Selacia Council of 12 Message for Jan. 2009: Part II - Choosing a New Start

The fourth factor relates to readiness. How ready do you feel, on an everyday basis, for the big changes about to occur? Is your enthusiasm for positive change waning as you envision what's ahead? Do you feel prepared to take on the challenges that are sure to come? Are you willing to go deeper within yourself to access the more stable sense of empowerment you will need to navigate the unpaved road ahead? Are you able to step back from the world's fear-based messages often enough to stay in your center?

To be enmeshed in such a gigantic shifting process as you face today can take its toll. You likely are feeling impacted on a number of levels. The obvious includes your outer conditions involving your home, work, finances, human relationships, and physical health.

Other key elements include your emotional stability and repetitive thought patterns. These will determine the meaning you place on current events, and will trigger limiting belief systems recorded in your DNA. Examples are commonly-held beliefs involving lack, failure, and authority figures having power you can't access. As belief systems such as these are catalyzed, your ability to successfully respond to crisis is compromised.

Most likely, you are being challenged beyond what you think your limits are. A part of you intuitively knows that much of your current world functioning is out of sync with where you want to be headed.

It's not just the world financial system, now knee-deep in crisis. It's virtually every sector of your old paradigm society that has been based on fear, greed, and ego-based manipulation. Each of these worn-out structures will need radical reshaping over the coming years.

The year 2009 is a turning point, for it is the start of several years of reconfiguration. The reshaping involved will be both personal and global.

Remember Your Role

The fifth factor is remembering your role. That means letting go of fear-based human conditioning that tells you some outside force is coming to the rescue. That same conditioning tells you that you are flawed, need fixing, need to be told what to do, and are simply lacking in what it takes to succeed this life.

It may feel comforting to imagine an advanced group of beings from the stars coming to save you and the planet. Is it also comforting to imagine that, without such intervention, you would be helpless and fail at what you came to Earth to do?

Certainly, life does exist beyond the planet you now call home. And to be sure, there are boundless intelligent life forms existing that your scientists and governments have yet to make public. Some of these life forms have been in regular contact with humanity, and not just in recent decades.

Have you ever wondered where YOU came from? Has anyone ever told you that YOU are Divine? Have you ever associated your humanness with a Divine imprint that is eternal?

Remember that you, as a Divine Changemaker, are an integral part of the shift. The key changes involve shifts in consciousness within individuals such as you. As you make these, and then interact with others and society, there is a domino effect.

Underneath the layers of falseness you unknowingly took on in human form, you really know the truth. At the core of your being, there is really no doubt about who you are, why your human experiences are such a gift, and how you are meant to be on Earth now to forever change the landscape for humankind.

In the early weeks of 2009, world leaders and people everywhere will be taking stock and choosing what will play out in this next phase. Some of this choosing will be conscious, with people being aware of what they are choosing. On other levels, the choosing will take place under the radar, masquerading as something like inaction or avoidance.

Checklist for a New Start

What kind of new start would you like to choose? What would you like 2009 and the next few years to look like? How do you see yourself taking your place alongside other Divine Changemakers? Consider these questions and the following as you envision what you want to create next. Invite your heart's wisdom to guide you as you reflect on these ideas.

Biggest Obstacle
What is my biggest obstacle faced in 2009?
What can I do differently that will resolve this?
What resources have I not yet used fully that could help me resolve this?
How can I involve spirit more in resolving obstacles such as this?

Biggest Choice
What is the biggest choice I must make in 2009?
What's the big picture surrounding this choice?
How will my making this choice, and acting on it, change my life?

Greatest Allies
Who are my greatest allies on my path of Light?
Who helps me to find my center when I get off track?
Who in my circle connects me with laughter and lightness of being?
Who teaches me the most about myself?
Who helps me to connect with spirit?
Who helps me to connect with my inner truth?

Greatest Opportunities
In what direction will I find expanded opportunities?
Who are the people I am meant to serve?
How do I find and connect with these people?
What can I change in what I offer to be of most service to these people?
What is the one thing to let go of for greater success?
How do I get in the way of my own success?
What can I offer that will be in demand in any economic climate?
What do I need to know or do in order to successfully offer this to the world?

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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