Selacia Council of 12 Message for Feb. 2008: Part II - Finding Your Own Truth

It is important to keep in mind during this cycle of truth revelations that the whole back story of an impersonal truth is rarely uncovered all at once or by one individual. The uncovering is more of a process than it is a single event.

In past evolutionary cycles, some truths were partially revealed only to be covered over again by ignorance and fear. Sometimes truths were hidden away from mainstream view by secret societies, their reasoning being that the precious information should be kept within their limited circle.

There are many examples of ancient truths that were discovered and utilized for a time and then forgotten or rejected by subsequent generations. Examples include ancient knowledge of energy fields, healing properties of the natural world, sacred geometry, and the afterlife.

To be sure, an impersonal truth can be revealed fully and have long-term staying power in human consciousness. After all, truth is unchangeable and just "is," regardless of whether anyone sees it.

However, a complete uncovering of a truth occurs only when there is a readiness within significant numbers of people over sufficient periods of time. Otherwise, regardless of how true something is, the masses of humanity will be unaware of it.

The following are some questions of inquiry you may want to "kick upstairs" for your Higher Self's input. These questions can lead you to a place of more empowerment during these chaotic times and massive overhaul of societal structures.

After all, when you discover truth about something, this knowing will set you free. Only by living in darkness from the truth can you be harmed. Once you see the truth of a situation and live your life accordingly, you are no longer bound by the lie. You can then move into a place of conscious choice.

You cannot be a victim and consciously choose at the same time. Therefore, you free yourself from mechanical living and automatic fear-based responses. You evolve to a state of being that is consciously at cause.

Before reflecting on this list of concerns and questions, take a moment to become still and tune out the noise of outside distractions.

To do this, you may want to turn off any background sounds, close the door to your room, and take a few deep breaths. Invite your Higher Self to give you feedback as you read each item from the list. Pause long enough with each insight you receive to notice whether additional questions or ideas come to you.

1. Government (includes elections, government in power)-Do you believe that you hear truth from the politicians running for office, or from those already in office? When one of them is speaking, how much of what they say do you question? How do you determine if they are genuine or simply presenting what they have been told the voters want to hear?

Do you question what information they are leaving out or avoiding? Do some things they say simply not add up? Does it seem that their authenticity wavers when in a debate? What happens when they are firmly entrenched in their seat of political power-do their promises and stances on issues change then?

What kinds of powers have you and other citizens given to those in government? What kinds of powers have government leaders taken without your knowing? Have you questioned what powers are appropriate to leave in the hands of government?

Consider what you, as a private citizen, are doing to be empowered in your own life. Set your intent to notice when you give your power away to authority figures such as politicians. Be willing to take your power back.

2. Religion (includes any early training)-Reflect for a moment on any early religious training you had. You may not be religious now, but what kind of religious ideas were presented to you by your parents or other authority figures?

As a young child, your mind takes in new information like a sponge. Much of what you are taught goes straight into your brain. Even if you have little recollection of it now, invite your Higher Self to remind you of any early training. What did you take in as true, simply because it came from people older than you who were supposed to know?

If you have difficulty remembering anything specific, consider what your parents believed about God, Heaven, Hell, who gets punished, and who gets saved. You may have decided to trash all of these concepts when you got older. Perhaps you threw them in the trash without examining them fully. These concepts may still be in your personal trash bin, yet some of them will also be a part of your belief systems.

Why? Because you hold within your DNA belief systems formed in your early life in response to your conditioning. Also recorded within your DNA are belief systems inherited from your lineage of ancestors. These may include religious-oriented beliefs based on superstition, fear-based notions, control, and lies.

If you have studied humankind's history, you will remember that many of the bloody battles between peoples have been in defense of religious truths. These twisted notions about which faith or race of people is "right" are in humanity's mass consciousness.

Most people on the planet today carry some of them, unknowingly, in their DNA. It will be helpful to discover what outmoded religious-based beliefs you have, and to clear these from your DNA. Otherwise, these limiting beliefs remain an influence in your life, even when not consciously detected.

An example of such a belief is: "It is wrong for women to hold positions of power." This kind of belief-which can be rooted in religious dogma of hierarchy-can be an obstacle to today's woman who seeks to be empowered and to be appropriately powerful in the world.

3. Teachers (includes conventional and spiritual teachers, plus role models you learn from)-Consider some of the teachers who have influenced you over your lifetime.

When you were a child, these teachers included your parents and other caregivers. If you are like most children, you went through a stage in early life of adoring and looking up to these caretakers. They were bigger, after all, and you could not take care of yourself without their help.

You likely learned to do what they told you to do. When you began to question why things were the way they were, you likely received some confusing answers. Perhaps your father simply said you should do what he said because he said so.

Similarly, if you were exposed to religion as a child, chances are the God or deity you learned about had an authoritarian nature. Perhaps "he" was even a father figure. You were the child, and these authority figures had the answers. You did not know back then, but your early interactions with these authority figures, and what you made it all mean, would set up a model for your adult life.

Contemplate, right now, what happened as you matured and began relating to teachers and other role models. Did you ever discover that you connected with a teacher in much the same way as you had with one of your parents?

Think of an example of how that teacher was able to push your buttons, making you feel small or unworthy, just as your parent had.

A teacher, of course, can be many kinds of people in your life. Not all will have the teacher title, yet they are your teachers all the same. Some of the teachers who influence you are outside of your social network.

Examples include authors, philosophers, media personalities, and spiritual leaders. They can be living or dead. They can be nonphysical spiritual beings-even God.

As an adult on the path of personal transformation, you will want to actively and regularly question information you receive from teachers, leaders and role models. This includes what you read, what you ingest from broadcast media, what you receive over the Internet, and information you receive second-hand from others. Just because a story has been presented numerous times, does that make it true?

Certainly, it takes more effort to be awake and consciously aware of the information you accept as true. However, if you digest information on automatic pilot, you run the real risk of being manipulated, confused, and sent off course. Keep in mind that things often are not as they appear! Experts can be misquoted. Authors' works can be edited in such a way that the true meaning is hidden.

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