Selacia Council of 12 Message for July 2009: Working with the 2012 Window Changes

by Selacia

Regardless of your age or station in life, there has never been another time like now. Your search for meaning and to know your place in the world is occurring amidst the greatest cycle of changes you have ever witnessed.

It is normal now, in this window of 2012 energy, to have a host of questions about what is really going on. It is also typical to wonder how you can find your perfect niche and thrive. You want to know how you fit in, and what you can do to adequately face the steady stream of challenges.

How do you make sense out of all that is occurring? How can you see yourself as you really exist in the big picture? What can you do differently, right now, to find a deeper sense of peace? How can you make friends with change, especially when the change involved is so significant and so incessant?

The following is some background that will help you to better understand what is happening, and to know how you can move into more self-empowerment, beginning right now.

The Dance of Creation Involves Change

Know that the dance of creation naturally involves change. You are living and breathing that dance, even when you think that you are standing still or blocked.

One of the differences now is that you are more awake.

You have more conscious awareness than you did before, and as part of that, you sense things more as they happen. This ability to sense what is occurring becomes more acute as you progress on your spiritual path.

Increasingly, as you become more skilled with accessing your intuitive knowing, you also sense things that are in your probable future.

Keep in mind when this happens that the future you perceive is only one of many options. You are not seeing something that must happen in the exact way that you see it. Do not allow yourself to go into fantasy or fear.

Let go of expectations, too. When you expect something, you limit yourself and what you could experience. You set yourself up for disappointment and suffering.

Oftentimes when you are out of balance or involved with self-destructive behavior, you may sense a future with some potentially unpleasant consequences.

As you are responding to this information, factor in the possibility that some or all of what you are sensing can be your fear talking. It takes a developing skill to discern whether it is your intuition or your fear communicating.

Fear can be tricky. It has many disguises, as you will learn over time.

If indeed it is really your intuition speaking, there will be no scare tactics or warnings. You will simply be shown some ways you can change course. You will be guided to different choices.

When you act on those choices, you set in motion a different and more positive future. Then you are in the driver's seat of change.

Your Heightened Sensitivity

Another thing that occurs as you become more awake is that your sensitivity heightens. In increments, as you progress, you become aware of more and more.

This awareness is sometimes a knowing, other times more like a feeling, and sometimes both.

What does this mean? In general, you become more sensitive to energy, including that which is within you and outside of you. That means you can more easily get in touch with your own joy as well as your own sadness. It means you are more able to sense when others around you are under stress, feeling angry, or trying to manipulate you.

Being more awake comes with the responsibility of being willing to face what you see. Some of it will be pretty. Some of it will be ugly. What you encounter will stir a plethora of feelings, ranging from delight and joy to fear and repulsion.

A vital part of your awakening journey is becoming conscious of your feelings. In order to progress, you will need to learn how to intelligently work with the emotions that are a natural part of being human. Masking your feelings through unnatural means will only impede your spiritual growth.

You cannot be numb to yourself and your life experience and become enlightened.

You must be willing to know what you feel, transform negative feelings, and avoid acting them out in the world. When you act on your hate or other negative emotions, you harm both yourself and others. This harm is a real energy that you send out into your experience, and like a boomerang, it will come back to you at some future time.

The Quickening

Another difference now is the acceleration of energies that is a part of this great shift cycle. The quickened pace of changes, and of evolution itself, can be mind boggling. There simply is no modern day reference point for this magnitude of shifting.

Even your wisdom keepers are evolving, and as they do, they can offer updated insights that can help you to take the next leap in consciousness.

Copyright 2009 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

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