Selacia Council of 12 Message for Feb. 2008: Part I - Finding Your Own Truth

You live during a time when the old is crumbling beneath your feet, and the new may be feeling choppy and unfamiliar. The old ways were born out of false notions, superstitions, and fear-based manipulation and control.

These old traditions, which include much of the conventional paradigm of your modern culture, are broken. Most of them never worked well to begin with, for they were the antithesis of what fosters an enlightened society.

Increasing numbers of people in the developed world are becoming aware that a great shift in consciousness is underway. The levels of understanding of what is really happening, of course, will vary in relation to how evolved people are.

As an example, some people are using most of their energy to complain about problems of society's outmoded structures. They are quick to point out what is not working, and perhaps how they personally suffer as a result.

For some, possibly feeling victimized and unlucky to have inherited a broken system, the view is one of gloom and doom. For those with the most negative mindset, a common view is that humanity has gone beyond a crucial turning point, and that there is no redemption. The belief is that there is no point at this late hour to work towards inventing solutions. This is a very dismal picture indeed.

For the more awakened ones, response to the global crisis often involves taking more personal responsibility, with an awareness that each person's energy, consciousness and actions count. Within this group of people, more are taking a stand to support innovative change, putting in motion radically new solutions that would have been unheard of during other cycles of history.

The ones who are learning to incorporate their intuitive right brain into decision making are finding themselves increasingly "guided" to connect with others of like mind.

For example, a person's intuitive nudge to attend a meditation group can result in meeting others who also are on a path of awakening. From such "chance" meetings, new friendships and a support network are oftentimes built. There is a life-affirming boost that comes when one finds others who share a sincere desire to create positive changes on both personal and planetary levels.

When You Want Changes in the Status Quo

You know you want change in the nonworking status quo. Most likely, you want lots of changes, and you would like to see them occurring more quickly and with more ease.

Chances are, you have been questioning the old modes of thinking and operating for some time now. You may even sense the undercurrent of dishonesty and secretiveness as you attempt to unravel the flurry of nonsense being presented on the world stage.

How do you figure out what to trust and who to trust? How do you know when you are being presented a half-truth, or even an unadulterated lie? What sort of personal gauge have you developed for knowing truth? How often these days are you finding yourself led astray, baffled at how your own compass of truth failed to discern what was really occurring?

Indeed, in today's climate it can be quite a challenge to see past the myriad of illusions that exist. Even an experienced traveler can be fooled and sent down an unproductive road.

While it is useful to take note of when this happens to you, avoid getting into the habit of judging yourself for not knowing better. Self judgment is a waste of your precious energy. When you are harsh with yourself and go into self-reprimand mode, you move farther away from clarity, not closer to it.

The negative spiral you instigate in these circumstances is likely familiar because of what you learned in your punitive upbringing. Punishment and the threat of punishment have been cultural tools of control for a very long time.

Therefore, do your best to shift out of automatic pilot and embrace yourself with kindness and compassion.

2008 - A Time of Truths Revealed

This year of 2008 is a time when more people will be questioning the status quo-seeking to know what is really true and to expose untruths. Truth will be on peoples' minds. Much will be revealed.

As political elections and social reforms proceed in key countries across the globe, there likely will be undercurrents of unease and skepticism as concerned citizens question whether they are being given a truthful picture.

There have been questions before, of course, yet this next phase brings deeper levels of inquiry. Some of this questioning will come about after fraud and trickery are exposed. These kinds of things have been exposed previously, but they continued because most people were unaware and disempowered.

The cumulative impact of an awakening consciousness in these times is changing all that. As more hidden knowledge comes to light, there will be a natural connection of the dots, leading to a deeper probing into issues and systems that had before escaped scrutiny. One overhaul will lead to another, setting in motion a domino effect that will be felt worldwide.

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