Selacia Council of 12 Message for Feb. 2010: Part II - Creating a More Light-Filled World

by Selacia

The major repairs most relationships need to fit in with the new paradigm model would make the reality TV show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" seem like a stroll at the seashore. If you have ever seen one of those shows, the TV crew comes in and oftentimes must nearly demolish the existing structure, and then rebuild. That happens, of course, with the family out of the house on vacation.
With your relationships and with the other things in your world that need revamping, you don't have the luxury of leaving home while the changes are made. Also, oftentimes you must juggle changes in several areas of your life simultaneously. Faced with this, even the calmest person can sometimes feel stressed and insufficient for the task at hand. 
The current phase of reconfiguration involves a lot of sorting. You are discovering which things to toss out, which things to repair, which things to trade in, and which things to revamp. This is both personal and planetary.
It is happening with countries attempting to negotiate issues that are pivotal to humanity's survival. It is happening in your home town, with people feeling uneasy and unsure about how they will fit in with what's coming next. It is happening within you personally, as you become more self-aware and better understand your purpose of being alive during these historic moments.
Moving Out of 3-D
The process of moving out of your Third Dimensional conditioning is not an easy one. There is much to unlearn, much to remember, and much to discover about how to skillfully make the transition. Your Third Dimensional reality is fear-based and full of secrets, untruths, and distortions of what's really real.
When you live in this conventional reality, you can look into the mirror, but you are often tricked by what you see. You get attached to outer appearances, and you forget that what's truly important is the love and what is inside of you.
In your Third Dimensional reality, you really cannot see yourself as spirit sees you. Your essence is obscured, and only the very dedicated with proper spiritual training are able to see themselves with much clarity.
Similarly, as you look at other people, your conditioned mind cannot fully see the light that other people hold. You may sometimes see glimmers of that light, if you know how to look for it, but the person's essence is veiled.
You can identify people when you meet them, or when you see a photo of them. You likely know something about them, too. The deeper level of who these people are spiritually, however, may elude you.
New Transparency Energy
You seek transparency, and to really know yourself and others. Of all the lifetimes you could have lived, this one in particular will allow the truths that were hidden to be uncovered and made transparent. This year will be the foundation of setting the new transparency energy in place. Transparency will be a theme not only in 2010 but throughout the rest of the 2012 window.
What does the cycle of transparency really mean?
Certainly, it relates to your institutions and leaders being more transparent about how they are wielding the power you have entrusted in them. In general, transparency means that the walls that separate fact from fiction are weakening under the force of humanity's emerging light consciousness. It is becoming harder to hide truth.
Earth's history is being examined within new energies, as scientists and policymakers seek solutions for your out-of-balance world. Dots are being connected that could not be connected before. Those from the scientific and spiritual communities are coming together in new ways to look at what you are discovering about reality.
Many truths that you as a light worker have long accepted are just now getting the attention of those with the power to unveil them. As this occurs, and the everyday person receives the information, a great leap in humanity's consciousness can occur!
On a personal level, transparency means that you are having potent catalysts to see yourself more clearly, and to heal longstanding issues that you could not grasp so easily before. This will allow you to see the past, present, and future with new eyes.
When you hold a new vision of your past, and of your overall purpose here, everything will change.
When you can become neutral about the past, you catalyze great lightness of being in your present. You are able to silence your "if only" comments of regret. You are able to silence your harsh criticism of what you or others did before. You are able to hear the voice of your inner wisdom without the filter of past hurts or fantasies. You have a new freedom to be.
Contemplate today one aspect of your past you can become more neutral about this year. Invite spirit to bring you the resources that you need to become free.
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2010 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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