Selacia Council of 12 Message for Feb. 2007: Heart-Centered Relating in the New Paradigm

You are in the midst of a revolution in how humans relate to one another.  Old paradigm methods involving hatred, blame and victimhood are being seen by many people for the pain and suffering they cause.  There is a "waking up" happening, with increasing numbers of people realizing that the old ways of relating come from false notions of separation.  Lightworkers from all corners of the Earth are now embracing a very different way of relating.  There is a deep yearning for change. 
What IS this change, and why are these moments in time so vital to the progress and survival of humanity?
The change involves the most basic elements of what it means to be human.  It's like taking the typical human life and turning it upside down!  The "what's in it for me?" approach is being replaced by one that asks "what can I do to help others?"  The change is to a brand new paradigm in which people express unity and connectedness. It includes a remembrance, held deep within each person's inner being, that the heart is the key to being free.  This means that a heart-centered approach must be cultivated and applied to all interactions.  Fear-based reactions and violent, life-alienating connecting need to be recognized as the destructive forces that they are.  People will need to choose life-affirming solutions.  These will involve people learning how to relate to themselves, others and all of life with compassion and acceptance.
Fear Generates More Fear & Blocks Heart Connection
Fear, if allowed to continue in the old manner, will simply generate more fear.  As soon as you go into fear, the natural ability to connect with your heart is obstructed.  When this happens, the next interactions you have with yourself, others or the Divine are clouded by the fear.  Your energy then spirals downwards into a place from which you are unable to discern the truth of what is happening.  This can lead to feelings of being unsure or concerns of failure, and when you are in that state, there's a tendency to expand upon the fear you already have.  This expansion of fear is then incorporated into how you relate to yourself and your world.   
Violence is a Poison That Can No Longer Be Contained
Violence, in whatever form it takes, is a poison that can no longer be contained.  There has been so much of it, over so long a period of humanity's recent history, that there is a very real detrimental cumulative impact.  The planet is now showing humanity the results of these toxins.  Although there is a genuine underlying desire for a peaceful world, individuals and countries continue to express violence.  It is something that has been learned.  Violence is NOT a natural response of the Divine human.  It is something that people have been taught.  New teachings are needed, and these are now in process of unfolding all over the world. 
There are many forms of the toxic violence.  The most obvious kind, when you think of conflicts between countries, is war and the loss of life.  Other types of physical violence include murder, beatings, and drive-by shootings.  Just as poisonous are forms of violence that are verbal or psychological.  Violence can be an energy of something that actually happens to you, to someone you love, or to a stranger shown on the evening news.  Violence can also be a made-up story, seen at the movies or on your TV screen, depicting a conflict and themes involving good and evil.  At the root of most types of violence are fear-based belief systems that label others as the enemy, as bad in some way, or as simply a threat.  When a person feels threatened by another, there is a learned tendency to compensate by going on the offense or defense.  What this means in practice is relating to others in ways that produce conflicts rather than peacefulness.  Alienating communications are seen everywhere, from the bedroom to the boardroom and beyond.  They are a product of the old paradigm approach that says "if I am right you must be wrong" and vice versa. 
Reversing the Cycle of Violence
To turn this around will require the effort of individual people, each one learning how to relate from mutual respect, honoring and cooperation.  A key element here is compassion, the ability to care for self and others.  When you are compassionate, you have a genuine desire to see others freed from their suffering.  This desire is not dependent on your relationship to another person.  True compassion is boundless.  You don't set boundaries when deciding whether to extend compassion to this person or that person.  You don't have to agree with someone's politics or lifestyle to have compassion for them.  You can have compassion for your enemy as well as for your friend.  To develop compassion for yourself will help you to generate this quality to extend to others.  At the core of your being, you already have the ability to be compassionate, for you recognize your natural Divine nature.  Once you begin to remember this, and to access the related knowing of your connectedness to all other beings, compassion can blossom from within you.  
Choosing Love and Kindness
Progress during this time of the shift into the new paradigm can only be made when people choose love and kindness.  The choice needs to be made, through intent, even at times when you are unsure of HOW to express yourself in a loving or kind way.  When you are confused about how to do it, or when you simply feel ill equipped to be loving and kind, continue with your intent to choose the "high road" of the heart.  Take a stand, in that instant, deciding you will do your best.  Invite spirit's input to help you when you waver. Remind yourself of the importance of each moment.  Each choice counts.  Think of the big picture, including how your actions impact others. Consider the progress of your soul, even beyond this lifetime.  Remember that the choice of coming from love and kindness must be an individual decision, made moment-by-moment during the course of an ordinary life.  Each person needs to make this choice, again and again, even if others continue to choose the old outmoded ways.  Without this altered course, the future of humanity on the Earth that you now call "home" is a big question mark. 
If you are reading these words, it is because you want to be an integral part of the changes now underway.  You want to better understand the shift and to know your part in it.  You also want to accelerate the process of your own awakening, and to move forward with less suffering and more joy.  Know that your relationships are a very vital piece of the puzzle.  Each relationship holds within it some of the threads you will need to weave your own tapestry of heart-centered consciousness. 
You cannot and do not do it alone.  You may discount some of your relationships as trivial or even curse them for bringing you pain, but they matter in the larger picture.  Each relationship that you have can help you to see yourself more clearly and to learn how to be more loving. 
When you think of a relationship, you may limit this concept to your significant other or your family.  The relationships that impact your ability to awaken and remain awake include the entire range of relationships that you have.  For starters, you are in relationship with yourself.  As you work with everyday issues and visualize your dreams, this is always the relationship you are coming back to.  You will view all of your other relationships in terms of how you view yourself. 
Your other relationships include your connections with the Divine and the nonphysical world in general.  You are also in relationship with your loved ones, coworkers, neighbors, store clerks, strangers you see on the street, and a diverse set of other people you may connect with from time to time.  You aren't just in relationship with people, either.  You have a relationship with your body, your home, your car or mass transit system, your computer (and perhaps the Internet when it goes "down"!), your pets (or pets of neighbors), and even with time.  These are just a few of the many things and people you relate to in some way. 
Sometimes people move into a phase in which they withdraw from meaningful relationships with others.  This can result from disappointments, loss of trust, or doubt in one's ability to create harmony with other people.  Long-term withdrawal from significant human interaction is different, of course, from times when a person purposefully steps back to self reflect and to do inner work to better understand oneself.  These time-outs are a useful tool, especially when relationships have been rocky and unfulfilling.  If you are now in a difficult relationship, remember to give yourself moments of reflection and refueling by Spirit so that you can bring more Light into the relationship.  Ask to be shown what you are learning about yourself by being in the relationship.  Allow yourself to consider a different view by imagining you are in the other person's shoes.  Inquire within to discover potential new approaches to resolving longstanding problems.  Ask to see the benefits of knowing this person, staying in the relationship, or leaving the relationship.   Remember to continually ask for more clarity and a "higher view," allowing the "answers," in whatever form they are given, to lead you to more heart-focused relating. 
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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