Selacia Council of 12 Message for Jan. 2007: Opening to More Lightness of Being

This next year will offer great potential to shift into a more tangible experience of BEING the Light you have long embraced within your heart.  A very wise part of you remembers that each stage of the shift in paradigms comes with opportunities to express your Light in new and more expanded ways.  Sometimes the part of you having the human experience judges the opportunities, seeing them as obstacles and things to avoid.  Indeed, some of your opportunities could challenge you to reconsider your values.  Other opportunities could simply challenge you to be more accepting of your gifts and of the Light you have to share with the world.
Examples of Challenges Prompting a Look at Your Values
The following are two examples of how life challenges can prompt a look at values.
In one case, your partner's income is dramatically reduced because of workforce cutbacks or some other change at their job.  Since you are a two-income family, you know you'll need to make alterations.  The crucial thing, when something like this happens, is your response.  Do you respond with fear, anger, or resentment?  Do you allow the unstable and unpredictable situation to throw you off balance, saying or doing something you regret later?  Or do you remember to look to spirit for a solution, allowing your intuitively guided reason to show you the way?  As part of this, do you remember to connect with your inner wisdom for a higher view of the situation? 
On another occasion, you plan a long-awaited spring vacation to a tropical island.  A week before your trip, you're in a car accident that lands you in the hospital and requires extensive physical therapy for several weeks.  You're unable to drive and must restrict your physical movement, so a vacation is out of the question.  While you heal, the doctor agrees you can work for short periods from home, but only after a three-week recovery.  In practical terms, this means no communications—not even email or calls from your cell phone—to and from work. Like with the above example, this challenge brings opportunities.  You can choose, for example, to use this opportunity to root out more of your victimhood tendencies.  While your body recovers, you can allow yourself time for inner reflection about what's truly important in your life. Perhaps some priorities are in need of updating.  Be open to this possibility.  Invite spirit's input about the underlying purposes and potential benefits of this situation.  
Both of the above opportunities can be the fuel to further investigate what you truly value.  Sometimes these reminders are just what you need to get and keep on track.  After all, wake-up calls are what first caused you to begin consciously traveling a spiritual path.  As you continue that journey, additional wake-up calls are orchestrated by spirit to gently nudge you forward. 
Those who have chosen the path of Light indeed are facing many challenges in these uncertain times.  Keep in mind that, for Lightworkers, the desire for the Light is stronger than the desire to stay in ignorance.   Once you make the decision to travel the path of Light, you really don't go "off" the path, but progress depends on YOU. 
Example of a Challenge Prompting You to Accept Your Gifts
Sometimes it can feel challenging to simply accept your own gifts, typically because you doubt yourself.  You may have dreamed of having or doing something very wonderful, yet when the opportunity arrives, you sabotage yourself with self doubt.  You want to say "yes" to the opportunity, and a part of you really does say "yes."  However, another unawakened part of you doesn't yet fully accept your Light.  That part of you is unable to embrace your Divine capabilities. 
For example, you take a series of classes designed to open you to your natural intuitive abilities.  In the classes, you have validations of your intuition and you are enthusiastic about being able to utilize your gifts in everyday life.  When you aren't in one of the classes, though, your doubt often speaks louder than your earlier enthusiasm.  You allow that doubt to get in your way.  You forget or discount the importance of applying what you learned, and you quickly lose the momentum you started.  Even when you are faced with a difficult life situation your intuition could help you to resolve, somehow in that moment it feels like too much to reach for the tools you already have.  You aren't alone.  Many others do this too.  In today's society, knowledge is highly valued, but experiential practice is often discounted as busy work or something befitting novices. Perhaps your resistance shows up as boredom. Your human mind can trick you into believing that it would be futile to expend effort! You retreat back into your logical left brain that wants proof of each step's value before you will take the next one.  You forget that while intuitive development classes are different from what you would learn in a business school, some basic principles still apply.  Learning any new skill involves applying yourself to what you have learned in the classroom.  This will mean lots of practice and allowing yourself to have a growing comfort level with the skill.  This applies even to skills you feel you know by rote.  The more that you work with something, the more confident you become. There are nuances involved that you won't notice until you have gone deeper with your practice.  Intuitive development requires building on sets of skills, and expanding your trust in what you cannot see with your physical eyes.  That takes time, patience and sticking with it even when you have doubts.  In order to accept your gifts, you must be willing to take the steps and walk the path. 
Consider as the New Year starts taking a time-out from your worldly activities.  Find a quiet place and contemplate how you want to more fully express your Light in 2007.  Ask your Higher Self to help you have increasingly tangible experiences of BEING the Light you know that you are. 
As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.
Copyright 2007 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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