what is possible. People are beginning to wake up to their Divine nature, and with that, to know that they are the ones who create the world.

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