Selacia Council of 12 Message for July 2009: Part II - Working with the 2012 Window Changes

by Selacia

While much is shifting, and your great-grandparents likely would recognize little of your modern lifestyle, many things are the same. For example, it has long been human nature to resist change. This fight with change remains a key stumbling block for humanity today.

Humans like to believe that they are superior to all other life forms. This mindset does not take into account just how adaptable some other species are.

For example, ants have been able to adapt to a number of planetary change cycles, including those involving warming temperatures. Some large mammals altered their diets to survive over a million years ago when glaciers withdrew from North America.

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

Consider, for a moment, a time in your past when you broke a leg or lost a job. How easy was it for you to come to terms with the change in your routine? What did you do to adapt? How did you find your center while you were healing or finding other work?

Adapting to changing external circumstances often means moving out of your comfort zone. You like what you are comfortable with, so you gravitate to people and situations you already know.

You do this with feelings too. The habitually angry person sets up a cycle of scenarios that fuel more anger. The habitually depressed person looks at life through the lens of their sadness, so feels depressed a lot of the time.

To be sure, if you knew that you were creating more angry energy by focusing on the source of your anger, you would be inspired to do things differently. You would seek solutions that lead to peace and joy. You would move out of your comfort zone long enough to find sanity and a better way to be.

Change is Movement in Constant Motion

Change is movement in constant motion. It can appear to be happening slowly or quickly. It can seem like it is not happening at all, especially when you are not tuned into the subtle ways that energy moves.

You may feel that you are not changing fast enough. You may feel stuck in limbo. You may be frustrated at your seeming lack of progress, noticing only what is wrong.

To go forward more skillfully, you want to develop some new ways of looking at yourself and your world.

To begin with, know that you are experiencing the changes, and you are also creating them as you go. Each time you experience something, you are an integral part of the creation.

You are like an amateur chef without a recipe, throwing things into the pot. Using your common sense and taste preferences, you do the best you can.

Your habits play a role too, reflecting what types of food you typically like. Your family's conditioning impacts you too. You learned to like foods that you associate with comfort and love.

As you are creating your meal, you can either do so consciously or unconsciously. In each moment, your creating will take one of these forms. You may be very aware of what you are choosing to put in the pot, selecting each ingredient with care and attention. Sometimes you may have your focus on other things, retrieving the same ingredients you used yesterday and the day before.

Either way, you will create something. You may be quite pleased with the results. Sometimes, however, your creation may lack a key ingredient or have too much of one thing and not enough of another. You may even decide to toss out what you made and start over.

Do you ever feel like this in life? Do you wonder what key ingredient you are missing? Do you question how you can be more ready for what is coming next?

Checklist for Creating from the Driver's Seat

The following is a checklist for creating from the driver's seat during these chaotic times. Work with these ideas as often as you feel guided, inviting your higher wisdom to nudge you when you get off course.

1. Live life each day as fully as you can. Be grateful that you have the opportunity-being on Earth during this window of time-to witness and experience some of creation's most auspicious moments. Remember that you are an integral part of things. You are not simply a witness. Know that even your witnessing-the mere observing of the great shift unfolding-is part of the alchemy of these times. Decide you will take an active and conscious role.

2. Monitor your thoughts. Keep in mind how powerful your thoughts are in creating what happens next. This is true regardless of whether you speak the thoughts out loud. You are in a continual process of creating. Decide that you will do this with love. This means having compassion for yourself and others when the road gets rocky. It means letting go of the need to be right, to criticize, and to judge. No one is really perfect, yet there is a Divine perfection in all of creation.

3. Remember that there really are no accidents. Look for the higher purpose in things. When you cannot perceive this directly, trust that things often are not as they appear. Learn to look more deeply than you did yesterday, to question more from your heart, and to act more from a grounded sense of intuitive knowing. Remind yourself that you and others are evolving, and in doing so, you can learn from everything around you. Avoid the temptation, through your last breath, to become prideful and think you have all the answers.

4. Decide that you will see what is there. This means noticing how you feel, what you are thinking, and how you are responding to the happenstance of your world. When you notice you are feeling happy, allow yourself to acknowledge that joy and anchor the feeling in your heart. Get in touch with what brings you true joy and find ways to add to your joy. When you find that you are feeling angry, inquire within to discover the source of your anger, working intelligently with the feeling so that you do not allow it to poison the next thing you think, say or do.

5. Place your focus on what really matters. Stay on track with what matters throughout your day by learning to live as consciously as you can. Develop discernment and self-trust in your inner wisdom that will show you, step by step, what to pay attention to and what to disregard. Avoid obsessing on the minutia and pettiness that tend to dominate the ordinary human life. Come back to your center often, allowing for refueling and reflection. Allow the insights you receive from that place to guide your next steps.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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